Black People : The Tuskegee Experiment, AIDS, and Genocidal Behavior

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    Long but important post!

    There are two circumstances that can be interpreted as part of an ongoing attempt to destroy African people, both on the continent and in the Diaspora. One is the infamous Tuskegee Experiment (1932-1972); the other is the current existence and spread of the AIDS virus.
    For forty years the United States Government via its Public Health Service (PHS) conducted a study of the effects of untreated syphilis on Africans in Macon County, Alabama. Referred to as 'The Tuskegee Experiment' after the name of the county seat and the famous educational institute founded by Booker T. Washington, the experiment involved 399 African men with syphilis and 201 African men free of the disease, who were used as 'CONTROLS'. This 'experiment' is documented in a book entitled Bad Blood, written by James H. Jones

    A variety of tests and medical examinations were performed on the men during scores of visits by PHS physicians over the years, but the basic procedures called for periodic blood testing and routine autopsies to supplement the information that was obtained through clinical examinations.

    The men with Syphilis were chosen because they were in the last or 'tertiary' stage of the disease. The scientists wanted to learn about the serious complications that occurred during the final phase. The study established that the men with Syphilis died more quickly than those who did not have it. This conclusion hardly seems worth the effort. BUT since the objective was simply to observe the devastating effects of Syphilis, coldly, 'rationally' and 'scientifically', the study was deemed a 'success'.

    The physicians involved, in the service of the United States Government, can be charged with anti-human, genocidal behavior, behavior that makes hypocritical nonsense of the Hippocratic Oath.
    James Jones comments: “The Tuskegee Experiment had nothing to do with treatment.” No new drugs were developed or tested! No old drugs were evaluated! “It was a non-therapeutic experiment”. In other words, diseased patients were diagnosed by physicians and then not treated so that their condition
    could deteriorate, leading in most cases, to untimely death.

    If there is any doubt as to the severe nature of the disease under discussion, let us take the time to describe it briefly. Syphilis has been divided into three states of progression: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The details of these stages were known to European medical science in 1932. The primary stage lasts from ten to sixty days and involves a chancre ulcer. The secondary stage begins
    within six weeks to six months with a rash and often skin eruptions. Other complications are the aching of bones and joints, circulatory disturbances, fever, indigestion, and headaches. Skin lesions may develop, causing hair to drop from the scalp. “The greatest proliferation and most widespread distribution of the infectious spirochetes throughout the body occurs in secondary syphilis.” The tertiary or final stage is the most severe and most significant for an understanding of this grotesque human experiment. In the tertiary state a person develops gummy or rubbery tumors, lesions, and tumors that coalesce on the skin forming large ulcers covered with a crust consisting of several layers of dried exuded matter. They produce deterioration of the bone, sometimes eating away the bone. The liver may also be affected. Syphilis also attacks the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, and patients often die of problems related to this condition.

    The tumors may attack the walls of the heart or the blood vessels. When the aorta is involved, the walls of the heart become weakened, scar tissue forms over the lesions, the artery dilates, and the valves of the heart no longer open and close properly and begin to leak. The stretching of the vessels walls may produce an aneurysm, a balloonlike bulge in the aorta. If the bulge bursts, and sooner or later most do, the result is sudden death.

    Neurosyphilis effects the brain. The most common form is paresis, which is a softening of the brain that causes progressive paralysis and mental disorder. Syphilis also can effect the spinal cord, the optic nerve (causing blindness), or a cranial nerve (causing deafness).
    What is described above is what the physicians were able to coldly observe in the name of 'science'. In Jones' book, there is testimony from patients to the effect that they did not know that they had syphilis but were told vaguely that they had 'bad blood'. And, what is worse, that they were given the impression (some for over 30 years) that they were being treated for whatever condition they had. On the other hand, officials at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta told reporters in 1972 that participants had been informed that they had syphilis and were given the opportunity to withdraw from the program and receive treatment. But this was contradicted by a physician who had been involved in the experiment in 1932. He said that neither the attending interns nor the subjects knew what the study involved. Why would anyone who knew that they were seriously ill remain in a program that denied them treatment when they could leave and get treatment elsewhere?
    The implications of the Tuskegee Experiment are staggering but only if one does not understand the nature of European culture and the character of European Ideology. Black men were asked to allow themselves to be tested for 'bad blood'. If chosen, either because they tested positive or as a part of the 'control' group, they were to come periodically to the clinics for observation. They were under the impression that they were coming for treatment. Why did they respond at all? They were mostly poor and were given incentives such as free physical examination, free rides to and from the clinics, hot meals on examination days, free rides to and from the clinics, hot meals on examination days, and free treatment for minor ailments. They were also 'befriended' by a negro nurse, Nurse Rivers, whom they trusted and who served as a liason between whites and their black objects of study. She made the men feel that they were part of an exclusive social club and burial society that guaranteed their relatives $50 for their funerals. Eunice Rivers was perhaps the most victimized of all: transformed into an enemy of her people.

