Black People : The Undeniable Reaction to Attraction

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    The Undeniable Reaction to Attraction By Veronica Hendrix

    He reached out his hand and slowly grasped the cup of iced Caffé Americano from her hand. His strong fingers lightly caressed her delicate hand as she demurely released the cup from her grasp. He paused a minute. His eyes danced as he searched her effervescent face. She smiled coyly and said, "Thank you." He winked at the charming young Barista, then gently pressed his business card into the palm of her hand, and left the coffee house with a swaggering gait and a heart filled with excitement about the possibilities.

    I don't know if the two star crossed admirers knew I was watching their exchange, as I sat in the coffee house pretending to read the newspaper. They were totally oblivious to me or anyone else around them.
    It was refreshing to witness the flame of delight spontaneously ignite, that thing that happens when attraction and fascination collide in an instant. It was enchanting and made me glow with thoughts about some of my most memorable chance meetings.

    It also got me thinking, about the dynamics of attraction and what causes us to be either attracted or attractive to someone.

    Attraction is completely subjective. What is attractive or what induces interest or delight in the eyes and heart of one person can be totally disinteresting or unstimulating to another…
    Attraction is also dynamic. It changes as we evolve. The kind of fella that used to bedazzle me twenty years ago with his bravado, brawn and chiseled good looks doesn't raise a goose bump these days. Today, he has to have working capital - which I define as intellectual, altruistic, pecuniary and otherwise - to make my eyes glisten and get me on the dance floor.
    In a sermon about relationships, the pastor of my church underscored how important he felt it was for men, as they evolve, to amass a diverse portfolio of magnetic attributes because he said, "women find it very difficult to follow a parked car." Amen and amen. And since he said that, I've shared this with my two sons regularly, just to challenge them to grow…
    Lastly, attraction is an organic and chemical based response, that is until it gets edited by logic and higher reasoning - you know, rational analysis...

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    How crazy! This always happens. Right now as i read this Smokey Robinson is crooning on my play list "You Better Shop Around."

    Try to get yourself a bargain, son
    Don't be sold on the very first one
    Pretty girls come a dime a dozen
    Got to find one who's gonna give you good loving

    But she is right that as we grow wiser (??) our needs change. Our experiences change with the water under our bridges and so the programming in our minds change.

    Here are two poems that I wrote some years ago in an effort to understand attraction from a man's point of view.

    My eyes caress the graceful mountain range
    My fingers trace its voluptuous rise and slope
    A tender puma bedding down in moonlight
    That shimmers off convex zones of my desire
    I imagine its steady breathing a requited temblor beneath my loins
    I want to climb this mountain inch by inch and kiss by kiss
    and nestle within its warm and wistful crevices
    I want to and I feel no guilt
    So why is this woman crying

    In the gene pool of eternity past
    Spirits vie for flesh
    In the drama of a woman's great need
    Moments yearn for names

    In this distaff proscenium I choke
    Suffocate and die
    The labels I thought I needed for love
    Slapped on like a mask
    Drain all vibrance from the time I spend with
    My unfettered friends

    In the boy's world of laughter, beer and song
    Where love has no name
    I could learn from them in the dark back room
    Forego all explanations and just be

    And one poem from a woman's point of view

    In A Moment

    In a moment

    Of exquisite insanity

    When time and eternity vie

    To be the vault of my treasures.

    Why are you there in that moment?

    Why do your eyes shine so

    Brightly? Love me

    In a moment

    Of time.

    I will understand

    The marriage of power

    And helplessness, of longing

    And fear, of reverence and disdain.

    How can these co exist

    Within a moment

    Of time?