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    Beloved Sisters And Brothers:
    > The Mind, what is it and can it really be tamed?
    > Many of us do not take Time to ponder the Truthfulness about what we call
    > the mind, Truthfulness in the sense of what it really is or is it
    > anything, most certainly not something that is tangible.
    > But most of Mankind have been conditioned to think of the mind as being
    > an entity that is a part of the body, not so my beloved, it is only a
    > attribute of the soul process, which is an action taking place in the body
    > organ call the brain and it is that soul energy that provide Life to the
    > body through the brain, of which the soul-mind operate, giving the body
    > the ability to do what we call Think ( soul ), reason ( mind ) and act (
    > spirit ).
    > So, the implied inquisitive statement, Untamed Mind, is some what
    > impressive because it give the impression that the Mind is an entity that
    > can be conditioned to be controlled and so it is.
    > Beloved, there is only one member of the Human specie whose mind was
    > untamed when we arrived upon this planet and that member is the Carbon
    > Being, commonly known as the Afrikan.
    > Now, why do I say that, well it is simple, that is if we hold to the
    > knowledge that the Carbon Being is the first to appear on this planet,
    > with established intelligence, ( orderly thinking )to be influenced by no
    > other upon this planet, therefore from such a Being, you have the example
    > of what is referred to as a Free Thinker, an untamed mind, a thinking
    > process infected by no other Human influence upon this planet.
    > Well, what is the mind if not an entity of the body, it is only a
    > secondary process of the thought process, which is an action being
    > generated by the primary entity, the Soulful energy and intrinsic of such
    > energy, is information, which is being formulated into what we call
    > thought patterns and is stored into a compartment call the mind part of
    > that organ we call the brain, the store house of all information which is
    > passed through the soul - mind process.
    > So, can the mind of man be tamed, which is another word for controlled,
    > yes.

    >Only the Soul is incapable of being tamed - controlled and such is why I
    >say, it is not the soul that is in need of being saved or tamed, which
    >religion teach that it does need be, but it is the Mind process, developed
    >from the Soul which generate a spirit of action which is based on the
    >information that is flowing from the Soul- Mind process.

    From that information transfer process, is the information that is stored
    as needed in the mind, in order for it to continue the natural process of
    choice, much Time is not done freely but is influenced by those who control
    the mind process, from such a process is developing the will to do that
    > which reflect the choice we make in life.

    Such a process is what give cause for us to formulate an attitude based
    upon the
    >unfolding of events that affect our life, giving cause for us to project a
    >behavior that is effective in expressing how and what we are thinking.
    > Such is why man must always act to be in control of its own mental
    > processes.
    > Then the question become, the soul must be saved from what? and I say we
    > have it all wrong, it's the flipside of that process that need to be saved
    > and protected , the flip side being the Mind.
    > Beloved, a mind that is not tamed is a mind that is free to think using
    > all of the body faculties needed and is influenced by none other, in order
    > to render the soul-mind process, natural and untamed.
    > Therefore, all decisions generated from the untamed soul-mind process,
    > will in fact be in the best interest of that body life, created to
    > experience nothing but freedom, peace, to be just, in all of its mental
    > transaction, seeking joy and the maintaining of the sovereign of life.
    > An untamed mind, rebuke being in captivity and the common act of an
    > untamed mind is to do whatever need to be done in order to free the mind.
    > Even though the Feminine and Masculine gender Soul, is one identical
    > action, it is the Mind process which vary, thus generating a more
    > penetrating ability to interpret the information which is at a continuous
    > pace to the Soul-
    > mind process.
    > The Female mind is more alert and independent than the male mind and it is
    > the sensual and biological factors that influence that difference, need I
    > say more?
    > Afrika and the Afrikan will not be able to experience that oneness of mind
    > again until a control of the precepts and concepts of the universe and
    > life events, are again understood and there must be such a mind process
    > that is harmonizing with each other once more.
    > As of now, the Afrikan, both Female and Male, is operating with a mind
    > that is under the control of someone other than the Afrikan self, the
    > female and male.

    > Such is why we act and behave as those who have tamed the mind of the
    > Afrikan, Female and male and the Afrikan suffer from being in such a tamed
    > unnatural influenced mental state.
    > Yet we have not the knowledge to understand the need for an Afrikan
    > Spiritual Retreat, which deal with the Soul-Mind-Spirit interaction
    > process?
    > It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!
    > We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!
    > It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )
    > I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.
    > Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation
    > Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey
    > Hoteph
    > Osiris
    > Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    > National Chairman
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