    After 25 years in the experiment the participants were given 'certificates'. What images allowed such hypocritical, anti-human behavior? Europeans were saying to themselves: Let a group of black men die and suffer from syphilis without treatment so that we can observe its effects. Fortunately (for them) black people are available- the cultural 'other'.
    In 1972, when the experiment was finally publicized, newsman Harry Reasoner reported that human beings had been used ' as laboratory animals in a long and inefficient study of how long it takes syphilis
    to kill someone.” But these men of African descent were not considered 'human beings'. 'Human Beingness' is not merely a scientific classification; it denotes a spiritual empathetic relationship.

    The cleverness and deceit of Europeans as a cultural group is systematic and effective. Syphilis, a notorious disease resulting from sexual license and non-hygienic practices of a morally decadent European society, was introduced to indigenous peoples all over the world during European colonial penetration and its aftermath, in some cases decimating whole populations. Then centuries later the disease becomes associated with the victims of European contamination, while Europeans admonish each other against contact with cultural others, lest they be contaminated by the disease that originated among them.
    “From our knowledge of the Negro we should be inclined to the opinion that a chance for an education or even its acquisition does not materially influence his well-known sexually promiscuity” wrote Dr. Louis Wender. “Another 50 years will find an unsyphilitic negro a freak” said Dr. Bruce McVey. This pernicious association of people of African descent with sexual promiscuity established the atmosphere in which the Tuskegee Experiment could be tolerated. There was another critical ingredient to the image: ignorance. “Ignorance and uncleanliness have ever gone hand in hand with disease...” Low moral standards were said to be in the 'very nature' of black people. Ignorance and sexually promiscuity – the double barrel leveled at Africans in America- set us up to be deserving guinea pigs; even worse, objects of genocide.
    It is a moot question as to whether the european physicians failed to treat the Africans because they wanted to observe them dying or because they wanted to kill them. From an African-centered perspective, it is the same thing. ( and what about all of the people who could have been and were infected by the men with syphilis who didn't know that they had it? Perhaps this was also part of the 'experiment')

    In the last 2 decades of the twentieth century, the most discussed and thought-about disease, without doubt, will be Acquired Immune Deficieny Syndrome ( AIDS). Contrary to the projections of the medical establishment and the U.S. Government, confusion is generated by and is reflective of the
    confusion of the European-American and European scientists. If one keeps abreast of the information released by various agencies and experts, the pattern of contradiction, conflicting 'findings', and vagueness becomes obvious. The message is clear. They simply do not know what they are talking about. The public is told repeatedly “There is no proven case in which AIDS has been transmitted by casual contact. Objects touched or handled by people with AIDS are not contaminated and need not be feared; the only possible exceptions are objects which might be contaminated with blood- especially razors, toothbrushes, tweezers.” “Don't worry, HTLV-III is an extremely fragile virus”. Yet at the same time we are told that it is ' lenti' or 'slow' with an incubation period of 7 years. Statements abound such as “there is no evidence that...” and “There is only a small risk that...” and “it is not thought that...” This phraseology is not the least reassuring. In May 1987, three nurses contracted AIDS supposedly from 'accidents' in which they touched contaminated blood samples. The point is that AIDS kills and that there is no known cure. With an incubation period of seven years ( Dr. Strecker doubles his figure) a person could be infected without knowing it or without others knowing it. This certainly limits the exact knowledge that medical science has of the disease. Therefore most lay people, and justifiably so, are not willing to take chances with speculation- scientific or not.
    AIDS has been associated with the male homosexual community in the US, which is by and large of European descent but includes men of African and other non-European backgrounds. In 1985, 70-75 percent of the people with AIDS were homosexual or bisexual men; 17 percent were intravenous drug abusers. Hemophiliacs and other blood transfusion recipients are also at high risk, for obvious reasons. The retrovirus HTVL-III or AIDS-causing virus is said to be present in the body fluids of people who are infected. The virus is transmitted through exchange of bodily fluids.
    What does all of this mean from an African-centered perspective, and how is it related to European behavior towards others? Suddenly Africa emerged as the 'probable' birthplace of the AIDS virus. 'Experts' on talk shows focusing on AIDS would briefly make statements to this effect, and then quickly move on to another point, never giving evidence to support such a conclusion. Homosexuality is not associated with African civilization since African cultural values place priority on female-male conjugal relationship as the basis of the 'extended' family and for the procreation of children. Yet the experts get around this: AIDS in Africa is a heterosexual disease, and the virus has a slightly different chemical composition. They begin to talk about the Green monkey as somehow being associated with the contracting of AIDS. In the minds of the American public were conjured pictures of bizarre practices in which Africans had sex with monkeys. Later it was ‘clarified’ that STVL-III (S for ‘simian’) was carried by monkeys, but that they did not die from it and that Africans could have gotten it from eating the monkeys or being bitten by them.
    As of August 5, 1987, the World Health Organization (WHO) figures for known AIDS cases worldwide were 54,661 overall, 38,160 in the United states, and only 4714 in Africa. That is one reality. But on ABC’s Nightline a very different reality was created for the American public. On Wednesday night, May 13, 1987 (when the figures for Africa were even less) Ted Koppel, (with Dr. Milton Silverman, Renee Sabatier and George Strait) assaulted the international African community. The gun barrels had been reloaded. The parallels with the Tuskegee Experiment were striking in terms of the associations, arguments, and images that were presented. To a mind trained to recognize patterns of European cultural/ political behavior towards others, the game plan was clear. People of African descent were being set up as objects of ‘justified’ genocidal behavior by people of European descent. Our minds were being prepared to accept the self-fulfilling prophecy that by 1992 5 ½ million people would be infected in the motherland, and that men, women, and children of African descent in the US would be the largest group at risk.

