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    By Andre Austin

    Soul On Ice brother Eldridge Cleaver was in prison in 1960’s and came into contact with Catholism. I will briefly outline his contact with this Christian sect and the surrounding trinity effect with the Egyptian religion.

    “Once I was a Catholic…I prayed at night, said my Rosary, went to confession, and said all the hail Marys. I chose the Catholic Church because all the Negroes and Mexicans went there. The whites went to the Protestant chapel. Had I been a fool enough to go to the Protestant chapel, one black face in a sea of white, and with guerilla warfare going on between us, I might have ended up a Christian martyr-St Eldridge the Stupe.

    It all ended one day when, at catechism class, the priest asked if anyone present understood the mystery of the Holy Trinity. I had been studying my lessons diligently and knew by heart what I’d been taught…This my chance to demonstrate my knowledge of the word. To my great shock and embarrassment, the father announced, and it sounded like a thunderclap, that I was lying, that no one not even the pope understood the godhead, and why else did I think they called it the mystery of the holy trinity? I saw in a flash, stung to the quick by the jeers of my fellow catechumens, that I had been used, that the father had been lying in wait for the chance to drop that thunderbolt, in order to drive home the point that the Holy Trinity was not to be taken lightly.

    I had intended to explain the Trinity with an analogy to 3-in-1 snake oil, so it was probably just as well”. (Soul On Ice p.41)

    The Pope should know whats happening he is supposed to be a substitute for Jesus, a term some Christians link with the anti-…Well I thought we are not suppose to call anyone father (Pope) on this earth. But I think we are all brothers/Sisters in faith. I suggest those curious about the Tripe complex of a matrix wrapped inside an enigma read The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christiant’s Self-Inflicted Wound By Anthony Buzzard from a Christian perspective. Then read the ancient Egyptian Memphite theology from its links to John’s gospel on the Word.

    The Trinity is only a mystery if the ancient Egyptian religion is left out of the equation. Plutarch, in his Isis and Osiris called it Triple-the family of Osiris, Horus and Isis which is the Father, Son and Holy spirit. The Holy spirit was in female form of Isis who impregnates herself by allowing the wind (spirit) to blow in her. This is the original blow job of the sprit moving on the waters in Genesis. Water is called Nun in Egypt. Isis couldn’t use the penis of Osirs because Set (Satan) had cut it off. Ancient Egyptians circumcise to partake in this ritual.

    In 333AD, Constantine declared Christianity the official religion of the roman empire. The Egyptian Trinity was replaced with the Christian Trinity. In 325AD The Catholic Bishops introduced a new religious theology which contained doctrines similar to the African concepts of a virgin birth, resurrection and salvation, which were teachable metaphors transform into literal events. Mary was no virgin, Jesus body stayed in a tomb.

    After this plagiarism occurred of copy Egyptians processions, rituals, division of priesthood and so on the reign of Emperor Justinian 527-565, all Egyptian priests were driven out of their Temples which were converted into churches. Many priest who could read and write hieroglyphics were killed. It wasn’t until 1822 that the world was able to understand hieroglyphics again and learn that the Old and New Testament was a gift from ancient Egyptian Priests.

    The myth of Osiris/Ausar who was symbolically crucified, resurrected from death and reigned eternally in heaven. This served as the prototype of Christ not Jonah being in a whale for three days as the only sign for Jesus. Jesus claimed he would come like Noah and save and I thought Jonah was the only sign? Egyptian Kings were Horus in life and Osiris in death. We know that Isis brought Osiris back to life manufacturing him a artificial penis but Horus with a wand brought back the mummy of Osiris/ Ausar and you know him as Lazarus as corrupted form of Ausar. This subject was talked about in Bill Maher’s movie Religious.


    Catholics at the council of Trullo in 692 Ad declared Mary was an eternal virgin contradicting Bible verses us stating Mary had other children which were Jesus brothers and sisters. Catholics claim these other siblings came from Joseph previous marriage before being made a widower.

    The Muslim claim in their Koran “Say not Trinity desist” (4:171) but they appear to believe in a virgin birth. Don’t they know the Trinity and virgin birth go hand and hand. If one fails all of it collapses.