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    A Message to the Afrikan Village (Rebuttal to Steven Upchurch’s “The Ultimatum”) by Jeremiah Camara On June 28th 2011, listeners across the country were stunned by a podcast address delivered by Pastor Steven Upchurch, the International Spokesperson for the Afrikan Village. Upchurch presented a message entitled “The Ultimatum.” In his address, Brother Upchurch stated that there is a “Zeitgeist challenge” which refutes the information presented by Zeitgeist in their documentaries regarding the historical validity of Jesus. Zeitgeist documentaries are well known for exposing Jesus as a mere carbon copy of other saviors that existed hundreds and thousands of years ago such as Horus, Mithras, Buddha and many other godheads which were said to have been born of virgins, had twelve disciples, performed miracles, were called the light of the world etc. The debunkers challenge anyone to provide evidence that qualifies the “mysterious” claims made by Zeitgeist. Although there are books such as The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Kersey Graves, Deceptions And Myths Of The Bible by Lloyd Graham, The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S., and many other similar books in circulation, the challengers state that any documentation presented must be of the pre-Christian era. They are also offering $1000 for any findings. Pastor Upchurch became so intrigued by the challenge that it caused him to withdraw from his previously held belief of Jesus as being a fraudulent character. Also, Pastor Upchurch now views it as a contradiction for the Afrikan Village to criticize Christian preachers and believers for not having knowledge of their beliefs yet the Village being unable to produce evidence of what they’ve been believing all this time. Upchurch states that those who cannot produce any pre-Christian documentation that proves that the story of Jesus is based off other preceding saviors must “admit defeat.” Pastor Upchurch, a former Pentecostal preacher, also proclaimed that during a recent dream, “a pitch-black, pure evil being approached me and wanted to know one thing ….did I still love Jesus.” This dream frightened Upchurch so much that he now professes that Jesus does, in fact, exist (‘in the fourth dimension”). Pastor Upchurch was curious as to why this black demonic spirit did not ask him about his love regarding Horus, Mithras, Buddha, Hindu, Apollonius, Zeus etc. Why only Jesus? The exclusive mentioning of Jesus solidified Upchurch’s belief in Jesus once more. Immediately following the podcast, supporters of the Afrikan Village started to call, text and email the Villages’ Chief Elder, Dr. Ray Hagins to ask him whether this was now the new direction in which the Village was headed. After all, the International Spokesperson of the Village delivered this pro-Jesus address. To some Village supporters, this must have been shocking and confusing because those in the conscious community have always maintained that Jesus and the bible are simply a re-telling of pre-existing myths and legends. So the question becomes… did/does Jesus actually exist? Is Pastor Upchurch justified in his criticisms of the conscious community? Was his dream a revelation to be taken seriously? But mostly, where does the Afrikan Village go from here? The answers to these questions are quite simple. The Afrikan Village is not an organization whose followers and supporters are contingent upon what lies between the pages of various books. The Village consists of creative thinkers, not people enslaved to ink on paper. The conscious community is not pre-occupied with mythological world “saviors.” True consciousness transcends all the alleged truths written by men with imperialistic motives. True consciousness recognizes that every one of these “saviors” were mythological figures not to be taken literally. Pastor Upchurch seems to have missed not only this point but also the overall mission of the Village, which is to address those things that are prohibiting the Black community from reaching the levels of which they are capable. The Afrikan Village addresses racism, the notion of White supremacy, ignorance, imperialism, oppression and mental slavery. Acknowledging a myth by the name of “Jesus,” in the eyes of the conscious community, means all of the above. Anyone with the least bit of coherence knows that it is cultural suicide to embrace a doctrine and savior that was forced upon us by the same people that once owned and considered us property. The embracement of Jesus is the most psychologically crippling thing ever “introduced” to Black people. We have become dependent upon and disempowered by this love your enemy, non-historical Roman creation and to suddenly resurrect this man-made, condoner of slavery is not only foolish of Pastor Upchurch but also irresponsible. The Afrikan Village and the entire conscious community must challenge the delusions of Pastor Upchurch by asking him to produce evidence of the historical existence of his beloved Jesus. Blacks must be very distrustful of anyone who proclaims to have had a revelation in a dream. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church also had “revealing” dreams yet the Mormons didn’t allow Blacks into their organization until just a few decades ago. In fact, all religious movements began with someone claiming to have had a dream. Pastor Upchurch, as well as the Zeitgeist challengers erroneously use the bible/Christianity as the basis by which all other religions and documentations are to be measured. The bible is relatively new on the world scene and one must know the motivations and political agendas behind the production of the world’s best selling book. Pastor Upchurch must learn to keep his delusional dreams to himself. The Village is about liberating minds, removing psychological impediments, providing useful and practical information, undoing the brainwashing instituted by our oppressors and producing free and forward thinkers. We cannot regress by re-visiting old figureheads intended to keep us passive and placated. Upon our first encounter with Christianity, we must never forget the great resistance put forth. We were forced to accept Jesus and Christianity because it was not only the law, but by doing so, we were often spared the whip. There was a clear distinction between an enslaved Black and a Christian enslaved Black. Blacks are the descendants of the oldest people on the planet and are not obligated to prove or disprove anything. The burden of proof lies with the children of the earth not the mothers and fathers. Therefore, we say no to Pastor Upchurch’s delusions and to the Zeitgeist challengers. This is a waste of precious time. There is too much work to be done. We cannot and will not consume our time pursuing the authenticity of mythological characters. Upchurch should know better than to endorse a fairytale figure that only exists in the bible. Besides, those with imperialistic agendas will never expose to the public any pre-Christian documentation that would shed light on biblical plagiarism? The repositories of Black history are scattered throughout Europe and mainly locked up in the Vatican with the imposters, thieves and liars who preserve them. Does Upchurch expect us to start worshipping Jesus now? Are we now supposed to paint Jesus Black…again? We’ve been engaging in these acts of futility for hundreds of years yet we’re still the bottom-feeders of society. To all those who are part of the Afrikan Village as well as those in other conscious organizations… keep doing what you’re doing. Stay focused on getting our minds back and letting go of the diversions intended to throw us off the scent of liberation. To pastor Steven Upchurch… sweet dreams. Jeremiah Camara is the author of the books Holy Lockdown: Does the Church Limit Black Progress? and The New Doubting Thomas: The Bible, Black Folks & Blind Belief. Camara is also the creator of the video series Slave Sermons. Please visit NOTE: This statement is also an attached document that you can download and distribute! Click HERE to download.