Black People : The Unhidden Agenda-New World Order & the definition of Human Being (Monster)

Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
The Unhidden Agenda-New World Order & the definition of Human Being (Monster)

ON the the Video:

To find a definition of a Human being, you have to go back to 1948. To find this info on the video, forward to TIME: 6:09, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17

Law Dictionary and pronunciation-Human being is a Monster. The Human being is Master.

Video: The Pope is wearing the Cross upside down.

For us to be liberated (consciously), the greatest discovery as Black people, is to discover what a Human being is, those corruptors who stole our Divine mind-set. We do not desire to be Liberated (consciously), when we do not desire our Divine Right mind-set. To live a life with someone else mind-set is a hell.

Chief Osiris constantly/consistently tells us what a Human being is, and now we will see the definition of a human being coming from another source in this video, the human being themselves. The human being never once kept their identity from us. The human being is, anti-nature, anti-truth, anti life. Look at all they are doing in this world, that is not in Harmony, Order, and Balance, and yet we still can not see the Monster it is. Who in their Divine right minds claim to being a human being knowing that is their nature? The human being loves it when people beg for more human rights. The human being is in the abuse, use...and then some business. We must be careful of what we say to our selves.

To say and think that we are human only/only humans means that our mindset is still in captivity/slavery.

A Surgeon of Truth has spoken. Now Rise Up Right, now you have been told what a human being is, fetch your other reality (Divine Spiritual) mind-set, and Be the Divine people we once were whose CORE was once as Perfect as the Divine Black Perfect Night, and still can be.

Here is loving you/Afrika
:qqb018: :qqb018: :qqb018:
The Human Being mind-set can not understand/over stand the Divine mind-set.
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