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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, it is a sham, they are psyching you out, they are Mind controlling you and it is all because America can not afford to deal with the Race disparity , which is a problem in America, so what Americans do, they make the most serious problem in America, a sham, they set you Black People and Poor White and people of color up, they set you up to become color Blind and forgiving, even have the victims of Racism to go Blind, concerning whom Black Folks are, and they have you Black People leading the charge in pursuit for pardon and reconciliation when White people are the concern, as if you Black People have committed a crime of Racism against White People and we Black Folks can not See how stupid and Foolish we appear before the World, and it is because Obama, the New Racial mix of America Society, has come along and has caused you to go Blind, as you cover your Black selves with irrational Emotions over White Folks Political and Sociological Maneuvering in America, claiming that Race does not Matter.

Beloved, White Power will never concede to constructing a Society where White Folks are no more and no Less than Black People, in term of Justice received and equal treatmemt and opportunity in America.

Black People receiving such respect, is the Only Divine solution to the Race Problem in America and in the World, and we have to go World Wide with the Racial Problem because White Power now control the World and they are the psychiatrist architect of Racism in the World, as they so boldly proclaimed themselves to be supreme over all other Race in The World today.

Have you ever notice the caliber of Afrikan Americans that the Racist News Media bring forth and wave in your face, they supposing to be experts on the Race Problem in America, they that now consist of America Middle Society, they that represent the Racial Mix of contemporary Time, you see there is a difference between the Enslaved raping Racial mix of Black so call Afrikan in America, than those Black so call Afrikan recent Racial Mix Americans, you see, if you can not trace your Mother mitchodriac Gene back to your Black Mother root, then you have to work way more strenuous to remain in Respectful Respect with your Blackness, and that is why Race Matters Beloved.

You will see beloved, a serious discussion on Race in America only when the Black Society is included in such a Discussion and you know what beloved, we do not Need White America telling us when there is a need for a discussion on Race in America and to be seriously discussed, because not until the matter of Race in America come on down in the midst of Black America, to be discussed, will there seriously be a discussion on Race in America, and that, America do not want and can not afford that to happen, so America create a sham on the issue of Race, always in a Lying Mode for purpose to deceive Black People about everything Black Folks have first experience about and in the case of Race, it is the Black Society, victims of America Racism, that is qualified to discuss Race in America, and tell it like it IS !!!

Now I Know you Black so call Afrikan Americans do not like what I an sharing with you, but that is nothing New, I have described you Black so call Afrikan Americans Spirit, toward the Divine Truth, which is down right disrepectful, and by now, you should know I am not trying to win your favor, so when I share with you that which I know to be the Divine Truth, I have no hidden agenda to Hustle you, my only desire, is to share with you information and the Mental technique to use, in order for you to be able to receive the Divine Truth, something that you knew long, long, long Time ago, but today, you have forgotten what you use to be equipped with, which is your Divine Mind, in order for you to know about that you Need to know, concerning GOD, Universe, and your Black selves.

All of this rhetoric you are now being bombarded with concerning Race in America, it is all Lies and expression of Wants by the so call Afrikan Americans and the Racist influenced Unjustified Prejudice White People, if there is anybody that you can not trust to tell you the Truth about Race, it happen to be the so call Afrikan American Human Beings, and you see, it has come to a Time when discussions about Race in America, which is being made a mockery of by White and Afrikan Americans, and you know what, they LIE.

Be Kind To yourselves

Chief Elder


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