Chief Elder Osiris : The Time We Spend On Telling The Reason We Have Been Made To Be A Fool

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    The Time We Spend On Telling The Reason We Have Been Made To Be A Fool

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Yes, this apply to all Black Folks regardless of your acquired background, education, financial status, professional social peer acceptance, athletic, acting, singing entertainment accomplishment, when it all boil down to the Divine Reality of the Black Life in the world, you have been made a Fool of, and a Fool is one who ignore the Divine Need of Self, and today, Black people are unaware of themselves, so a Fool we have become.

    Beloved, it does not matter how perfectly you have mastered the skill of emulating your oppressors, namely, Arabs, so call Jews, and Caucasians, it does not matter how successful you have transformed your cosmetic appearance, your way of talking, your way of looking, and your way of self denial in ignoring yourself, when all the false covering is removed, you in the eyes of your oppressors, is still a ******, yes regardless how you pretend to have abandon the word ******, and a ****** to your oppressors, is carrying what the oppressors have gotten you to believe about yourself to be a stigma of yourself, and that stigma is the fact that you are not a so call Arab, Jew, or White, you are Just with the shade call Black, the shade you have been been made to despise, your Divine Blackness.

    In comparison to all of the Ethnics Groups in the World, Ethnic Proper and Secondary, it happen to be Black people who have a want to be of any of those ethnic and despise their own Natural Ethnicity, and you know that Black people have hit Stupid bottom, when been made to discuss the quality of Hair in term of Good and Bad, yes, The Time We Spend On Telling The Reason We Have Been Made To Be A Fool, could be Time spent on Liberating our Black Mind, because without it, we are assured to remain the Fool we have been made to be, in this evil anti Black world.

    Beloved, it only take a Fool to be able to tell all about the cause of our descending from our Divine state of being Divine, to becoming profanely being a Human Being, and to Black people, being Human is to have been made to be a Fool.

    Because you must come to see, a Fool is one who despise self and is completely ignorant of self, so all of the foolish things Black people do to ourselves, it look quite normal to the Fool doing the transforming of self to be made to appear what the Fool has become, at the completion of the cosmetic and Mental transformation.

    So here we are today, no longer in possession of the Divine Mind that came with that now transformed Black body, that which is now, with a life performing as the Devil, as Satan, as Lucifer the oppressor, the Evil of the Human Being Mind.

    So, you no longer wonder why it is that you prefer to be in possession of somebody Hair that is not yours, Eye Lash that is not yours, finger nails that are not yours, lip and nose that is not yours, speaking in such a way that penalize the Tongue of your Natural use, walking in such a way that interfere with your natural body structure, and believing in such a way that prohibit a desire to Think, and you tell me that there is nothing wrong with Black people gone to be Human and do not know the difference in being Human and being Divine, all because Black people have been made not to know that the Time We Spend On Telling The Reason We Have Been Made To Be A Fool, can be used to cause us to know what is needed of us to do, in order to be who we Naturally are meant to be, which is Divine and Mentally Free and a Fool not to be.

    Black people spend all of our Time pointing out what the oppressors have and is doing to us Black people, yet we want to be just like those who have oppressed us, so what do we do, we attack anything that come into the midst of Black people sharing what need to be done and known about that which will cause a Reformation to the Mind of Black people, but Black people refuse such Divine Information because we rather use the Time We Spend On Telling The Reason We Have Been Made To Be A Fool and to appear as a Fool, as we demonstrate how much we despise our Black selves.

    Proof and point you want?

    Then observe Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    A Fool in a Foolish Environment love such an environment, so never does it enter the Mind of a Fool that such a Foolish Mind is in need of being Liberated, because being and acting a Fool has been made to be normal in the sense of a Fool, and to a Fool, Race Does Not Matter, and today is the reason why Black Folks make claim to be Shade color Blind.

    So today, if you present to Black Folks, people who speak foolish things to you Black people, you come to be in a Mental posture to well receive such foolish people, they telling you what you been conditioned to want to hear, as you take off into your irrational frenzy of a display of irrational emotion, to show your gratitude in being the Fool we have been made to become, and now we Black people accept such a Mind expression to be Normal expressions of Black People, those now been transformed to become Human Beings, but once was Divine Thinkers, a dimension Mentally, that a Foolish Mind can not enter.

    There is now the once Divine Being who now carry the Mind of a foolish Black Human Being, Lucifer who know all to well what it take for him to remain lord and God over the Black once Divine Beings, why, because it is the Devilish Mind, Satan Mind and the Mind of Lucifer, the Three being one, that know, in order for the World to remain under Lucifer control, then Black people must continue to be made a Fool out of and never to be allowed to Think again, because Lucifer know the moment Black people learn to Think in Unison again, the world of Lucifer will come Tumbling Down.

    So you See, Black people do not know, because we no longer can see that when all is said and done in this evil World controlled by Lucifer, the fight for the world Divine Sanity is between only Lucifer and the Black once Divine Being, and the problem Black people have today, is that we have been made not to know that we are in a Fight for our Divine Mind, because Lucifer has succeeded in having Black people to use all the Time We Spend, On Telling The Reason We Have Been Made To Be A Fool, and there is no Greater Foolish act than that.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We post a million reasons why we are not united instead of just uniting
    we put religion between us, we put politics between us, and now we have made as you say a religion of politics and put that between us instead of listening to and following your divine wisdom in this matter;

    moment Black people learn to Think in Unison again, the world of Lucifer will come Tumbling Down.