    The program began with a visual focus on people suffering and dying from AIDS in Africa (at least we were told that the disease in question was AIDS). Mothers were shown wasting away with their children around them. Projections were made of rapid growth in the number of AIDS cases in Africa by the year 2000. The number of people already infected with AIDS virus was estimated to be 10 million! The picture was one of disaster. Why did the future look so bleak for Africa? The ‘experts’ said because of ‘ cultural difference’, ‘lack of communication(lack of television sets)’, ‘sexual practices’, polygamy, and the fact that the spread of AIDS could be controlled by ‘better public understanding’.
    The association was clearly made between AIDS and sexual promiscuity. The inference was that African culture in general and the practice of polygamy in particular condoned sexual promiscuity, as well as undisciplined behavior with regard to sexual relations. It does not matter that polygamy (polygyny) is not the predominant form of marriage in Africa, nor that it involves a controlled situation of sexual relations. It does not matter that the African value system placed on having children does not raid the degree of sexual promiscuity; Africans also value stable family situations that provide cultural and emotional support for children. It does not matter that traditional African culture is an extremely disciplined (compared to contemporary American society), morally ordered, kin-based and spiritually-based construct. None of these realities that abound in anthropological descriptions were made visible. Instead a white woman was shown teaching a coeducational group of 15 year old Africans how to use condoms. It does not matter that both homosexual and heterosexual prostitution were introduced by Europeans into Africa or that moral discipline breaks down with ‘Europeanization’.
    The conclusion reached was the since it would be difficult (for all of the reason listed above) for European ‘experts’ to communicate with the afflicted Africans so that their ‘behavior’ could be modified through an’ understanding of the problem’ AIDS could be expected to spread at an alarming rate throughout Africa. AIDS means death. We must remember that as we listen to those arguments. According to the program, women with AIDS were not told that they had AIDS, in this case supposedly for their own protection, which hardly sounds like a program of ‘education’. The ‘protection’ program is another interesting parallel with the Tuskegee experiment. In their capacity as ‘saviors’ they are now experimenting with Africans who are ‘desperate’. Dr. Daniel Zagury, a French physician, has been experimenting in Zaire. The program portrayed involving the injection of purified AIDS virus into human beings in order to stimulate the immune system! Could that be done to Europeans? The answer is “NO”, only the cultural other.
    That was the prognosis for Africa (with actually about 4,714 known AIDS cases with 43 countries reporting). By 1992 there were reportedly 5 ½ million people infected in Africa. What about the outlook for the United States ( with about 38,160 known AIDS cases)? According to Silverman we can actually be optimistic about the future of AIDS in the US. WHY? Because in America people can be educated, they can be reached through media (2 or 3 televisions in every home), and their behavior can be modified. How does he know? Because the male homosexual community in the US has already, according to Silverman and Sabatier, responded to education about the disease and demonstrated that it is possible to consciously change sexual practices through an understanding of the implications of AIDS. Americans have cause for hope! But does that include all of those who live within its boundaries?

