Chief Elder Osiris : The Time We Are Living In

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    The Time We Are Living In

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    My Mind is full of sadness over the way Black people have been made to live our Lives, we do so without the ability to Think for ourselves and because of that fact, we act and behave toward each other in such a way it clearly reveal our Mental sickness and the sad part is that the most troubled among us is totally unaware of the mental illness we suffer, we take our present behavior as being normal.

    Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan in our present condition, which is unacceptable to our First Way Ancestors, will not realign with the action behavior of the Universe, which does not come by the help of some magical hand extending out of the Perfect Night of Space, it will require those Black people among us that are not entwined within the evil web, sown by those people calling themselves Human Being, to seek first the Knowledge of Self .

    Beloved, it is the Human being that is successful in getting the World and more especially the Black world, to religiously accept and receive everything they have introduced to us Black people, and we accept such, as if it is Divinely True and Real, thus, we Black people take everything the Human Being say as being correct and so the Human Being succeeded in getting Black people to deny our Black selves.

    Beloved, there is a difference in the way our Ancient First Way Ancestors conceived of and perceived the Cosmic and Earthly worlds to be, here we are in this day and Time, not knowing what Is and what Is Not and because we have lost such knowledge, observe Afrika and the Behavior of the Children Of The Sun, do you need any more fact than that, which show that we are a lost Divided Black Nation, on this planet we call Earth ?

    We Black Folks have been made to look no further than what the New Being, the Human Being, now inform us about God, Universe, and Self, and how that self is to act and behave in Life, so now, here we Black People are, responding and reacting to a level of information that is of no quality in comparison to the Divine Information that our First Way Ancestors taught, while on this planet, it was Divine information that has been reduced to the level of a profane distortion, now herewe are, we being told the way we are to learn and live our life and it must be measured by the life scale created by the Human Being, a creature that did not conceive of the Divine Information that is so in tune with the Dynamic relationship which the Stars and Planets express toward each other, serving as an example of how we Black Children of the Stars are to act and behave toward each other, but not so, we now follow the example so established by the Life Behavior of the Human Being and it is that behavior which serve to the detriment to the Life of the Black Being, the Being that once was Divine in our Life action.

    So, here we are, a butler to our own Land and a servant to the prince of Evil, expressing those evil ways as we have perfected by mimicking those that now tell us what is wrong and what is Right, what is Moral and what is Immoral, what is educational efficient, and what is not, who is God, and who is not, and the sad part about it is, the most apparent student to that profane way of living, happen to be us Black People.

    Black people have no problem in drawing such profane information on each other, claiming it to be what the Human Being has told us to be True and we having not the Divine Mind needed to challenge such profanity.

    Acceptance is our way of submitting to everything that have been told to us by the Human Being and we use their profane information concerning everything that our Black Life confronts, as we hold up the Human Being information as a scale and model, as a measuring rod, in order to determine how intelligent we are and how efficient we are in role playing, with such profane information, that now give our life style the character in a fashion that the Human Being has so designed for our Life to be, and by Black Folks being the people that follow such profane example of information, I invite you to observe Afrika and the so call Afrikan and look at the result that come from such obedience, and you tell me that you Black Human Beings have the audacity to try and critic Black Folks that now have made connection back with our Divine Black First Way Ancestors, those from whom all Divine Information flow through the Genome of our Black Being ?

    Ask the Black Woman and Man what Time is it and the first thing they do is try and show his/her expensive watch as he/she gaze down on his/her arm to give you a Time that is only to that which is to the behavior and action of the Earth to the Sun, we not realizing that there is a Molecular Clock we are endowed with, a clock that tell the Divine Time of your Black Life, yet of such a clock we are not in acquaintance with anymore and because of such lost of Time, Black Folks are missing the Time the Universe has presented to us, so that we must reclaim Afrika and Unite The Black Nation, Divine it can become again, if only we are qualified to recognize what Time it is, which is the only way we Black People can become cognizant of the Fact about the Time we are now Living in.

    The unwise will say, I do not understand and I say, remove the Evil out of your eyes, so that your Mind may See the wonders of the Universal Time, a Time that is Divine, and Guide all Divine Life Motion in a Life Motion of Divinity.

    The Time We are Living in, is the Time whereby Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan will Rise in all of our Glory, or we will remain a prisoner on the death bed of the Human Being Mind, a Mind that now cause Black people to appear insane, as we become an enemy to the Divine Truth, in favor to the profane Lies masquerading around in our life as being a dignified Truth, and to follow such a path, will render the result concerning the Black Life, as you now observe of it today, in this Time, and that beloved, is the Time we are living in and we seem to be OK with that, as a once Divine Black Nation, descend into a Spiritual Mental Death.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder