Black Poetry : The Trickster

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    Oh so ironical is this the trick, deceiving the masses on which one to pick, which way will they run till they realize there is but one, if Lucifer is the fallen one then Angels sing the brightest one, the light of the night and the Christ is one, the mighty sun. At the heart a place to start, where forth art, thou pulled apart what once was in the image of them, he and she created us them, free to roam the earth, till another one put the spirit in dirt, the lie was when he claimed to be first and took for his own the men of the earth, used and abused them for all it was worth, when the truth was revealed how it hurt. I know it is more comfortable to believe the tale that tricked them all, when bound to earth free men did fall, cause a minor one claimed all, a world wide heist, so well did they hide the anti Christ.

    He creeps and slithers deception the tool, leaves victims swimming in blood filled pools. concerned not for others ego is ghastly, disgustingly evil his manner is nasty. The worst you can think of he’s liable to do, rape is so minor, he’ll kill a man too. Selfish indignation tried and true, His name is Lucifer.

    He is the master at manipulation, the king of lies undisputed. He visits you daily without invitation till you feel like your spirit was looted. His favorite trick renowned of old says for the world he’ll buy your soul, but what the fools who bite don’t know you have no soul, you are one though. His name is Lucifer.

    It’s easy upon him to blame the darkness of your nature, you’ll say he made you hurt your friend when deep inside you hate her, He tempted you with pleasures large, gave you prestige, put you in charge, in exchange you made him lord and honored him till life got hard. His name is Lucifer!
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