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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Anybody that is of Black so call Afrikan descent, is in fact facing a tragedy today that far exceed the cause of such a tragedy we now serve to be victims of, so the Black Afrikan Problem is not the experience of our problem, that which came to be an Afrikan Tragedy, based on what transpired to a single and unique people with an identity that far exceeded any other people that is upon this Planet, so to continue to deal with what caused our Fall as Black Afrikan People and to accept such an incident to have been in fact a tragedy to Black Afrikan People, such a Divine Truth can not be, in all honesty, refuted, but that Tragedy is not the most pressing Tragedy today that Black Afrikan People are confronted with today, this Tragedy happen to be the Self Marginalizing of Back Afrikan People, into what has been accepted as an approved Social Phenomenon, which is Tribalism, the greatest enemy to a people unto themselves, such is an apparent Tragedy that face Black so call Afrikan Tribal people today.

The Tragedy, when it come to Black so call Afrikan people, is that here is a People, because of past Life experiences and those experiences have served to be a tragedy to Black Afrikan People in this way, the Black Afrikan People no longer See themselves as a Monolithic People, but has been conditioned to perform self mutilation for the sake of drawing a false distinction between a Single People that in all Divine Reality, prove there is no room for Margin, yet the Tragedy of Afrika People is that we have been conditioned to create a distinction between a People where there is none, not none that Nature has provided for black Afrikan People.

The Tragedy that face Black Afrikan People is that, we no longer desire to see ourselves as one homogeneous People, allowing no self afflicted Marks to distinguish and identify us Black Afrikan People, other than the Phenotypt we are Natural so, because as long as there is the acceptance of Black Afrikan People serving upon ourselves as being separate self created distinction of a People, there will always be so call Tribal conflict among a once Divine People, you that represented a singularity of motion that connect to the one and Common Universe.

It is a major Tragedy of a People when there is no longer the desire among them to be natural in identifying each other, such a Tragedy is what has Afrika being Afrika no more, and Black Divine Beings, identifying themselves as Tribes, claiming not to be unique to themselves, such a Mental sickness is what cause Black Afrikan People to be a tragedy unto ourselves, causing self affliction upon ourselves by ourselves, such behavior carry no outside cure for such a Mental illness, and today, Black Afrikan people suffer the tragedy of not knowing who we are as a single homogeneous People, in a place named Afrika, by Human Beings, those that caused the tragedy of forgetfulness among Black Afrikan People.

When it come to Tragedy and Black Afrikan People, it happen to be the Black Afrikan People that cause the greatest Tragedy upon ourselves and that Tragedy is, TRIBALISM, A UN-NATURAL SEPARATION THAT CAUSE FALSE IDENTITY.

Yet, we Black Afrikan people now strive to bring such a false identity to become that of a Black Afrikan social norm, when in fact it is an extension of the Tragedy inflicted upon Black Afrikan People by people that caused the Destruction of the Oneness of Black Afrikan People.

What Black Afrikan , worth its salt, would attempt to glorify the false identity of a once united people and attempt to give validity to a Social Construct referred to as Tribalism, the very indication of such a distinction verify a people that has been split asunder, such being a devastating Tragedy of a People that now serve their Life in captivity, confined within an UN-Natural social disorder, that which cause devastating hardship and disharmony among a people now divided, themselves now into Tribes of false distinction, among a People whose natural appearance does not Lie, indicating that such Tribes are in fact people consisting of one Anthropomorphous People that is of a common Pheno-genotype.

The Tragedy that Black Afrikan People face today is that we now are a people that have been Marginalized, scattered to the four corners of the world, now have no homogeneous relationship with each other and you Black Afrikan People, wonder why Black Afrikan People behave as we do toward each other, using such a Thing as Tribal Difference to justify the Savagery of behavior we now act out toward each other and we black Afrikans, now accept such Tribal display, as being that which is to be accepted by us Black Afrikan People, as being the Norm, when in fact, Tribalism verify the Social Deviant of a People that do not Know Whom They are or ever have been, and such lost of self Knowledge, serve to be the greatest Tragedy to ever confront Black Afrikan people today.

It is a Tragedy when black Afrikan People are totally incapable of Uniting and to become one single monolith of a People again, such a Relationship is where the Power of the Black Afrikan lies, absent of such a Relationship, will in fact promote the continue destruction of a once Divine Black Being of a People.

It is a tragedy, that unless there is an effort to Unify segments of the Children of the middle Passage, there will be no Reparation gained in the Way that it should be, and to Tribalize the issue of Reparation is to add to the continued Destruction of Afrika, and the Maintaining of Afrika Afrikans Tribalism, such a Tragedy is to serve as a sad commentary of a lost Ignorant of Self, Black Afrikan people, you who once were Divine Beings.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder


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