Chief Elder Osiris : The Two Enemy Of Afrika

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved in every person life there come a Time when the Truth must be told
    and adhered to, that is if Justice is ever to prevail in a life with double
    standards, imposed by two enemies, one out side the Afrikan Family and one
    within the Afrikan Family.

    We wonder and hold myriads of conversations about Afrika and the Afrikan and
    the evil that prevail within her midst and yet no one seem to be ready to do
    the necessary thing to free Afrika and when I say no one I Speak of the
    Black Afrikans.

    How do we expect freedom, Justice and Independence to come to Afrika when
    hypocrisy is the Star in Afrika among the Afrikans.

    The greatest enemy to Afrika and the Afrikans is the Enemy within and not
    without the Afrikan Family.

    It is Time to retire from all of the intellectual sheinigan that is going on
    about Afrika and her problem and come to realize that Africa have two
    enemies, one out side, who feed the one within,thus controlling the evil
    that is being imposed upon the True Afrikans at home as well as in the

    So tell me my dear beloved, who are the True Afrikans, well I will tell you
    who they are and they are those Black Afrikans who now reside in
    Afrika,whose freedom, Justice and Independence is being blocked by those
    within the Afrikan Family, those who would be Chiefs, Kings and Presidents,
    laboring to keep the True Afrikan in poverty as they preside over the action
    of genocide of their Family members, the victims of such savage behavior and
    yet being victims, they are the True Afrikans of Afrika.

    The True Afrikan also reside in the Diaspora and they are those who embrace
    not the ways and instruction of the oppressor of AfroDescendants.

    They are those who cry out it is Time for Liberty or Death and have so
    proclaimed that they will not be satisfied in being less than an Afrikan and
    a True Afrikan love freedom,Justice and to be independent and never again
    will take their eyes off of where they must return and that is the Land of
    our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, Afrika.

    The Afrikan in the Diaspora must return to Afrika, that is if Afrika is to
    ever be purged of the evil that reside inside of her and the way we must
    return must be with our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation and become the
    next additional State in Afrika, that way the enemy within the Afrikan
    Family will know that their days are numbered and will no longer be
    tollerated to enslave our sisters and brothers within the Afrikan Family.

    The True Afrikans in the Diaspora need no declaration of acceptance from the
    bullies,thieves and murders of the True Afrikans within the Afrikan Family,
    masqurading under the canopy of Tribalism, instruments of division,death and
    destruction of the Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Has the Carbon Nation always been a Nation of Tribes ? Was there ever a
    Time when as far as the eye could see,there was only One Carbon Nation,
    Homogenious in Nature, having not a mixture of traditions and customs, the
    source of division and jelousy, which are prime candidates for bringing
    death and destruction upon a soverign Nation ?

    Oh Carbon Nation, what has happen to you, we no longer resemble ourselves
    and now here we are imposing death and destruction on our on Family members,
    as we mimic the action and behavior of the enemy outside the carbon Nation.

    Yes, Yes, the True Afrikan have two enemies, one outside of the Family and
    one Within the Family and as long as such reside within the Carbon Nation
    Family, God will so allow our ignorance serve to be our eulogy.

    But such is not meant to be, because the experience of the Middle Passage
    has so taken place and it is from that experience now rise the True Afrikan
    in the Diaspora that has the responsibility and obligataion to free and
    reclaim Afrika, along with the True Afrikans fron within the Carbon Nation.

    There must become a reunification of the True Afrikans in Afrika and those
    in the Diaspora and when such a union has taken place,the Heaven will let
    loose her fury, proclaiming the resurrection of a lost Godly Carbon Nation.

    First the union of the True Afrikans must let loose a reign of terrioristic
    Justice upon the enemy within the House of the Carbon Nation Family in
    Afrika and such action must spread to cover every inch of the Holy Ground of
    that Land called Afrika.

    Hear the cry of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, Oh True Afrikans and so
    proclaim as he did and many True Afrikans before him,which is, Afrika is for
    The Afrikans,oh Carbon Nation !!!

    I have come to tell you my dear beloved, clean out the Carbon Nation in
    Afrika, of the enemy within the family and the enemy outside of the Carbon
    Nation will melt away under such pressure that will be eminating from such a
    united Godly Energy.

    The True Diaspora Afrikan has nothing to be ashamed of and we go Home
    begging no one for anything.

    What is in Afrika belong to us just as much or dare I say more so, because
    we carry the sign of Justice marked in our fore head for the Carbon Nation
    and the devil within the Carbon Nation, who assisted in our mother and
    father Enslavement as they continue to rule with the hand of an enslaver,
    must go.

    The enemy within the Carbon Nation Family as well as out side of the Carbon
    Nation Family can not erase such a Mark of freedom, Justice and Independence
    on our forehead, placed there by the gods of our Primeval Ancient Carbon
    Afrikan Ancestors.

    The Time has come to Free Afrika and allow her to breath normal once again.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Only the Devil is Angry At Such Truths !!!

    It Is Time To Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.


    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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    new member

    Hello. I am a new member and first and foremost I want to say that it is a pleasure recieving wise words from other black men and women in relation to the afrikan diaspora. I want to say that I do agree with what you are saying totally. An exodus back to Africa may seem a little extreme for many black men and women in America but I am all for it. It is painfully obvious that we will never be as free as we would like to be in this land, where though we are born citizens, are treated as foreigners. And if blacks in America could all agree on this profound subject, I'm sure that with reparations from the U.S we would have more than what we need to restore Africa back to black independance and drive any enemies of the African people from within its borders (though starting off with it being done peacefully unless it absolutely has to come to being done...otherwise). I just hope that we as a people, not only in the U.S, but in Haiti, Jamaica and wherever else we may reside can understand that we must forsake the oppressors ideas and learn more about our roots which originated it all.
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    yes i agree fully it's time she get air & space from the deep struggle
    this was wise and well needed infomation passing along here thanks
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    Wonderful wisdom from this brother. He speaks of a panafricanism I can commit to...much more than ideology alone, it is a call to action.
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    Hotep (even here) Chief Elder

    The CHIEF WARRIORS have now been forged fully within

    the fires of psychosis, euro-dementia and the distortion of

    their lies, EVEN of "divinity." And have emerged VICTORIOUS in


    Even, as OUR Ancestor's (of the TRUE GODS of DIVINITY) have

    already predicted, ONE more of the ENEMIES of the enemies of AFRIKA

    AND OUR People is ROARIN knowing full well what they are.

    I have to belive, OUR Children HEAR YOU.

    Those whom do not..... left up to ME, never will.


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    Chief Elder Osiris wrote:

    "The greatest enemy to Afrika and the Afrikans is the Enemy within and not
    without the Afrikan Family."

    Peace......I respect your input, but this has got to be the most misleading statement ever.
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    Maybe not have to consider that the enemy without got/gets in because of the enemy within.....just something to think about.