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    The following is a message from Dr. Wesley Muhammad/True Islam:

    “For thousands of years, the people who did not have the knowledge of the person, or reality, of God worshipped their own ideas of God. He has been made like many things other than what He really is.”

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    On July 4, 1930, Master Fard Muhammad began teaching in the ghettos of Detroit Michigan. He proclaimed, in the view of most listeners then and most observes today, a very strange doctrine, at the center of which was the shocking proclamation that God, the creator of heaven and earth, is not a formless ‘something (spirit)’ as commonly assumed by 99% of the world’s non-atheists. Rather, God is a man – a divine Black man who created the cosmos only after first creating his own Black self (body). Jews, Christians and Muslims were, and still are, offended, particularly since this self-created Black God is identified with Jehovah/Allah, the God of the Prophets and of the Scriptures (Bible and Qur’an). For 70 years now this teaching of Master Fard Muhammad and, later, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, has been condemned and dismissed as un-biblical, un-Islamic, and simply wrong – a racist doctrine ‘concocted’ whole cloth by Master Fard Muhammad and/or the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Recently those of us who accept the truth of this teaching about God have been challenged to prove this claim or at least prove that it is scriptural. The sad truth of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of those (few!) who have come forward to accept the challenge were simply unable to justify this teaching, scripturally or otherwise; at least in any way that would be found adequate to any objective non-believers.

    Who is God? Is he a divine Black Man – and divine Black men – as Master Fard Muhammad/the Honorable Elijah Muhammad boldly proclaimed, or is he so transcendent above all materiality that he could never be a man, as most of the world believes? What do the scriptures of the world – Bible, Qur’an, Zend Avesta, Rg Veda, Pyramid Texts, etc. - actually say about this?

    For the last 18 years of my life I have intensely studied this teaching academically. All of the degrees that I have acquired from academic institutions I did so only in the course of this study. By Allah’s Grace the time, commitment and sacrifice has paid off: we can now absolutely vindicate the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad/the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. My training in Biblical Hebrew and Classical Arabic has enabled me to demonstrate convincingly that the God of the Bible, Quran and Sunna is indeed a man. We have demonstrated that Master Fard Muhammad/the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s description of the self-creation of the Black God from an atom hidden in darkness agrees with the Truth of God as found in the Indic Rg Veda and other Sanskrit texts, the Pyramid and other Kemitc texts, as well the ancient Cuneiform tablets of Sumer/Akkad.

    In April, 2007 I spoke at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. The subject of my presentation was: The Black Man is God: Truth or Lie? As I pulled up to the lecture hall I noticed one of the organizers of the event outside ‘fishing,’ inviting passers-bye to the presentation. One such ‘fishing’ encounter caught my attention so I held back and watched it from a short distance. It was a sister whom I will later learn was a Spelman student and she was not at all impressed and even less interested in attending the presentation. But the brother insisted, and she continually resisted. This sister was simply not interested in hearing some ‘True Islam’ speak about the Black Man being God, and she made this clear. But for some reason the brother was relentless. After several minutes of this tug-of-war the sister finally conceded and entered the auditorium, no doubt to get the brother off of her back and with the intension of staying for ten minutes and then leaving. I ended up speaking about two and half hours with another 30 minutes Q&A. The sister stayed the entire time. In fact, she was one of the first to raise her hand once I opened it up for Q&A. This sister prefaced her first question with these words: “Peace brother. I believe everything that you have said is the truth. Can you tell me…” I said to myself after she stated this: “Word? Everything?” I just spent two hours presenting a Powerpoint slide-show on God the Creator being a Black man who died and whose birth, death, and resurrection is allegorized in the New Testament story of Jesus the Christ. It was amazing to me that this sister who was so turned off by the flyer and insistent on not hearing the presentation at all, would openly confess the Truth of the Black God! Anyone who has had the AUC (Atlanta University Center) experience knows that Spelman sisters in general are the most unlikely converts to the Truth of the Black God!

    Why do I share this story? For some time after that Atlanta presentation that sister and her words resonated with me until it dawned on me: we are living in a day wherein we not only have the Truth of God – we’ve had that for over seventy years now – but we have also the PROOF of the Truth of God such that even the most skeptical and resistant can be made to see. Not that this sister was the first in my 17 years of teaching to be persuaded. Allah has blessed me to bring many to Islam and the Truth of God. Everyone who knows me and my work knows that for seventeen years now I have been debating and successfully defending this Truth, not just in street ciphers and fireside chats but in classrooms and auditoriums with professors, scholars, imams, preachers, etc. But this sister in Atlanta suggests to me that a new day is upon us. In those past discussions and debates the most resistant persons, while recognizing their inability to defeat the arguments presented to them, yet refused to allow themselves to be personally persuaded by the irrefutable arguments. But today, our level of understanding of the Truth of God and the evidences now available to demonstrate its correctness is such that ‘knees bow and tongues confess.’

    I thus decided to formally train as many who are interested in the science of the Truth of God. Truth of God Institute (TGI) will offer several short term and extended courses designed to expand one’s knowledge and understanding of the Truth of God by exposing students to the full range of scientific, scriptural, literary, and historical evidences supporting the Truth of God as first revealed on these shores by Master Fard Muhammad/the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The extended, advanced courses are designed to train intellectual warriors –Truth of God scholars – preparing them to be able to go into any Synagogue, Church, or Masjid and discuss the Truth of God with the rabbi, pastor, and imam from a position of superior knowledge. I am convinced that today is the day the Truth of God will prevail in all arguments. This is not just academic. The state of Black America is a tragic witness of how desperately needed is the Truth of God in the Black community. I am convinced that we, collectively and individually, cannot do life right until we first get God right.

    TGI is not a mosque, church, or any kind of religious institution. It is strictly an academic institution. Individuals from all religious and non-religious walks of life are welcome to enroll in the courses. I have successfully designed and taught college courses for seven years now. I bring the same academic rigor to TGI. In the near future we will be offering such general courses:

    1.) Who is God? Part I: The Ancient Mysteries
    2.) Who is God? Part II: Biblical Tradition
    3.) Who is God? Part III: Islamic Tradition
    4.) The Truth of God and the Deity of Christ
    5.) The Secret of God: Gnosticism and Kabbalah
    6.) Science and the Truth of God

    In addition to these and other general Truth of God courses TGI will be offering Supreme Wisdom specialty courses designed specifically to train believers in the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad/the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in defending the Truth of God as they revealed it. We hope to offer courses such as:

    1.) The Bible and Point 12
    2.) The Qur’an and Point 12
    3.) The Twenty Four Scientists
    4.) How Came the Black God, Mr. Muhammad?
    5.) God and the Origin of Race: Yakub

    And others. We hope to have TGI fully functional in the near future. In order to do so we now need to solicit the aid, volunteerism and donations of those who see the vision and would like to offer their time and skills to help make it a reality. Right now we need:

    • Website and graphic designers
    • Myspace page builders
    • Audio-visual techs
    • Secretarial/Editorial assistants
    • Fundraisers
    • Donations

    We would like to begin putting the TGI Staff and Team together. Any one who feels they can offer any of the above skills please contact me at [email protected] or Self Justice Allah at [email protected]. Anyone who sees this vision and wants to volunteer your time and skill not listed above but you believe could help in some measure to bring the vision into fruition contact us as well. Also, those who have little time and are not sure how your skills could fit but would like to donate financially may do so.

    For more on TGI please visit us at