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    Trinty, Trinity, Trinity

    By Andre Austin

    Eagles like Black Ravens & Panthers they started the War of The Jews (WOJ) in 66

    Before its all over put another six in the mix

    Don’t be fooled or gullible for a betwixt

    This is an educational high so now get your fix

    I’m talking about the Trinity war with the Jew

    Christians beware of the devil he’s at the podium and the pew

    No cannibals needed they just get the morning Dew

    Except for Bar Mathias caught in the toilet Wew

    He was making a sandwich out of do-do spoiled like mildew

    The 7 year war was a wide awake nightmare

    The stone eggs of the Scorpion, the Catapult of the Military Hardware ( Luke 11:5-12)

    The Jews fought back and stuck to their Roots

    And refused to lick the Fisherman’s boot

    Except for Josephus who got an Apt, pension and some of Titus’s Loot

    Trinity, Trinity, Trinity (Rev 16:13)

    Christ 1, Christ 2, & Christ 3

    They owned all the Jewish Land by the end of 73

    They just razed their Temple and sacked it

    Then turned the War Games into a racket

    Then the three had Satan write the Gospels straight from their pen

    Get the facts of Who, What Where Why and When

    Get down from up under all their spells

    Your under mind control from the influence of the Roman Gospels

    If you buying their narrative plot its just a fool’s Goof (1 Cor 4:10)

    The Gospels are satire, a parody and a brilliant WOJ ‘s Spoof

    Wake up and smell the Fish, its about to go Stank (Titus starts war by spearing Jews in lake)

    The dynamic trio are vicious, their ministry begins when u walk the Plank (Jesus fish/catch Men see Luke 5:1,10)

    Christ 1: Vespasian

    Vespasian, the Wasp but in his heel he took the sting of an Electric eel

    But after consulting with Osiris it started to heal

    He stole the Egyptian mythology it has to be revealed

    Your cover is blown all the secrets are unsealed

    Can the Wasp spit in the eye and cure all the blind (John 9:6)

    You can’t change mythology or history back it up and rewind

    All his opponents who questioned his rule

    Went to Rome with their Cross just like the driver of Mules (Vespasian nickname Mule-driver)

    Just ask Lazarus his head turned into a Donkey (Add up the money 2 Kings 6:25 & Mark 14:5)

    Then ask Peter, stripped naked including his three keys

    Get behind me Satan’s drinking blood boiled under fire (War of Jews 5,10,4)

    So-called wicked Demons under the influence of Vampires

    An old story from Egypt, Osiris penis thrown in the Nile

    Roman poets got many more jokes from food out of Juvenal

    You are what U eat and you are a mess

    Confess: Human flesh meets human flesh

    Why you eat dreams and pay to his state

    Caesar prints coins and paper off his Treasury plates

    Look at Peter claiming; Aunt Ester said “It’s the world’s biggest Diccck”

    Like a players girl’s savoir its him U choose and pick

    Peter’s bronze penis at the Vatican’s Museum google take a Peep

    Didn’t Jesus tell Peter to go feed the sheep (John 21: 17)

    Then here comes John without food none, not any

    Nicknamed a Demon head, his legions were many (Matt 11:16-20 & Mark 5:9)

    Christ 2: Titus

    In his hands I wish he had the disease of arthritis

    Chief forger imitating all in hand writing-the trade mark of Titus

    He loved his inverts and the eunuchs troops in his band

    He encircled Jerusalem played Dixie and then took their land

    Come to his terms of peace or else lose your hand (Matthew 18:8-9

    Its time to surrender, the hour is near and hour glass ran out of sand

    Titus arm was wounded for it never did recover

    Titus’s Greek name was Teitan (666.2) please go uncover (Rev 13:18)

    Yes my brother

    You thought it couldn’t be another Monster

    Paul, the tiny one, gave u a clue (Galatians 2:3)

    Titus was the second Nero, and that’s true blue

    Got to have wisdom and wit

    Then you can recognized the Gospel’s counterfeit

    He loved reciting poetry and he mastered the Harp

    Poison could not kill him and his phenomenal Memory was sharp

    Berenice didn’t like he was fond of eunuchs until Domitian put him to rest

    D-wanted to be the last of the Flavian Dynasty of three but couldn’t be the best

    Christ 3 Domitian

    Then comes Domitian bald-head on the throne

    The other two are now dead now he’s left alone

    He is the Red Dragon simply because his complexion is Red (Rev 12:3)

    A lamb’s wool wig he wears all time even to his mortal Bed (Rev 1:4)

    Your invited to his cemetery dinner with his bride he will wed (Rev 19:7-18)

    But before the Feast comes let your feet start to ped

    Guess what you are fed

    Guess who’s coming to Caesar’s dinner?

    Neck-bones, Arms, Hands and some fingers

    Guess what you get to eat? (it’s a fusion a Spin off from the Holy Communion)

    Look on your plate its human meat (Rev 19:17-18)

    Tossing all of Caesar’s salad

    It’s the Trinity’s bladder & guts we eat into a ballad

    In Domitian bed of suffering he pulled out women’s hair

    And had the nerve to write a manual: “Care of the Hair”

    He had no friends not even a fly

    As he got older he graduated to horse-flies

    His poet Statius thought he was Superfly

    However, this was a weird, wicked, wacko Guy

    Claimed he was the Morning star high up in the Sky (Rev 2:28 & Rev 22:16)

    More like Lucifer with his hobby-craft of killing flies

    Don’t worship the beast who is filled with lies

    He’s the 3rd part of the Trinity with a wicked spirit he has ties

    He’s like Circe, drugs up his Victims with the Moly

    But you still sing his song: “Holy, Holy, Holy” ( Rev 4:8)

    With no testes Eunuch’s sing it high pitched into a Jokers folly

    And you thought music needed all Organs, I betcha by Golly

    Let the truth be known but you can’t get near it

    I’m sorry but the Joke many can’t get it

    Domitian nickname was “The Terrible Spirit”

    Keep reading his punch-lines guaranteed to fall in a pit

    Poetic justice came when the Angel of death came to Domitian’s bedroom

    Stabbed eight times in the groin; In 96AD the Dynasty is doomed

    Its easy to solve, the Trinity puzzle needs no Mathematician

    Here lies three dogs:, (fake Gods), Vespasian, Titus and Domitian

    You worship them in their Alias names

    But from me to you its all just the same

    So now you know the Game

    The religion took your humanity, critical thinking; like an animal being tamed

    The three toads and now they go and frolic

    Being one of their followers you just have to omit the logic
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    poeticly favor great write AACOOLDRE
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    I just relly enjoyed reading you
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