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    This Is In Response To A Mormon Church Video Referring To Black People as Demons.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The book, Lies About God, which I am the Author, should be on every worth while Black Being Book Shelf, because the Divine Truth must serve as your shield of protection against such propaganda that flow out from the Mormon Christian Doctrine, as I have shared with you, when it come to the knowledge about God, Universe and Your Black Life Self, White Folks Lie, and when three or more gather in the Name of God, claiming to reveal and describe Black People in reference to God, Universe, and their White Selves, you have the making of the greatest Lie to be told about a Strange and different People wearing a Black Coat, and it is because those who attempt to insert the Black Divine Being into their Christian Doctrine, reveal themselves to be the thief that they are, when God is the Main entity of Divine Truth and Reality and is being projected within a Religious Doctrine and in this case, it be the Mormon Doctrine, the so call Church of the Latter Day saints, yet the Pope has told you what constitute the Christian Church, aliar that he is as well, but not about what constitute the Christian Church.

    Out of all of the Christian and other Religious Doctrine, this what I have just seen and heard concerning an excerpt of the Mormon Doctrine, it share equally the Crown of being the greatest Lie ever to be a modern day concoction about a Divine Truth concerning God and Black People.

    Any Black Divine Being that would allow this or any other of the religious Doctrine to be of an influence to you, concerning your Black Self, in relationship to what the Mormon Doctrine say about Black People, in reference to you and the Trinity of God, then you deserve to receive all that the Human Being has to say about your Black Behind.

    There is no difference in the Mormon Belief than it is in regard to the belief of other None church belief about Black People, but the Church that know the Truth about Black People, happen to be that of the Catholic Church and it is that Church that is covered with Black Deities behind the Hidden Veil of the inner sanctum of the Ritual oriented practices that goes on in the Catholic Church, it being the only True Church that Know the Divine Truth about Black People and our relationship to the Divine Essence, and the Universe.

    This Mormon Video is of the highest sign of Racist Bigotry, locked in a Doctrine claiming to confide in God and to be of direct relationship to the Jesus Figure, the Foundation upon their Racist Doctrine Stand, and you tell me that Al Sharpton went crawling on his knees to apologize to these band of religious Racist Mormon People, claiming to be the Church of the Latter Day Saints, which I Know that they are, based on their belief concerning Black People, they claiming to have taken an oath to be saints and to fight religiously again Black People, holding us up to be the Demons upon this planet.

    Perfect reverse psychology used to win saints to their latter day Church, so what I think somebody need to do is to tell Al Sharpton about this video and then let us see if Rev.Al will go back to the Mormon Leadership and demand a retraction and an apology from those Lying White Folks that carry an attitude and behavior of the Aryan Nation toward Black People.

    Religious propaganda such as this, that spell out their belief about Black People, serve only to be and to show and highlight the evil that prevail in the Churches claiming Jesus as a Master teacher and savior of their world, yet Black People all the Time, is attempting to factor ourselves into a profane and evil doctrine call Religion.

    Here you have a complete reverse play of role in the theater of God, Characters calling themselves Human Beings taking on the role of the Divine Realism of Black Divine Beings, White Folks claiming what is the Black Relationship with God, but using the White connection and such a connection has no Divine verification with God at all, only the Divine Being has such a connection and that connection is verified by the Pigmented Phenotype that Black People are, showing a direct connection to the Perfect Night, that which serve as the Shadow of the Eternal Infinite Essence of All and Everything That Is And Is Not And Cause All To Be And Not To Be.

    One thing I can say about the Mormon Doctrine, to somebody that is trained to believe, it is a well put together Script about God, Jesus, Lucifer( Black People ) and Heaven.

    Such A Doctrine as the Mormon Doctrine, I must say, in the Religious Circle, attract only Racist Superior Believing White People when Black People are being compared with them and remember, what I have shared with you about White People when Black Folks are concern, They Lie about You Big Time, because they Fear The Divine Truth that is innately within you Black People, if only you would allow it to Flow Freely about You.

    It take a Demon to attempt to Characterize Black People to be a Natural Made Demon, yet there are now Black People that fit such a description, and they are the Afrikan who have acquired the Human Beings status, which has nothing to do with the Nature of the Black Divine Beings in this evil World, on this Planet call Earth.

    Black Folks, be you forever watchful in these evil action of Time and Turn To Become Obedient To Our First Way Divine Ancestors, Abiding By Their Instruction, Telling Us To Get To Know Ourselves And With A Weapon Of Self Knowledge, It will Shield You From The Evil Tongue Of The Human Beings, They That Come In Many disguises Of Religious Belief.

    Here Is Loving You

    Hoteph Osiris
    Chief Elder
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    And the lies about us keep on being told, and most of us fear Rising up and being the Truth we are.
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