    Ted Koppel raised the question: “ You talk about polygamy in Africa, but there is casual sex in the United States…” (Note the incorrect association between polygamy and casual sex). Silverman never answered Koppel’s implied question. But what he did say parallels the position taken by the medical establishment as far back as 1913 with regard to black people. Silverman said, “I didn’t say we wouldn’t have some problems. There are the inner city youths; the minorities; the blacks and Hispanics who must come to grips with what we are saying, and the drug addicts.” The message is clear- just as it was in 1932 when the Tuskegee Experiment was initiated. Control comes with ‘education’ and change. European-American male homosexuals can be ‘educated’. Blacks and Latinos cannot. AIDS among male homosexuals will be contained. AIDS among blacks and Latinos will spread. Magically, everything reversed. The percentage of known AIDS cases is highest among male homosexuals, but the future we can expect it to be the highest among blacks and Latinos across the board. If AIDS is associated with sexual promiscuity, undisciplined behavior, ‘cultural difference’ ( different from what?), and ignorance, then what does this imply about blacks and Latinos. People of African descent are being set up as the victims, who victimize themselves; who because of their own inadequacies can expect to be ravaged be a killer disease.
    In 1913, according to James Jones (1986), The American Social Hygiene Association took the position that ‘”social hygiene for whites rested on the assumption that attitudinal changes could produce behavioral changes. A single standard of high moral behavior could be produced by molding sexual attitudes through moral education. For blacks, however, a change in their nature seemed to be required.” This supported their position of neglect with regard to the African community. Later it allowed the US Government to watch black people die of syphilis and to allow it to be spread. In the 1980s the stage was set for AIDS to be understood as an African disease that spreads amidst ‘sexual promiscuity’, ignorance, and drug abuse. With this understanding the scenario of the suffering and death of our people will appear to ‘make sense’, no matter how much it may lamented. The latest word from the ‘experts’ is that Africans have a blood factor GPC that makes them more susceptible. This can be said even though initially AIDS among Europeans outnumbered AIDS among Africans by 10 to 1. Now the ratio is much closer. Already the AIDS ‘disinformation’ is being used to discriminate against Africans. In an article entitled: “AIDS: Racist Myths, Hard Facts,” correspondent David Dickson says the following

    Some have complained bitterly that the suspicion that Africans have a higher chance of carrying the virus than populations of other continents is already used as a covert from of racist discrimination. For example, in many countries African students complain that they are being made the target of restrictions and health requirement that are not being imposed on other nationals. On April 2, 1990, 100,000 African-Haitians demonstrated in New York City, protesting the fact that they were not being allowed to donate blood to their relatives

    AIDS is a mystery. That is clear. Let us suppose that it is a human made virus. Suppose that it is primarily a product of a biochemical warfare, secondarily spread through sexual and other contact. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing puts for this hypothesis, which she says is a good as any until it has been proven to be wrong. Is there any supporting evidence? In Dr. Welsing’s view:

    Indeed, a number of aware black people systematically raised the question as to whether or not this new virus was ‘ man-made’ and possibly manufactured at a facility such as the center at Ft. Derrick, Maryland or other such centers in the western world that are involved in the research on and the production of chemical and biological warfare weapons

    The Tuskegee experiments were conducted by the US Government, namely, The US Public Health Administration and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. It was even verbalized that allowing the spread of syphilis could be a method used to destroy black population
    Thus, aware black people do not find it at all inconceivable that persons with the same mind set and psychological orientation would not go further and develop a deadly disease that could be spread via the venereal route and then introduce this disease into black and other ‘undesirable’ population groups…. again for the purpose of a systematic depopulation agenda.

