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Sep 4, 2003
Yes an outstanding point of view and something to sit back and think about and something those people, who as I mentioned, could start businesses of their own in [with others if need, friends]...more contributions would not go amiss however.
Speak up as pointed out by NNqueen....I still believe the mind is the first point of attack in moving us forward, certainly, there is validity in working to protect it on an ever increasing scale, and what I aim to focus on away from this forum.

Almost too much food for thought there but I must stress that the project I have in mind is not about putting blacks in suits, although of course, by virtue of the nature of this project, some would...we have enough of those yet nothing changes as regards the collective psychology [probably the most important nut and bolt of all], which is what this is about.

I'm talking visual media, seeing is believing for the average man and woman [and how are blacks predominately rendered visually by the mainstream broadcasting networks....negros or criminals, buffoons...with one or two exceptions, Cosby for instance but he pulled the plug when they wanted to go in another direction and I can pretty much guess what that direction was, who knows, maybe they even suggested it so that he WOULD pull the plug] who hasn't taken the time to research, knows nothing about his ancestors and is of the opinion that blacks are not able to do what needs to be done..."Why? who knows! but that's the way it is so let me just look after myself and my family".

We are bombarded with media that tells us we cannot do anything as a group that we can do it as individuals as long as we do it within a European construct, hence no forward thinking as a group...only reasons why we can't.

As was stated, Dr John Hendric Clarke asked, "Why couldn’t Black people start self-producing by making their own handkerchiefs”.

See what I mean?

How long ago? 1933???...Why wont blacks do these things,...why are we going instead in the opposite direction [prison]...[if blacks are going to do it...when?]

Because the group mindset is and has been geared towards an individualistic perspective on what it means to achieve in this world [and the only time blacks are seen in groups is when they are up to no good] , that is what we are shown of ourselves, hence why you have African leaders who instead of doing for their people have over the past 50 years or so, leeched unspeakable fortunes from the state coffers and left their people to die in the ditch, vestiges of European colonial conditioning.

I mean even conscious blacks on this forum were asking IF we are able to solve problems....even the conscious among us carry doubts and have to ask!,....that's the power of the visual media, they know what they are doing.

I believe if you use media, visual media...television, black owned, black financed, to put forth a black perspective THEN you can start to work on and convince people of the need to start focusing on the basics....then you can mould, protect and direct people's mind in a way that incites blacks to work on those essential skills and projects, all the while being positively entertained, in the same way that they work in their agenda into the programming schedule so as to maintain things are they are, and further their imperialistic aspirations.

Who is speaking for us while they do this....we should speak for ourselves to ourselves. [FUBU]

I like others, believe it's up to the people of the African diaspora to come in and help with building an infrastructure in Africa, but our mindsets are no better off[and in some cases worse] than our African brothers and sisters...but we work, we earn therefore we have the means to contribute toward this and work to recondition and inspire ourselves.

As Lauryn Hill said, "How you gonna win when you aint right within".

Whites know the power of the media...they used it to convince everyone that everything they do is inherently right, and everything else is only worthy of being belittled.
I personally that we should fight fire with fire, if they attack our minds with the use of all kinds of media -- visual being that one that consistently reaches the masses to form and influence their world view and social psychology-- we use visual media to strike a balance, or rather we tip the balance in our favour by telling the TRUTH! as to what is going on in the world, and what has been.

When they say all blacks are criminals or they are more likely, stories are researched to balance this.
When they say Africans cannot govern themselves, coverage is given to show how and why these conflicts are perpetuated and by whom [western multinationals buying weapons and such things as helicopters for police and the local military to wage war on activists and the indigenous and exploiting what were minor disagreements and fanning the flames till they become full scale no one notices they have poison the land and now it is unable to grow food...or there are no fish in the water].

When they say, Africa is infested with AIDS because some hunter ate a diseased monkey, coverage is given to contaminated vaccines given by western mssionaries and the like, so that blacks become are able to find a psychological balance and mental peace in a world that uses the media to inflict upon us a one sided, racist view, to cause immobilization and a fear of breaking free.

Instead of saying we weren't educated in the right way, we should educate/condition OURSELVES en masse and the best I know to do that is through television.

