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Feb 26, 2007
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Greetings All!

After a somewhat hostile start, I think this turned into a very nice video comment. I would like to see you expand the comment into a disucssion of how the underground railroad was actually a black market designed to bring blacks north to replace the irish/scotch slaves who would run away... again because blacks can be identified easily. This railroad was not as altruistic as taught in schools apparently

This was a comment on one of the youtube video's I did and I was interested in hearing thoughts on it's validity.

Is it possible that the "underground railroad" was put into place in the way suggested by this poster:?:

When I read the comment I was intrigued by the ideal. I KNOW white folk have done very little to really "help" us and it seems that every time to do, we get worse off.

In the video, I talked about the decision which supported the enslavement of Afreekans here in amerikkka. Basically, it was skin-color. We "stood out" in a crowd of white folks and the natives.

Greetings All!

This was a comment on one of the youtube video's I did and I was interested in hearing thoughts on it's validity.

Is it possible that the "underground railroad" was put into place in the way suggested by this poster:?:


Hmmm....."Scots/Irish SLAVES" or "indentured servants?"

Anywho.....I would imagine that there were those who presented false faces to runaway slaves with offers of aid/food/shelter/transport to free states.

However, IMO, in large, the Underground Railroad was a clandestine system made up of White and Black people working in conjunction to assist runaway slaves.

Many former runaway slaves in the U.S. and Canada worked with White abolitionists within the Underground Railroad.

For example, Josiah Henson, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and many others who were spokes-persons for anti-slavery societies.

And for those who had sinister aims, I would imagine that the other "conductors" on the Underground Railroad would have discovered their deception and warned others about them so no other runaways could be deceived, caught, returned to slavery and/or killed.
Revisit trails of freedom of the Underground Railroad

By Jane Ammeson Times Correspondent | Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2011 12:00 am

In the 1850s, black slaves still faced danger after fleeing across the Kentucky border into Indiana.

The Fugitive Slave Act and cash awards inspired bounty hunters to capture escapees and return them to masters who viewed them as property.

So it was in parts of Ripley County, tucked away in southeastern Indiana, close to the Kentucky border. Some residents of such towns as Cross Plains and Friendship seized slaves who tried to slip through this still-rural area.

But others were dedicated abolitionists who risked their own freedom to form Underground Railroad routes (UGRR) that connected small towns countywide. Their goal: To guide slaves further North toward Canada and safety.

Ripley County has issued five Underground Rail Road Driving Maps that allow visitors to retrace these perilous journeys to liberty

List of Sites for the Underground Railroad


1. John Brown Cabin--Osawatomie

1. Todd House--Tabor
2. George B. Hitchcock House--Lewis vicinity
3. Henderson Lewelling House--Salem
4. Jordan House--West Des Moines

1. Milton House--Milton

1. Owen Lovejoy House--Princeton
2. John Hossack House--Ottawa
3. Dr. Richard Eells House--Quincy

1. Dr. Nathan Thomas House--Schoolcraft
2. Second Baptist Church--Detroit

1. Bethel AME Church--Indianapolis
2. Levi Coffin House--Fountain City
3. Eleutherian College Classroom and Chapel Building--Lancaster

1. Harriet Beecher Stowe House--Cincinnati
2. John P. Parker House--Ripley
3. John Rankin House--Ripley
4. Village of Mt. Pleasant Historic District--Mt. Pleasant
5. Wilson Bruce Evans House--Oberlin
6. Rush R. Sloane House--Sandusky
7. Daniel Howell Hise House--Salem
8. Col. William Hubbard House--Ashtabula
9. Reuben Benedict House--Marengo
10. Samuel and Sally Wilson House--Cincinnati
11. James and Sophia Clemens Farmstead--Greenville
12. Spring Hill--Massillon
13. Putnam Historic District--Zanesville

1. F. Julius LeMoyne House--Washington
2. John Brown House--Chambersburg
3. Bethel AME Zion Church--Reading
4. Oakdale--Chadds Ford
5. White Horse Farm--Phoenixville
6. Johnson House--Philadelphia

1. Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged, Residence and Thompson AME Zion Church--Auburn
2. St. James AME Zion Church--Ithaca
3. Gerrit Smith Estate and Land Office--Peterboro
4. John Brown Farm and Gravesite--Lake Placid
5. Foster Memorial AME Zion Church--Tarrytown
6. Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims--Brooklyn

1. Rokeby--Ferrisburgh

1. Harriet Beecher Stowe House--Brunswick

1. African American National Historic Site--Boston
2. William Lloyd Garrison House--Boston
3. William Ingersoll Bowditch House--Brookline
4. The Wayside--Concord
5. Liberty Farm--Worcester
6. Nathan and Mary Johnson House--New Bedford
7. Jackson Homestead--Newton
8. Ross Farm (Hill Ross Farm) Northampton
9. Dorsey--Jones House -- Northampton

1. Austin F. Williams Carriagehouse and House--Farmington

1. The Grimes Homestead--Mountain Lakes
2. Peter Mott House--Lawnside Borough
3. Bethel AME Church--Greenwich
4. Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church and Mount Zion Cemetery--Woolwich Township

1. Appoquinimink Friends Meeting House--Odessa
2. Friends Meeting House--Wilmington
1. Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
2. Mary Ann Shadd Cary House
1. John Brown's Headquarters--Sample's Manor
1. Bruin's Slave Jail --Alexandria
1. Jefferson County Courthouse--Charles Town
2. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park--Harpers Ferry
1. British Fort--Sumatra vicinity
2. Ft. Mose Site--St. John's County
1. Barney L. Ford Building--Denver


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