    The Vervet Monkey disease is referred to in a survey of Chemical and Biological Warfare (1969) as a disease created by European scientists to be used to kill the enemies of Europe and Euro-American. It is unrelated to any other organism known and impervious to any known antibiotics. Handling of blood and tissues can cause infection. Infection causes death in some cases and it can be transmitted venereally. The Vervet Monkey and the African Green monkey are of the same genus. Vervet Monkey disease is similar to the African Green Monkey disease found in East and Southern Africa. There is 95 percent nucleotide homology between STLVI (Simian) and HTLVI (human). This is evidence that the two are related and not for spontaneous mutation. Yet SLTIII and HTLVIII have only 75 percent nucleotide homology, a development which would not be expected under the normal process of evolution. This argues for intentional human manipulation. The other evidence is what we know of the capacity of Europeans to destroy those whom they consider to be cultural others. The African continent is rich with resources needed by Europe, but they do not need large numbers of African people. In fact, Europeans believe that their problems would be solved if we were to disappear from the face of the Earth. Understanding the European (culture) as it works out; it is possible to develop an interpretation of AIDS that makes sense. Dr. Robert Strecker and Dr. William Douglass (along with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing) are convinced that AIDS is a human- made retrovirus. For a Thorough explanation of their theory and the evidence with which they support it, the reader is referred to The Strecker Memorandum (a video tape) and “Who Murdered Africa”, an article by Douglass. We will only mention a few of the facts and suppositions here, which impact on the question of the attempted genocide of Africans and other ‘majority’ or ‘non-white’ peoples.
    Both Strecker and Douglass suggest that the World Health Organization is the culprit in a deadly crime that has inadvertently been perpetrated against the human race: An experiment that has gotten out of hand, to put it mildly. According to both men, without intervention, the continued existence of the human race may be in question

    WHO (World Health Organization) is reported to have written in their bulletin that, an attempt should be made to see if viruses can in act exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the virus.

    AIDS does just that. It destroys the T-Cell system of infected human beings. Dr. Strecker claims that the AIDS virus resembles Bovine virus in cattle and the Vesna virus in sheep. He does not believe that it is related to the Green monkey. According to Strecker, if the Bovine and Vesna viruses are crossed, AIDS is the result. Experiments have, for a long time, taken place in which animal viruses are grown in human tissue.
    If the WHO had been successful in creating the virus that they have evidently ‘called for’, how would they test it, and how would they use it? Clearly, knowing what we do about white supremacy in European nationalistic ideology, the guinea pigs would not be Europeans, and if they were, they would be ‘expendable’ Europeans. In the ‘numbers game’ it is very important to understand that t people who prefer to have sexual relations with their own gender are likely to produce very few offspring , if any. Therefore AIDS would most likely be introduced to African populations, their descendants, other majority peoples, and European homosexuals.
    It is reported that a front page article in the times of Long (May 11 1987) makes the connection between centers established by the WHO, ostensibly to vaccinate people against smallpox and the same: Africa, Haiti, Brazil, Japan. In addition, 15,000 Haitians were working in Africa during the vaccination project and participated in it. As for the male homosexual community, the connection was made via the injection of homosexual men with hepatitis B Vaccine in a ‘program’ in New York in 1978 and in San Francisco in 1980. The Hepatitis B Vaccine-Study limited itself to males between the ages of 20 to 40, who were not monogamous”
    AIDS can live outside of the body. An AIDS virus can be carried by a mosquito. These are claims for which Strecker makes rather convincing arguments. If what Strecker and Douglass say is true, “Safe sex” will not prevent AIDS. All the ‘education’ in the world will not prevent or control an AIDS epidemic. An AIDS vaccine can never be ‘discovered’ because AIDS changes. It is estimated that there are 9,000 possible kinds of AIDS viruses. It appears to spontaneously mutate and recombine.
    To develop smallpox vaccine, scabs are taken from cattle infected with the disease. The Bovine virus could have been in the vaccines used in Africa and other areas in 1970 for people inoculated in the WHO project. In could have been accidental. If so, what a costly error! It could also have been intentional, since the creation of such a deadly disease is consistent with the rationale for biochemical warfare and with European megalomania. There is also a theory that AIDS was introduced in a Pollo Vaccine. The only mistake made by the ‘mad’ European scientists this time may have been losing control of the disease. If therefore threatens to destroy those who it was intended to serve. But ultimately, such are the implications of the their ‘culture’(asili)

    Dr. Barbara Justice, a New York surgeon of African descent, believes: 1. The AIDS virus has been adapted to Melanin and is related to the experiment in 1951 with the death of a Diasporic African patient, Henrietta Lass, in which European scientists were able to grow viruses outside of the body in her cells after she had died. 2. The purpose of AIDS is to ‘clean out’ the European gene pool, i.e., to eliminate ‘undesirables,’ Africans, and homosexuals; as well as to finally capture the continent of Africa by destroying its present, indigenous population. She refers us to the work of Jack Felder and Alan Cantwell, Jr.
    In 1989 African Scientists in Kenya, after years of research, developed a possible cure for AIDS based on Interferons. Its success attracted pharmaceutical companies, and together they are now manufacturing a product known as Kemron. In July 1990, an international conference was held in Kenya at KEMRI ( the Kenyan Medical Research Institute) to announce what they said was a tremendous breakthrough. According to Dr. D. Koech and Dr. A. Obel, writing in the East African Medical Journal.