A way of reaching black men to guide them in how they should behave in a way that is a credit to the black nation, and how he should relate to black women etc, you know that kind of thing...women too.

Mass education in our history, our ways, the way we used to be and how we can be again....etc etc, change our way of thinking and therefore, doing, and in a way that is easy to digest for everyone, and at the same time change [or balance] other people's perceptions [but who cares what they think].

Oh well that's the way I see it, Peace.


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Sep 4, 2003
help to circulate wealth within black communities a while before it leaves it, which in turn invariably draws in 'new blood' as businesses [advertising] begin to recognise and make use of a viable market
I of course meant drawing in black businesses, while encouraging black communities to spend with these black business.

Black women spend $1000 a month on fashion....good grief....see what I mean?

This in turn [I don't need to tell you..I know you know but what the heck] encourages black business to turn creating jobs....they don't want to employ us?

Pffft....let's employ ourselves, who needs them?

They leave our communities in dilapidated states....lets rebuild it ourselves bit by
bit...using those with essential skills in carpentry [black of course] etc as pointed out by Sunship to come in and do these jobs...paid for by us out of a monthly tax, bit by bit, neighbourhood by neighbourhood [or each neighbourhood at the same time since each city would have its own central agency with each neighbourhood within each city electing a panel of people to put forward at the beginning of each year what needs to be fixed and built, that panel being made of a diverse mix of people from within those communities....again, black of course].

And because there's alot of 'nut and bolt' work [new and the repairing, maintenance of the not so new] to be done, it would help to encourage some of those who are either not currently skilled and do not necessarily have the time to go back and earn a degree etc, or those who may have otherwise lived a life of crime...and future generations to see carpentry, plumbing, being an electrician, these essential skills as a viable, respected alternative means of earning a living and even to start businesses in, thus increasing the numbers of those who are willing to train in these professions to bring about a black people who are fully able to maintain, finance, and run their own affairs without turning outside to people who couldn't give a stuff.

They would command respect because as time passed, blacks would develop a collective mindset where to ask outside the community would become sort of taboo in that group self reliance would be the absolute order of the day, we'd develop a taste for it.

That being the case and the fact that things must be maintained if they are to continue working [expanded upon too] they [builders etc] would come to be seen as essential to our continued independent survival....respect.

Not to mention that jobs are being created [in these and other areas because the community is being encouraged en masse to spend with their own] increasing wealth circulation amongst blacks and therefore the need to expand in some way, which goes to more jobs etc, and as efforts become noticeable, it further boosts black psychology and is added to research material for black networks in charting black progression and positively steering black morale and eats away at the stereotypes that abound as concerns blacks.

Thus, the whole thing takes on a life of its own.

They'd be plenty of contract work within the black communities, and reduced competition in that for a change, blacks would be doing what everyone else is doing, favouring their own.
And of course, as pointed out by panafrica, Africa is perhaps the biggest contract of all time, creating huge networking opportunities and a chance for Africa to build something of its own on, through and with the help of the diaspora, a mutually beneficial relationship.



Jan 6, 2004
Greetings apologies for what promises to be a lengthy and disjointed raving on my part. I assure you in all this lunacy there is some sense.

Many of this world's thinkers, scholars and idealists came from our Nation (African descent). Our meetings usually take the longest because we enjoy discussions but what is alarming is the fact that we never put our beautiful ideas to fruitition.

As a people we are a great but our problems stem from a simple fact which is we seem to lack loyalty to our own. Our greatest enemy is ourselves. We also like the quick fix to our situations. We also show off too much! For many years I was angry at the whole slavery thing but it eventually dawned on me that I was angry at the mere fact that I was still a slave to the same system that put chains around my neck. The chain around the neck has been substituted by that ideology that as a people we will never amount to much despite the wealth of natural resources we have.

For centuries we were made to watch ourselves being made to tow the line in foreign lands and when we even get to go to the Motherland we are treated far worse. Our young people are learning this 50Cent mentality of "Get Rich or die trying" which basically means they are learning to kill each other and sell drugs so as to live up to that bling bling illusion.

