Black Poetry : The toliet of his mouth is a Sham

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    The Toilet of his mouth is the Sham
    By Andre Austin

    I’m the toilet mouth of my cult
    From my tongue I engage wordplay to insult
    “The Throne” I sat upon is my lower lip, the upper is the cover seat
    They flap wildly up and down as he speak
    My followers worship him from the plumping Tower of Mary’s Peak

    My Tongue is the silver sword
    My followers call me “Messiah” & “Lord”
    I hypnotize, charm and deceive with thy Word
    My Violin plays the strings of my vocal cords

    I’m the barber of Servile
    I got diarrhea at the mouth whenever I shout,
    It cuts both ways good and its Vile
    The Crapper has overflowed with feces set in a mud pile
    His voice could have had the sound of water when at peace for awhile
    Something like the Heaven-fallen Nile
    With all the frogs coming out his mouth he still has a smile

    Its ironic he claim some of the Hebrews live in the gutter
    Where is the blackman’s hell is someone’s heaven as we live in the cut
    Our ghetto is our Hut
    Heaven one once ours from our goddess Nut
    But we forget its secret words and can’t pray cuz we stutter

    But I gave you 3 Devils served on a golden platter
    But the die is still set until they see my blood splatter
    The price to tell the naked truth is the equinox Cross
    The black Godfather of the Toilet take orders from his boss

    The crowds are still hooked from the sounds of his magic spell
    And reject the true history of Satan’s Gospels
    From the truth I purify in a crystal like shower
    While false hood drains down the mouth of the toilet with no more power
    Now I hear gunshots from their Tower
    At my gravesite will they at least lay a black flower

    With inscriptions on the Tombstone:
    “The toilet mouth sure did its harm
    Everyone was fooled by the magic of The Charm”