    One hundred and ninety nine symptomatic and 5 asymtomatic patients seropositive for the human immunodeficiency virus type I ( HIV-I) were treated with KEMRON, a natural human interferon alpha (nHIFa) stabilized in a complex polysachariche carrier. Treatment was given for at leat 10 weeks at a daily oral dose of approximately 2.0 IU of nHIFa per body weight. Karnofsky performance score increased from an average of 60.5 on entry into the study to 100 by the 10th week after treatment. Similarly, common clinical complaints associated with HIV-I infection rapidly reduced per patient from an average of 3.8 to 0.05 and 0 by week 8 and 10 of treatment. Eighteen of the patients serodeconverted by by both ELISA and western blot assays during the study period. These observations suggest that KEMRON used as recommended is beneficial in HIV-I seropositive individuals.

    This fact demonstrates the relationship between the European genocidal enterprise against African people, white and western nationalism, and the European self-image and image of others. The idea of African scientists discovering a cure for a disease that threatens to destroy the world’s human population is such an anathema to a ‘ positive’, ‘ functional’ European self-image, that the Kenyans cannot be given credit, nor could pictures appear of the African scientists in the Euro-American media. We must remember that these are, according to Europeans, the same people who are too ignorant and ‘backward’ to understand the nature of the disease. The US media did not report KEMRON until it felt comfortable discussing the ‘controversy’ in which it was ‘embroiled.’ At the same time Kemron is being discredited, European scientists are working with interferons in the hope of implementing an AIDS cure, and a Euro-American physician from Texas is claiming to have created it. So that African people still lose, for the manufacture, distribution, and ‘ownership’ of KEMRON is denied us.

    Perhaps we are face with the same situation as with the syphilis experiment. Perhaps in both cases we were ‘given’ this disease by Europeans as a genocidal act. Our destruction is then justified to the world by our supposed lack of humanity. The New York Times, in May of 1987, printed an article that discussed the alarming rate of population growth in Africa and the equally alarming decline in population for whites. Dr. Welsing and white racists themselves have told us that Europeans are afraid of the implications of minority status. Now the US government is talking about mandatory blood tests (Reagan: May 31, 1987 speech). What intelligent African would trust such a program? If Aids does not destroy us, it can be certainly used to control us. The rule is to always reverse European statements in order to ascertain the truth, and to ALWAYS interpret their actions and statements politically. When they discuss cures for our diseases, we know that they must already be in the process of causing our annihilation by giving us another disease they have created.

    -YURUGU, Marimba Ani

    your thoughts?
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    i read the strecker report in '94...did a paper on the origins of the AIDS virus. i came to the conclusion that, yes, it is a man made disease. yes, it was intended specifically to harm the black community. and, yes, it was introduced into the homosexual communities of new york (100) and san francisco (100).

    the original HIV strain only affected black people. during that time, the government labeled it a homosexual disease...and they had no money for research/medical. since it was only supposed to affect black people, they didn't bother creating a cure for it. it wasn't until the virus mutated, and it started killing white people--remember little Ryan White--that they suddenly discovered the bank. by then, it was too late. like the common cold, this retrovirus recombines at such a rate that a cure is almost impossible.

    when the virus was originally (discovered), the question in the american media was: where did it come from? the response from the BBC was, what do you mean, "where did it come from?" you created it. in one BBC report, they outlined the progression of the virus from discussion to creation. of course, you cannot find such data anymore.

    bottom line: HIV is a man made virus engineered to attack black men, tested in the homosexual community by the world health organization, and has now mutated into several different forms of its original self...with no cure in sight.

    unfortunately, it's spreading at a high rate among blacks because we don't believe we can get it...and the media BS leads you to believe that you cannot get it except under certain circumstances. BUT KNOW THAT YOU CAN CONTRACT THE DISEASE THROUGH THE EXCHANGE OF BODILY FLUIDS--saliva, seminal fluids, vaginal fluids, blood, etc. KNOW THAT it can live outside the body--in bodily fluids--for up to two hours. KNOW THAT you can get it through kissing...through unprotected sexual activity...and through any means where bodily fluids comingle.


    keep dropping the knowledge.
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