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    The Two Universe

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When you do not Know, you set yourselves up to believe any and all things and by being guided with such a Mind, LO AND BEHOLD THE PRESENT CONDITION OF AFRIKA, AND THE BLACK SO CALL AFRIKAN PEOPLE !!!

    Beloved, there are two universe, one that is Ethereal and the other that is physical illusion, the Eternal Universe stretching into Infinity and the other that is physical illusion, which is limited and finite, yet the two is inter-connected and is relative one to the other, one being the Perfect Night out of which all things flow and the other being the physical bodies, serving to be the evidence of all of those things in the physical illusion universe, yet they are only an illusion on the physical realm of limited reality, destined to fade away in a process of coming and going.

    Beloved, we are from and in both universe, one Is Divine and the other is capable of being Divinely Mentally sensual physical and/or profanely physical sensual Mental.

    Our Divine Cosmic First Way Black Ancestors, Divinely taught us that we are comprised of Two bodies, one physical and the other Ethereal, in the physical Universe it is not Morality that reign supreme, it is Divine Truth and Reality that govern the physical Universe and based on the form, ability, and action of the body material, which in our case, the physical body, which is referred to be anthropomorphous in nature, with the ability to Think and Reason Logically and with such Divine Truth and Reality, such award us the ability to make choices and having the Will to incorporate such action to be a part and a way we express our way of life living.

    So there is no Moral Universe, Morality is a attitude and behavior, expressed by the sensual mental action of the body Spirit ( action ) and as such action is expressed by our attitudinal behavior, morality is a perceived concept, constructed by Beings with the ability to Reason Logically, establishing principles for our life to be lived by, which is enforced by legislated Laws, enacted by the physical Mental Being calling themselves Mankind, they being capable of making choices, concerning the way we will live our Life on a different dimension of intelligent living, which is applicable to the Body Life we have been constructed and formed to be.

    If the physical Universe is of such a Moral nature and such morality is of such, that we have defined it to be, which is a life living action that is in keeping with the Divine Truth and Reality of the Ethereal Universe, meaning our Life Living must be that which comply with the Divine action that cause it to be, then the Moral function of the physical Universe on all physical dimension would be that of an action that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with all aspect of the physical illusion universe, meaning that there would not be attitudes of behavior that would conflict with each other or attempt totake advantage of each other or invade the other space for selfish reason and purpose.

    Beloved, such is not the action that is going on in the physical level of our body sensual Mental level of our life living, meaning that we do not live in a moral Universe on the physical illusion level.

    It is the Ethereal Universe that is Divine in and of Its Inert Action, It Is Space, Time, And Motion, intrinsic in and of Its Inert Action and it is that Divine Ethereal Universe that Is and does reflect the shadow of the Eternal Infinite essence, The God Energy Intelligence, whose action reflect the Shadow of the Divine Essence, the Shadow being the Perfect night, The Divinity Out Of which all And Everything Flow Out From And Into.

    When you do not Know, you Fix your Mouth To Say Any and All things you Have Been conditioned to Believe.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief elder
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