Chief Elder Osiris : The True Cancer In Iraq Is America And Her Allies

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    The True Cancer In Iraq Is America And Her Allies :idea:

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Most if not all Powerful people are natural liars, because they are very self conceited and do things only that will maintain and secure their position of power and will use all that the source that give them power for the purpose so that their will be done and the powerful will, is not about doing things that will be for the greater good for all those the powerful control.

    In this world, which at the moment, is controlled by people of a evil Mind, those that are in power in the world and it is that evil that have created the situation in Iraq today and as the National Chairman and Chief Elder and Spiritual Master Teacher of The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Repatriation Movement, we present our thoughts on the situation america has created in Iraq, yet we know in this world as is, the Black mind get no respect in the world, especially when speaking about world issues, but be that as it may, because a Thinking Divine Mind fear no other Human Being Mind and is not amenable to being dictated to, because the Divine Mind is grounded in seeking the Truth and Reality of all things, such a Mind is trained in approaching all things with the Divine Mind of profound Reasoning and Objective Logic.

    The number one topic of discussion among white folks of power is Iraq and the Baker- Hamilton Report, a report that is steeped in dishonesty, because all those that did sat on the Baker-Hamilton Commission are those with a dishonest and biased mind, concerning the issue of Iraq and its present condition, therefore they started out with a handicap that prevented them from reaching a True and Honest conclusion as to what happen in Iraq to have it in the state of condition the country is in today and what need to be done to correct the situation now in chaos.

    Anytime anyone set out to do something and the motivation is based upon A lie, you can expect a result from your action to be devastatingly destructive to that which you had to lie about in order to generate the action required to get you involved in the situation you had to lie about, in order to get your desired result, in this case the situation was Iraq and its president Saddam.

    Prior to the power lying Minds, which involved themselves in Iraq, Saddam served as the stabilizing force in Iraq, regardless of how the lying power disliked the politics of Saddam, the Man that stood between the Greed of liars which wanted Iraq Natural Resource and Ancient artifacts was Saddam and the only way for them to get it was to cause a destabilizing effect in Iraq and for the lying powers of the world to do that, they had to do what they are experts in doing and that is lying, so they got the world to buy into the lie they told that Saddam Iraq, had weapons of Mass Destruction and the lying power had brain washed the world into believing that Saddam was capable of using them unreasonably so.

    America being the believers that they are, on Twin Tower 911, the world was set up to believe that america had been attacked and Saddam had something to do with it, thus the foundation for war with Iraq is set and with america crying for the blood of the Iraqi people, thus, you now have the situation as was created by america in Iraq and that is what the Baker -Hamilton report is lying about in their advice as to what the best approach is, in bringing a cessation of Violence in Iraq.

    The situation that america has created in Iraq is not a winnable situation militarily by america, I do not care how many troops america invade Iraq with, stopping short of america using her own weapons of mass destruction, being that america is the only Nation on this planet to have used weapons of mass destruction on another Sovereign Country.

    The only different approach america need to take is to with draw her troops from Iraq and such an act will eventual be the move that will stabilize Iraq, because that which is serving as the cancer that is causing all of the factional action in Iraq, happen to be america and her allies presence in Iraq, it is america presence that is fueling the fire for a Civil War, because any Iraqi Faction to bow to the dictate of america in Iraq, serve to be the cancer that cause an act of desperation by the Iraqi proud Nationalist and Religious Fanatical Fundamentalist to remain in their war mode with america and with each other, remove the cancer and the wound will begin to heal itself, even if it take a Civil war to do it, because all countries when its original foundation has been destroyed, go through an action of Civil war in order to heal itself.

    So america lie when she pretend to be concerned about the Iraqi people, look at the collateral damage of Iraqi people america has killed in order to gain control over Iraq Oil fields and Infrastructure and newly established puppet government.

    The question is now being asked, " what is causing the Insurgency to act", which is a rather dishonest question, because any Thinking person know that it is the presence of american troops in a country they should not be in and is there unjustly so and nothing can be said to justify america presence in Iraq, nothing, why, because america is in Iraq based upon a Lie, A lie about 911 and A lie about Saddam having weapons of Mass Destruction.

    america Lie when she says that she Liberated Iraq, the only thing america Liberated Iraq from, is Saddam position of president of Iraq, because the fighting in Iraq today is more fierce than the fighting was when america invaded Iraq.

    So, here is what The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa Repatriation Movement propose, concerning the situation that is going on in Iraq.

    1. First what we have in Iraq is a two prong war, one political and the other is religious differences.

    2. To quell the violence, america must go, now, and allow the Iraqi people to settle their differences, which america as brought to the surface by eliminating the stabilizing force Iraq had in Saddam.

    3. A true commission for peace in Iraq should be formed, consisting of the top religious leaders of the surrounding area, the Shiite and Sunni, Jewish, Jesuit and Christians Catholicism, with both of the Christian popes representing both the Civil and ecclesiastical arm of the west, along with the top commander of Alcadia, such will be a commission qualified to recommend what is needed to bring peace to Iraq and possible in roads to the Middle East..

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    National Chairman
    The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mythicism/ Sankofa Repatriation Movement