Black People : The United States plans to permanently station a U.S. Army brigade in Africa

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    by Mark P. Fancher
    The obvious mission is to lock down the entire continent.”
    When President Obama deployed 100 U.S. troops to Uganda a year ago to conduct a mythical search for Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, it is likely that many people shrugged. After all, how much damage could a mere 100 soldiers cause while wandering aimlessly through the bush purportedly in search of an accused terrorist? But as with the proverbial observer who can’t see the forest for the trees, a broader view reveals the deadly implications of what many incorrectly perceive as only a benign creeping U.S. military presence in Africa.
    Army Times news service reported that the U.S. is expected to deploy more than 3,000 soldiers to Africa in 2013. They will be assigned to every part of the continent. Major General David R. Hogg mused: “As far as our mission goes, it’s uncharted territory.” But the presence of U.S. soldiers in Africa is nothing new, and even though Hogg is unwilling to admit it, the obvious mission is to lock down the entire continent.
    The U.S. military has at least a dozen ongoing major operations in Africa that require hands-on involvement by U.S. troops. By ensuring that U.S. troops will be found in every corner of Africa, there will be little risk that any regions where U.S. interests are threatened will be left uncovered. For example, Mali has oil reserves and is strategically located, but it has been destabilized by a growing secessionist movement in the north. Conveniently, Mali has also been the site of a U.S. military exercise called “Atlas Accord 12” which provided training to Mali’s military in aerial delivery.

    Bad News for Africa: 3,000 More U.S. Soldiers are on the Way | Black Agenda Report
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    We never learn from history and so continue to do same thing, repeat same mistake, trusting in a culture hostile and never respectful to ours.
    Obama is the new James Brown, making Black Africans give their love to white amerikkka without knowing that the vast majority of our people in the US including us on the continent dont count as humans according to their racial supremacist ideology. What we fail or do not want to know is the fact that as president of the United Snakes Obama can never work for a free and united Afreeca.Why? Black unity is Black power and Black power will put an end to white domination.
    So as we applaude and shower praises on those programmed to keep the status quo, let us no forget that by giving obama our support we are equally playing our part in the mission Jimmy Carter designed for obama, the Snakes military take over of Africa for the continued exploitation of our land and resources.
    Remember their military operations and camp in Ethiopia during the Emperors time, their other base on a stolen African soil called diego garcia an isand on the indian ocean, the natives won their case in the london courts but the queen of england wont let them have their land back.
    The current trouble in mali is nothing new or strange, the europeans are interested in the oil there and they have used their easy takeover of libya as an excuse to conquer mali, its the cia there not moslem terrorists as obama is misleading the world to believe....but really there is no difference between the arabs and their european brothers in crime=same people same face sama place same goal=control, domination and exploitation of Africa and Africans.
    Any one who will live to see the results of these US military operations in Africa should not forget that we played our part as we continue to run away from the real task of questioning european dirty activities on our land as we fear questioning their religious teachings that sanctions aggression and exploitation.