Africa will have to invest in its own education system which can survive on par with the West's. By that i mean i should be able to earn my degree in the remotest part of Nigeria or Zimbabwe and be able to travel to Washington and get a job without being quizzed over the validity of my qualifications. Why is it that Africa is on par when it comes to the garbage churned by MTV or whaTV spews to us. I assure you, you are able to get Terrestrial Hellevision in the remote plains of Natal. Why? I recently travelled to Zimbabwe and was suprised to see how americanised the young people have been. The big fake gold chains, t-shirts with Ruff Riders emblem on them. They even have a name for this generation of young people and they call 'em "masalads" those who eat salad. when will the miseducation stop?

Someone mentioned why Europeans are able to work together and have a stronger economic base. Its simple they know who their threat is. (Everyone else)Not everyone who puts an arm around your shoulders is your friend, sometimes that arm is there to stop you from moving any further. Africa recieves aid not because we are poor, but because it stops us from working for ourselves and sorting out our economic situation. America and Europe know this and they are far too happy to stunt our progress cause they know the moment we know what to do with our oil and gold its back to the dark ages for them. If we can be kept passive and appeased then we are kool. America and Europe has also managed to sell an image which is attractive to the whole universe. Even in movies aliens go straight to the States on landing.(hahaha) What do you see when Africa is mentioned? Starvation, AIDS etc.

Unless Africa realises that its greatest allies are itself then I am afraid we will be discussing this topic for a long time.
While the Europeans were freezing their ninnies in caves, Greeks were killing their philosophers who in fact had acquired their learning in the first centre of learning in Africa we were prospering. Education is the only way forward for us and i do not mean Yale, Cambridge or Oxford. Education the way it was back in the day. We need to take a proactive role in what is being fed into our children's mind's cause they are the ones who are going to bring Africa back to its feet.

My last point is Africa needs young men and women to lead it. I am sick and tired of these tired old men who cling to power until they are barely able to take themselves to the toilets. As much as old age brings wisdom it also brings senility.


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Feb 9, 2001
2,063, your message is loud and clear. Thank you for joining our community and joining this discussion. I found nothing you said that I disagree with because much of it echoes the sentiments expressed by others here. There's a heaviness in the message that almost makes you want to throw your hands up and holla.

The only thing certain for sure is that we're all going to die some day. None of us will live forever, and so far, that's a fact. So why choose to live an existence that forces you to constantly repeat yourself and cross your fingers and hope for the best? It's like shooting at a target with a blindfold on and hope you hit the center.

I'm not the most intelligent or book-learned person here, and by far not the most eloquent. But even I can see the situation we find ourselves in is jacked because there's a vast difference between what most Black people say they want versus what they actually wind up getting. At some point, you have to be able to break down the question, why is this? Why is it so complicated to achieve what you feel you deserve if that's truly what you desire? Isn't there a saying that if you want something badly enough, you'll do whatever it takes to get it?

The written principles of America may not be all bad--the Constitution and Bill of Rights sounds good, seems to be fair and just and should be applicable to all its country's citizens. But even though in theory all that sounds good, in practice, something altogether different comes into play and mostly not in our favor as Black people.

So why do we continue to put up with this? And now, not only African Americans, but as you have told us, the poison continues to spread in African as well. We suffer from physical and mental disease brought on by, what I suspect, a fear of fighting back and taking it to the limit.

If we need younger people to take charge and change the course of direction for us as a people, then where are they? I don't disagree that the old, the tired, the burned out, and the butt kissers shouldn't be deposed. We should be more tired of being shaken down by our own moreso than by anyone else. The thinking should be, if I won't accept it from my own, I sure as heck won't tolerate it from anyone else. Yet we are lenient with our own people even when many of them do the very same thing to destroy us, as our oppressors. Why do we tolerate such nonsense and foolishness?

We brag about where the root of civilization is, being in Africa. We talk about all the past contributions we've made to the world, and all of that is great, but the bottom line is, where has all of the "good" stuff gotten us and what could we have done to prevent it from being hidden and us bamboozled by false propaganda about us.

If and until we begin to value who we are and are willing to protect what is ours, we'll only get more of the same, but worse, because we'll soon become extinct. If we continue to give our precious essence away for free, in exchange for things that are temporary and created to hypnotize us, then all that will happen is it continue to put us in a prime position to be used and abused, pimped and chained and guess who else has figured that out?

Sorry for rambling...
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