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    The Unveiled Mind

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Mind is such a common part of our life until we just take the process for granted, even believing that the Mind is, when we should know that it is not, an organic part of our Body, but is an ethereal action of our Body Life economy, just as the other organs are a physical member of our Body Life economy that is essential to having the body to be alive, acting to be Divine or Profane.

    Yet it is the action process of being able to process what the sense project to you, causing the Mind to become active in processing that which the sense is projecting to the body, through the Mind action of reasoning out the sense projection, and it become the sense to mind interaction, using a method we refer to as thinking, such is that which define the Body Life to be a rational / irrational, logical/ illogical Being of an Anthropomorphous Nature.

    The Mind is in constant construction and destruction, remaining and changing, based upon the information that is being processed through the sense to Mind interaction and it is the quality of information that come from the sense to Mind Reason process, that determine the quality of thought, that the body will project in its action of life, that which reveal the Spirit of the Being.

    Therefore, the Body Life is Sensual and Mental by Nature action, needing the two distinct action, in order to give meaning to the Body Life Living, and how you Think, does in fact determine the quality of your Body Life Living condition.

    The Mind is Divine Energy in the Body Life process, therefore causing you to Be, and before Mental contamination had been caused to set in the process of Reasoning, you the Body Life, was by Nature, Divine, which formed and cause your Body Life to be a Divine Spiritual Being, meaning a Being whose Life living is with a attitudinal behavior that is in constant Harmony, Order, And Balance with the Sensuality and Organic activity of the Body Life, external and internally physical.

    Therefore, the Mind being not physical, yet is a member of the physical Body Life Economy, which make the Mind to be Divinely Clear in its Thinking action, yet can be unclear in its Believing action, either action being made to be manifest through that One Mind DIVINE ENERGY ENTITY.

    So to act profanely during the course of your Body Life Living, such is to indicate that the Mind is operating with a veil of Belief and when you conduct your Life veiled in Belief, you become uncertain about all that you have your Mind to believe, while in the action of your Body Life Living.

    Veiling the Mind is an act of disrespect toward Self, and when there is no respect for self, then there is no knowledge of Self, and without Divine Knowledge of Self, the Body Life Perish for a Lack of ability to Reason Divinely about all that the Body Life is confronted with over the course of its Living ability.

    Yes, a veil Mind cause you to Profanely behave in Life and the Body Life way of Living become an evil way of Living, as long as the Divine Mind is kept veiled with the profanity of Belief, because in belief, it does not require for you to be a Divine Reasonable Thinking Being, because the Mind is veiled with such uncertainty about Self, and about the Divine Essence, and both Universe, one Infinitely Nonphysical and one Finitely Physical, and in the Physical, you can express your self profanely, displaying a Spirit of a Body Life that has been corrupted by a veiled Mind, a Mind incapable of Thinking Divinely Clear.

    When your Body Life is being guided by a veiled Mind, the Living condition of such a Body Life, is one that is of Misery, always in distraught, depressed, full of diseased anger, and is uncertain about the things that are causing the Body LIFE to be in a living condition that is full of the gravity of profane Belief, which is an enemy to Knowing, by use of the action of the Mind process.

    It is the Unveiled Mind that is the Divine Mind, the Mind that function fully in its state of Divinity, a Mental state that function in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with the External and Internal action of your Body Life, that function which is in the Dimension of Knowing, a process that require the Divine Interaction between the Sense to Mind action.

    The Unveiled Mind is what guide the Body Life up Life path that reveal Divine Truth and Reality about all things that are required for you to Know about, using the process of Divine Reasoning while displaying a Divine Spirituality in the way you behave in your Body Life Living action, being Rational and Logical in the decision you make about those things that come to effect your Life Divine way of living, such a Life way of living, being that of Peace, independence, Sovereignty, Joy, Happiness, each with Justice to be the gift to your Body Life living.

    Unveil the Mind from all profane belief, weighted down with information of a profane character, and you will begin to come into the Divine Knowledge of the Metaphysical aspect of all things not Physical as well as being physical, such is the gift that come from expressing such a Divine Spirituality, revealing the Divine Nature of the Being you have been put into Form to be, by the Divine Essence that Dwell Within All Things Physical and Nonphysical.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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