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    I'm working with a long time homeboy of mine who graduated from SC State with films and photography as a specialty. We are trying to get a local movie done and put out on dvd about "standards". People have many definitions of standards, often crossing with others just to come out on top, which their standards are still the same so what about Ether??? If you got low class, middle class, high class and all involves materialistic ideals then what about Ether? Science has proven and been had the information readily available to the public of how Mothers can best evolve themselves better for the sake and whole of the community; fathers are grouped into this idea too. Competition is always about who is better or best but what about competition of yourself? Who is better or best, the old stagnant or new forever evolving? This documentary film will depict how a solution is brought up and how the response will be envisioned from the people who speaks it. Which is more pressing, how the world makes you or how you can develop the family into a dynasty or empire? How far will she go to straighten out the real or will she twist the real just to keep hiding? Are there underlying truths, lies and events to be place in front of her to see out of the box? Will she get beside herself and stand for the truth or keep digging into the lies twisting illusions? Only time will tell....

    The Score will be done by me incorporating a few local artists....and all persons appearing in the film will be non-actors(esses). We looking at a timeline coming fall and beginning of next year. An interdependent artists movement....Peace.

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