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Sep 27, 2005
Now it all makes sense. The words --Amen-Ra/AmunAmon are all associated with that group of males who destroyed the end stages of Matriarchy that had originally been developed and maintained by the SIbyls. This war was spiritual. A war aimed at destroying these women and their African sacredotal powers in the ANCIENT WORLD. These clans (eg. Amen/Horus) were about the business of invading Ancient KmT and destroying and rewriting the history already written in stone and on psalm leaves. Their political campaigns were intended to obliverate the original history of these famous women and claim its statutes as their own.

Males (eg. Men) have no divine spiritual powers. They only know and practice what they have copied and now cloak from the Sibyls

1. "...In spite of Egypt's patriarchal military might, the kings and pharaohs (eg. House of Women) of Egypt still had to capitulate to the conquered and declining matriarchs for whom they still must claim their divine blood and spiritual inheritance. This inescapable fact, as well as her exclusive sacredotal authority and political influence in the world, generated much jealousy, envy, and resentment towards them. So much that it is alleged that 1000 years later as matriarchal rule gave way to new waves of patriarchal revolts, the powerful priesthoods of Amon (Aum/Amen) in Khnum and the clans of Horus boldly dared something never before imagined. They began invading and usurping the holy temples of these Divine African Mothers starting in Thebes..."

Page 50, 51
The Sibyls
Vivian Hunter-Hindrew M.Ed.

2. Sunday, July 3, 2016​

The Next Time You Say "Amen"... Think What You're Doing (No Kidding!)​

AMEN happens to be the evil demiurge that corrupted ALL scriptures on Earth with his total control agenda. Also spelt AMON or AMUN, the name itself means "The Hidden One" - the invisible "almighty god" mere humans are expected to believe in and worship as a matter of faith.

When Marduk (known as Ra in Egypt*) became dissatisfied with rulership of both Upper and Lower Egypt, he moved his operational base to Babylon where he began to plot his own rise to deific supremacy, while in Egypt he continued to be worshiped as AMEN RA (Ra the Unseen), making sure his priesthood was as corrupt and wicked as they come.

Marduk it was who systematically infiltrated all belief systems with his antisexual, antifeminine doctrines which gradually developed into the austere, humorless, warlike dogmas that are today the root cause of diseased patriarchal religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The Evil Priesthood of AMEN RA is at work in ALL faiths - and their task has ever been to subvert the individual's ability to reconnect with his or her own Inner Authority - causing the masses ultimately to seek false comfort in official dogma and established institutions.

Naturally the AMEN priesthood is most influential in modern times disguised as Academia.

Since the word has a "HEBREW" origin. Hebrew is tied to Babylon. Periodt!

4. There is a man who calls hisself Amen Nefer Ra. He claims to know all levels of the soul of Man. He is missing 2. He says there are 7. Professor George GM James who wrote "Stolen Legacy" says there are 9. My time, energy, and money are on Prof. George GM James, not Amen Nefer Ra. -- who is a phoney!

Eye am not a member of the group: Metu Nefer - Vols I - II - III. Eye don't need to be!
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This is an example of how Hebrews/Jews wrote themselves into our history under the guise of Babylon....

Around 2463 B.C., Marduk, a prince who’d once been Pretender to the throne of the planet Nibiru, returned to Egypt, where people called him Ra, found his brother Ningishzidda, now called Thoth and Thoth’s hybrid Nibiran/Earthling staff ruling Egypt.


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