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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved much of what I am about to reveal to you is not written in the books
    and manuscripts of modern man and has long been either destroyed or stolen
    by the masqueraders who so claim to be the bearer of light, a light whose
    presence is only verified by the presence of a greater energy.

    It is such an energy which transcend an apparent glow from the false light,
    which we now so honor, as we worship what is revealed by the sense of
    physical light perception.

    .Some refer to such an energy as having a Black glow emanating out from its
    essence, which is capable of igniting itself, needing not to be verified of
    its presence, as it remain in its circle of Darkness and eternal infinity.

    It is the bearer of the false light that is causing all of the disturbance
    upon the world, they have a compulsive need to dominate and control the
    world, even though they appear to maintain the outer structure of their
    Being, the inner structure, out of which emanate the nature of the Being, is
    what determine the quality of the Being.

    The saying in defense of proclaiming a singularity of the act of creation,
    by stating all Hue - Man Beings are the same because our blood reveal the
    same color, is a statement of a deceiver, craving to control that which it
    touch and is in the presence of.

    Is it not true that plurality descend out from singularity and all that come
    forth is not the same in its nature of Being ?

    I am taking this journey in the way that I am, in order to show the
    difference that can and has occurred of that which God has created and such
    a difference is manifested in the Nature of the Being, which is a reflection
    of the attitude and behavior of the Being, which in term reflect the mind
    set of certain members of the Hue- Man family, which verify our diversities
    by our Nature.

    Those of the Hue - Family who worship the false light, is short sighted in
    their view of God and all that it has created and with such short
    sightedness, will reflect a Nature that desire to conquer and control all
    that is around such behavior of a Being.

    So my beloved, the goal of the bearer and followers of the false light is to
    transfigure the world and what we are witnessing in Iraq is the beginning of
    that process.

    No where in the world are we safe as long as the world remain paralyze to do
    something to halt this transgression from taking place.

    So the question is why Iraq, as being the first leg of such a conquering
    process and I say, that area of Land before the coming of the great
    deceivers, waving their false light claiming it to be the sign and symbol of
    Truth, Reality and Perfection, was once a part of the Carbon Nation Empire,
    commonly known as the Ethiopian Empire and there are things there that is
    capable of causing super natural experiences, the same with the area of
    Kermit and other points upon this planet where the Carbon Being first
    ventured to and civilized, by development.

    Yet the bearer of false light will lead the world into thinking that the
    people of Iraq, is incapable of rebuilding and governing themselves, without
    their interference and that is a lie.

    The people of Iraq have all of the resource needed to rebuild their
    infrastructure and yet they are being prevented from working their resources
    themselves, without interference and is being kept from developing other
    resources common to them.'

    What we are witnessing is a transfiguration of Iraq and with the world being
    the goal of those with a conquering,dominating and controlling Nature, yet
    the world does nothing, as america make fun, drink and make merry over what
    the evil symbol of america leadership is doing to a sovereign Nation of
    people and have no intention to stop there.

    The world is drunk from the propaganda and mind manipulation that has been
    wrought upon the Mind of the world, as we watch religiously as the world is
    being transfigured right before our eyes, blind though, that we are.

    The Carbon Nation must rise if the world is to be saved, for we represent,
    as that One and True God so configured its creation.

    The creator, out of which did we emerge, the Carbon Nation that we are and
    the True Children of God the creator we became, carrying Its Image and
    Likeness, without a doubt.

    Reparation, Repatriation and the creation of the next Afrikan State to be
    added to Afrika, thus making way for Afrika Resurrection, thus becoming
    capable of bringing a halt to the action of the Devil, Satan, that old
    Lucifer, desiring to mimic God by conquering the world and controlling it,
    is such we must work to prevent and accomplish.

    We must not allow the wicked changes to take place to the world, which the
    wicked is attempting to implement at this very moment and the only way they
    are to be stopped is for the Carbon Afrikan Nation to become serious about
    reacquainting ourselves with the knowledge of ourselves and once again
    master the art of interacting on the metaphysical realm of the Body Double
    of our extended state of consciousness.

    With a One-ness of Mind, all things become possible.

    As One Thinketh, So It Become !!!

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation


    Chief Elder
    Author - Lies About God And My God The Creator

    Contact for information about Books: MR. ROBERT MILLER,
    [email protected]

    Hierophant - Afrikan Spiritualist

    National Chairman
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