Chief Elder Osiris : The Time is Now For The Rise Of Afrikan spirituality.

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    The Time Is Now For The Rise of Afrikan Spirituality.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Will Hear You.

    There is no wonder on my part, as to why Black Afrikans act as we do in the Time of our neglect, not just by those people who has a record of oppressing and neglecting Black people, but by Black people neglecting ourselves, and a people who take pride in neglecting themselves, is a people that is beyond reach.

    So, I have no illusion about who I am sharing Divine Information with on this internet.

    I share that which I know has been revealed to me to share, because I am obligated to do so, not by you Black people, but to you Black people, an obligation that come from a part of our Ancestry that we have been made to forget about, thus not knowing about.

    So when I share about our Ancient Cosmic Divine First way Ancestors, your first reaction is that I must be cray, that am suffering from a unhealthy case of delusion, you believing I have lost touch with your level of reality, a level of reality that has become a part of your belief pattern, when being conditioned what to believe about the world events that impact your life.

    I am the first to admit that I have no connection to the level of the conditioned reality that Lucifer the Human Being has conditioned us Black people to believe in, and submit that such a reality to be the fact of our lives, the Black lives that no longer think.

    Beloved, we just been made to be comfortable in believing in all that Lucifer has conditioned us to believe we know, when such a mental exercise is an impossible task to perform.

    Knowledge and belief has no connection that is worthy to be honored, the two level of use of the mind is as different as what we call Day and Night, and to become a victim of belief, claiming to have connection to knowing, that is what has Afrika as it is today, and has Black people so far away from having the use of our Divine Mind.

    Black people by and large, is directed through life by Religion, and nobody Black that is aware of the situation that surround our Black lives will attempt to challenge this I am sharing with you Black people, to be not Divinely True.

    Hell, the most revered among Black people, are those Black traitors who preach Lucifer Gospel, that which cause our ignorance about God, about the Universe, and about our Made to be Black Human Beings selves.

    DIVINE REALITY, it no longer has a place to be processed in the Mind of today Black people, all because Religion has us Black people believing in profane Reality, that which is Lucifer Creation.

    Hell No!, most of you Black people do not have the quality of mind that will enable you to understand what is unfolding in Libya, tell me, why Libya now being the Racist Media focus, are there not many up rising turmoil taking place in the middle East as well as in Afrka?

    The focus point is Afrika in the disguise of being the Middle East.

    Have I not shared with you that the primary target has always been Afrika and Black people, and that Lucifer never has lost focus on what and who it is that stand in his way, if he is to establish a New world disorder?

    Beloved, Afrika and the Black Nation must fall, in its entirety, if a New world disorder is to be effective in the world.

    Only you Black people who have been made to remember who you are, can see now and understand what I am sharing with you at this Time, and because it is about you, and is being shared about you, in such a way that is not demeaning and reductive in referencing about you Black people, you can not relate, because you have been made to become self negligent.

    So, you Black people, believing that Lucifer religion is your door way to Lucifer religion Heaven, is why you no longer function in your Divine Spirit, meaning attitude and behavior.

    Afrika is in the condition it is today, because of Religion, and the Afrikan condition is the evidence that verify the evil and danger of Religion, and all who attempt to justify religion of all kind, carry a mind been weaken by religion.

    Afrika Egypt has long been under the cntrol of what is referred o as the Illuminati, meaning Lucifer, bearer of the False Light.

    Listen, I am not a slave of Lucifer vocabulary, he created his and I can defy it at will, that is the only way you will be able to break through the morass of Religion.

    Because, the sociological foundation that you now stand upon is of the foundation of religion, the most potent enemy to Afrika and to the Black Afrikan Nation.

    The so call Afrikan, the Divine Being spirituality, that is the liberator of Afrka and the so call Black Afrikan.

    You Black people operating in your profane mind do not desire to have this that I share with Black people, exposed to Black people, because it reveal just how much you have been made to believe that religion is our rock of salvtion, the very rock used to knock your Divine mind out from your use, as you have claimed to be oh so intelligent informed, to the point that you claim to be leaders of Black people, using the very weapon that caused the Down fall of Afrika and Black people from being a United Black Nation again.

    Divine Spirituality is not religion spirituality, one is based upon a Divine Mind that will have you to know about all of the things that affect our lives, and what is required to make your life as it was before it became as it is today, depleted of your divine spirituality.

    Religion spirituality have you to believe what you hope for and have faith that things your life is in want of, will be delivered, such weakness of the Black Mind today, is the reason why Afrika is not Afrika any more, and the Black Afrikan today, is not the Divine Being we once were before the coming of Lucifer religion.

    Take for instance the most prominent Physicist minds today, they who are in disagreement with each other about whether information has a limit of Time, To Be, or whether information is indestructible.

    The religious belieing mind will have you to believe that information is destructible, as it pass through the black hole of time space continuum, it just fade away, they say.

    The Spiritualist Thinker will have you to know, that information is indestructible, and as it pass though the illusion of the black whole, it become acquainted with Infinite Space energy Exiting continuum.

    What is informative is indestructible, which has been revealed to me, and revelation come without goggle searching, dictionary, encyclopedia research preparation, but from Divine Spiritual Meditation and not from Religious believing Meditation.

    Invisogen, is a entity source that is beyond all elements of Energy, even Hydrogen, it is the source that give to energy its power in all of its elemental particle action.

    Invisogen, is the Divine Essence of all things physical, and nonphysical.

    No Beloved, you can run to Lucifer glossary to find invisogen definition meaning, only within the abyss of your Divine spirituality, will your Intuitive self reveal to you the reality of invisogen, the source of power that is beyond particle and is the introducer to what you identify as Energy, as defined to you by Lucifer.

    Divine Spirituality will have you to dismiss all that Lucifer has conditioned you to believe about the god of Religion, the Universe, and of your Black Human Being selves, which is why you now do not have the strength of mind to deal with what is unfolding right before your eyes, all three of them, while you use only the two that make yo mentally weak from doing that which is required of you Black people to do, in order to save Afrka and give respect to our Enslaved Ancetors, which is to demand reparation payment to our enslaved ancestors, reparation being the verifier of our freedom in Afrika.

    Oh yes, there Is Much More to share with you about You, But I will stop now.

    I Invite The Unwise enclosed in your Lucifer Religion, to disprove the Divine truth that I share with you.

    Oh Yes, Study Libya And all that Is Happening n Northern Afrika, now Referred to as The Middle East.

    Do Not Be to Emotional Quick to condemn Qaddafi, Beloved.

    Be Kind to your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]