Black People Politics : The United Nations is Not For Black Folks

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    After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, there was a cholera outbreak which caused the death of thousand of Haitians. Nepalese and Burmese soldiers who were part of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force were accused of throwing raw untreated sewage in the rivers. The UN claimed the accusations were false.
    Over 7,000 die from cholera outbreak: Haitians demand UN ...

    Now the report is out.

    BBC News - Haiti cholera: UN peacekeepers to blame, report says[​IMG]
    Black folks have so much to deal with. I wonder how the officials in NY intend to sleep. They have no conscience. Franz Fanon wrote a book ...The Wretched of the Earth....all I can do is SMH. The UN has lost all credibility in my eyes. I will see how the Caribbean countries and the African countries have their say on this. Kofi Annan an African from Ghana was the UN Secretary General, don't remember if he was at the time...but the whole thing STINKS.:(