Chief Elder Osiris : The True Meaning And Purpose Of A Leader

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved what black folks in america do not like nor do we want to hear, is
    the Truth!!!

    So what I am about to tell you is the Truth and such is going to piss the
    Truth haters off and I say, so be it, because I have come to share the truth
    with you and you can either accept or reject it and I move on.

    So tell me my dear beloved, is there not a True Leader for the Children of
    the Middle Passage to come to us since the Honorable Marcus Garvey?

    Is not the true requirement of a True Afrikan leader, is that the Afrikan
    must be a highly Spiritual Being and the Afrikan Spirituality must trump all
    man made religion?

    So what is our number here in america now?

    Well to remain safe I will just say we number in the Millions and I ask you,
    How many excellent black minds are we allowed among us?

    My point is this my beloved sisters and brothers, true leadership will tell
    the people the truth about the oppressive condition we are in and what is
    causing it and what it is we must do to escape it.

    A true leader want only the best for the people and what is best for the
    Blacks in america is to receive Justice, having a peace of mind, being told
    of our true status in america and not lie about it.

    A true leader will want to see the people liberated from the Racism,
    discrimination and disrespect received by a government that has all of the
    power and authority to determine the defiled condition of the Black mind.

    A true leader will not mislead the people into believing ( not
    thinking )that we in america have power within the grand scheme of america
    society and government.

    A true leader will not mislead the people into believing that something good
    is about to happen to us in america, so that we will become powerful in
    america to the point that we will control the decision made about our Black

    Take for instant the last presidential election, nothing acceptable happen
    to Black people, so that a constructive change in the socio - economic
    political and educational system of america will benefit the whole of Blacks
    in america.

    A true leader will not continue to lie to the people so that they may
    believe that in Time, maybe another five hundred years thing will have run
    its course and Blacks in america can then be satisfied about our condition
    in america.

    A true leader will not continue to mislead the people into thinking that
    events change by a hand and mind, other than our own.

    Beloved the true purpose of a true leader is to tell the people the truth
    and to show the way to the people freedom, so that a peace of mind will be
    our companion and Justice our foundation, upon which we will stand and most
    certainly Joy will come every morning and such a state of condition not to
    be experienced here in america, such is the purpose of a true leader.

    Yes my beloved, the purpose of a true leader is to tell the people the truth
    and the truth to Blacks in america, here by way of the middle passage, is to
    be reminded of our obligation we have to Afrika and the Afrikan Nation and
    the only way to fulfill such an obligation is for the children of the
    middle - passage to return home to Afrika.

    The purpose of a true leader is to tell the people the truth and the truth
    is, power and authority over our Black lives will be experienced only in an
    environment that we will have created and do control the standard and morals
    that will apply to our Black Life, so established by that same black Life
    that will comply to that which has been so established and approved.

    Yes, Yes my dear beloved, the true meaning and purpose of a leader is
    defined by the company it keep with Truth and Reality, and the true leader
    purpose is to share such company with the people which is being led.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate the Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble (With The Truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan nation.


    Chief Elder
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement