Black People Politics : The #TrumpTape Debate: Either Hillary Clinton Wins Tonight or America has Lost its Way

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    As the candidates prepare for the most watched debate in U.S. history the moral credibility of America is on the line.


    Donald Trump is in serious trouble with his own party heading into the crucial Townhall Debate against Hillary Clinton on Sunday night. Not because he denies, climate change, promises to nuke half the world, won’t share his finances, didn’t pay taxes for 20 years, stiffed hundreds of employees, offering a safe haven to the Ku Klux Klan, worshipping a dictator like Vladimir Putin or numerous instances of sexism, racism and crude behavior. Nope, none of that was enough to make almost a dozen members of the Republican Party unendorse him, and call for his resignation. Donald Trump is in trouble because he got caught on one long extended rant saying everything that’s been saying for the last 18 months .

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