Black People : The TRUTH about King James!

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    Ok, I tried to let my true humorous side out a little last night, but that wont happen any more. back to serious business. Someone ( I think it was zulile) asked me about this subject, here it goes:

    The brutish pervert known as King James was said to be a heavy drinking BRUTE of a man(?). It was said that when he drank he would pour so much wine down his throat that it would go all over the rest of his face and his clothes. he also had a taste for the little boys who both helped him dress and served the food to both he and his fellow disgusting animals. he used to grope then as they passed by(particularly when drunk) and would sometimes just pull down their pants and fondle them in full view. this should come as no surprise as it is in the Caucasion mans Nature to be both a homosexual and a child pervert. Why do you think so many wont touch their wife but will hit on little boys and/or men in a minute? Ok, the reason I tell you this about King james is because he is givin credit(?) for translating one of the bibles and is held in high esteem by millions of Afrikan christians(catholics even more so) and he was nothing but an ignorant fool! Wake up people! stop sleep walking!