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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

What is the Trinity of Evil that act as a Cancerious Virus infecting the Mind of the Melininated once Divine Being, it being Ego, Envy, Jealousy, wrapped in malice, and with such a Mental affliction displayed by that Mental character of the Melaninated Divine Being gone to be reduced to become the so call Afrikan Black Human Being, ill with a sickness that prevent the once Melaninated Divine Being from Knowing the Self of our Being, and it is because of the absent of such Knowledge of Understanding, that has a once Unified Divine Cosmic Nation, to become a Divided so call Black Afrikan Human Being Tribal Nation, infested with the Trinity of Evil, the Virus that prevent the once Divine Being from being interested in reclaiming Afrika and saving the Life of the Divine Nation, which now is referred to as the so call Afrikan Human Being Black Nation with a terminal illness in the World today.

The Mind of Black folks have been inserted with a Disease that cause Black People to despise the need to become unified as one Monolith Nation again, believing today that our Division into phony Tribal groups are the act of Nature and that it is meant never to be for Black People to serve as proof that we can Live together as a unified Monolithical People with a Mind that is Healthy in the action of Knowing with Understanding all that we Look at, and all we are capable of Seeing, with our Divine mind, which must not be infected with the Trinity of Evil, which cause the sickness that now has Afrika under control of other than the Afrikan, and the so call Black Afrikan now confused about Self and is Divided from eavh other, and we attempt to justify such a relationship as being Normal for the Melaninated once Divine Being, we who once walked this Planet call Earth, having a Divine Nature.

We no longer can imagine the present so call Black Afrikan HumanBeing, ever being without the presence of the Trinity of Evil, the Disease caused by the Assimilation with the Human Beings on this Planet, they being the Beings that have stolen our identity and made us to believe that is the way God intended it to be, Black People serving White People and everybody else that do not appear as we do, meaning that our Phenotype is odd and different from all other Beings that make up this Earthly World.

There will never be a change in the dynamics that now hold our Life under arrest on this Planet, not as long as we carry the cancerious Virus of the Trinity Of Evil, the Parasite that is causing the Infectious Disease that linger in the Mind of the so call Black Afrikan Human Beings today.

So yes, we, every day, come to entertain each other on this internet, carrying a grudge one against the other, Organization against the other, Group against the other, with all claiming to be so intellectual sound, when the condition of Afrika and the Disunity of the so call Black Afrikan Human Being serve as the most undeniable evidence of our Ignorance, and our willingness to remain subjugated and perform as surrogates to the Human Being Oppressors of this World, a world now under the Control of those Human Beings that did cause the Fall of a once Melaninated Divine Being Nation that once brought Civilization to this so call Planet Earth, we being the Body Beings in Space which we no longer know the Identity given to us, by our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors.

The Trinity Of Evil is what has the Millions of Groups, Organizations, Clubs, Fraternities consisting of Black People, acting in a relationship of Division, being Defiant one toward the other, verifying our Sickness unto Death, as we carry the Infectious Disease of Vain Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, The Trinity Of Evil, practiced Maliciously against each other today.

It is the Vanity of the Trinity Of Evil that have the so call Black Afrikan believing that the Division of the Black Nation is its Natural course of Action in Relationship, and such a Relationship among black People will Remain as long as we adhear to the belief that there are none meant to be Perfect among the Reasonable Logical Thinking Beings that is of the so call Universe, and I use so call, because all that we now believe about in Life, is what the Human Being has so classified to be, so in actuality, the so call Black Afrikan, is in a Know Nothing about anything about our Lives, and all things that affect our Lives.

So, in order for the once so call Melininated Divine Being to come back into the Knowledge with Understanding of ourselves, which will give us the ability to Know with understanding What the Divine Essence Is, and Is not, and has produced to be revealed to us, by the Action of the so call Universe, all we need to know and Understand about all things physical and not physical, we must Heal ourselves of the Cancerious Virus of the Vainity of the Trinity Of Evil, the remedy being the ability to Think Divinelyabout all we now Look at and Mentally See.

Another Sign of our acquired ignorance of Self, is the fact that the so call Black Afrikan is not of a Mind that there is something Different about the way Black folks are Wired, causing there to be something special about our Once Divine selves, but when a people choose to look down upon themselves, wanting to be as imperfect as the people that have told us that we are not Perfect or special, then to believe such teaching about ourselves, will cause us to reflect the type of Spirit that we believe that we are, which is nothing special about our Black selves, as we are infected with the Trinity of Evil.

So, what must the once Divine melanin Being do to save our Divine Selves, as we sink deeper into the Cancerous Trinity of Evil, ( Vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy ) well, first of all, we must come to term with our selves in such a way of Mind, that when seriously attempting to unify ourselves, we must come to learn and accept that there can be no integrating and assimilation of the Various School of Belief that now is a part of our Psychic, every persuasive belief is an enemy to Divine Clear Reasonable Rational Logical Thought of Understanding.

So, all of those belief systems we are a Mental prisoners of, has to be Rationally and Logically Reasoned away, meaning that amongst Wise serious Minded Black Folks, claiming to be about reclaiming our Divine Mind, and is with a desire for Constructive Change for our lives, such a Divine Mind will not come to our Lives until we become in control of our Thought process, a mental Realm where The Trinity Of Evil is not allowed to dwell.

So beloved, there need to convene a ecumenical Council of Wise Melanin Divine Thinking so call Afrikan Black Beings, and there is where the now various school of White Folks, Arab, and Jewish belief, must be put to rest by the Wise Amongst us, once and for all, and the Original Divine Thoughts about the Divine Essence, the Universe, and our Melanin Divine Selves, will be re-instituted into the ordinary psychic of the so call Black Afrikan Mind.

Now, such a Divine Step can not be expected to be implemented, not before there is convened an Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, there is where the operation to reconstitute our Divine Mind will begin, so you see beloved, just as there were steps taken to rob us of the Knowledge of ourselves, there must be steps taken by us to Know Thyself again, but the problem with Black folks, is that we now Want White Folks to Validate everything that we do today, concerning action to be taken by the so call Afrikan American Human Being, they who are infected with the Trinity of Evil today.

So, As The World Turn Today And We Remain A Prisoner In It, We Will Remain Giving Lip Service about our Confined Mental Imprisonment, Shackled with The Chain Of The Trinity Of Evil !!!

Can You Understand That, Beloved

Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved.

Chief elder


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