Black People : The Universe may be a giant neural network

When I consider "God" I feel like we're caught between a paradox of ideas in evolution only possible because we're simultaneously dissecting those same ideas. It's like building a house, looking at it, then tearing it down, over and over and over, and through the process, learning how to create a better house. That's evolution. And it can be conscious (thought-driven) or completely unconscious. The part of our minds where unconscious thought happens seems to blend together every bit of information we've absorbed and combine it in different combinations to present to our conscience to aid in processing.

Our individual human bodies develop based on systems that self-organize based on following a genetic sequence. But we're so used to our conscious minds that we imagine that everything that is "done" has to be a product of conscious design or will. However, even as I type I don't need to control the individual muscles. There is a level of communication faster than my conscious communication because I can type about as fast as I can think up the words. I think this was played with to a degree in The Matrix when Neo was being trained.

We go from children who only know basic wants and needs to adults who learn to care for children by having them. It is again, like building the house, iterating on what we want it to be like through passing down that information through successive generations. Writings like the bible help facilitate instructions through the passage of time that create a sort of spiritual DNA... time locked like a time capsule, back to when it was written down.

We do the same things in creating gods. We build them up as products of our own ideations. We then observe, interpret, and judge them from the vantage point of later points in time, and then we reformulate them or allow them to live or die by our continued faith and obedience to the spiritual DNA (instructions) associated with them.

We are successive generations both programmed and programmer. Therefore... we express the self-organization of the universe.

Why theory on the causation of this self-organization is energy/power.

Taken in different forms, humans, animals, plants, all of which need energy to survive, are all drawn to sources of energy. That same energy that powers us is also expressed in different forms, including the depression felt when the source of energy is dim or not present. Rainy days... Cold Winters... Dark nights... We can create endless creative expressions of our desire for energy which is an analog of our continued existence. So since we need energy to exist it then makes perfect sense that we would seek and work to create sources of energy, living our whole lives creating things to sustain ourselves and make our energy-getting more efficient. This is even expressed in Yin and Yang, positive and negative, good and evil, creation and destruction.

Because energy is life and the absense of energy is death.

So while animals eat each other to survive we also repeat and absorb the trauma of gaining life from death, robbing Peter to pay Paul, Climbing up the ladder, etc. etc. as a paradox of creative cooperation and destructive competition. We justify it because of the energy that we all need to survive. And so because we all need it, we organize ourselves into factions of those wishing to cooperate and gain energy together and those who fear the lack of energy and therefore are willing to take energy away from another to sustain themselves and their families. And so we consume ourselves in the vortex of attempting to build the next house, car, etc. which makes us better at doing it and more able to consciously feel and internalize the consequences of who had to suffer for our success.

God? The paradox I see is a universe trying to learn how to be God by simply being that which needs God. The need for food defines both the giraffe as it does the elephant based on where it chooses to get its energy while other animals may be defined by the defense of their energy being taken. We express all of these things in games, sports, and even the ones and zeros of computing. It's all connected to a self-sustaining process that represents the balance and therefore the conflict between good and evil, light and dark, life and death.
Eye stopped using GOD a long time ago - especially once Eye discovered how self-limiting it is.....! Great Topic!

In fact, we represent the universe in human form.


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