Chief Elder Osiris : The Time Has Come For Profound Reasoning And Not Irrational Emotions

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    The Time Has Come For Profound Reasoning And Not Irrational Emotions

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    In a world that has demonstrated to a people in the world, yet not of those worlds, and is a people that appear strange and different from all the other sub-world people whom we refer to as primary and secondary ethnic groups, primary meaning first in their Nature Base, yet there stand out such a world of people that is not of a world ethnic and those people have been chosen by all the others to be ostracize, demonize, reorganize and reassemble, because their strangeness is of a Universal verification of a direct connection to the Eternal Infinite Space with an electromagnetic Energy of Power that is beyond the capability of Thoughtful imagination, because in essence, IT IS ( GOD )The Sum Total of all External and Internal Action that is Revealed in all forms, be it animate or Inanimate.

    Such Massive Energetic Space carry Such a Glow Of Infinity, yet is without the need to be of a visible Radiant detection, ( Light ) yet ITS Presence is of an Omnipotent, ( Infinite Power ) Omnipresent, ( Infinite Presence ) Omniscient, ( Infinite Knowledge ) verifying The Truth and Reality Of ITS Existence, I speak of none other than that Sacred Holy Divine Reality, that which is referred to as Night, Darkness, a spatial existence in action that reveal Light and all else there is and ever will be, in and a part of the Universe action, a Reality that is of no Measure.

    Today here is a people that abhor the practice of Profound reasoning, such require an action that is capable of sending signals to the Star of your Being, which you refer to as the brain and in return, that Organ create a pathway for the signal to pass through and in return the signal is interpreted and direct the Body to react to such a process, based on the mental signal sent, which is no more than energy being relayed, routed and returned, generating a body behavioral response.

    Therefore, how we behave become telling of what and how we are Thinking and with such a process interacting with the body senses in a Harmonious, Orderly, and Balance Action, such give off an indication of a Mental Action that is Rational about that which is being thought about and the deeper and controlled the signal being sent to that Body Star ( brain ) is, regarding a particular event or happening or desire, such energy is wired to the Brain, creating a path for such a signal to be relayed to the Body, generating a attitudinal behavioral response, which will manifest a rational or irrational response action, determining whether or not such action is profoundly reasonable or just irrational belief, one action qualify you to know and the other enable you to not know and all is based on the Quality of Mental signal that is being conveyed to that Body Star.( Brain )

    Beings are constructed with three distinct action of endeavor, one is a Sensual Bodily, the other is of the Mental sensation, such as thought and the Third is Astral, needing no connection to the Body Sensual or the Body Mental Sensation, Astral Dimension is a Inner Dimension that is beyond the physical mental comprehension, it is the intangible, the True Self, yet when one is capable of escaping the two Body Function, such is an indication that you have entered what I describe as being the Light-less Zone, an inner Astra logical Reality, being that which is connected to the True Essence of the True Reality of Divine Being, it is the environment of complete Eternal Infinite Bliss, and at such a Dimension, there is where action described as Pure Gratification ( Love ) Exist, such Dimension was and is the Level and state of Life Divinity, yes our First Way Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors did and do Dwell therein, qualifying them to be profoundly reasonable and Rational in all that they aspire to be and do, such is a level of Dimension We Divine Beings of the Dark Radiant Energy must desire to get to know of such a Life Living again, and such a Dimension is what The Honorable Marcus Garvey did discover and was able to interact therein.

    The present mental condition of the new assembled Willie Lynch Negro, now is incapable of having a Profound Thought therefore is unable to Reason profoundly, which prevent such a limited Mind from being able to Rationalize action of events Logically, and such a handicapped Mind which dictate irrational Emotion, causing such questions to be asked as " WHO IS GOD " "Who is an Afrikan " "What happen when you Die ", " Where do all of the words we use and their definition come from " "Who give words meaning " " Why is Black People seemingly satisfied with the condition we are in and desire not to change our condition " and the Human Mind questions go on and on.

    It is as if Black people have resolved to be servants to those worlds that do oppress us, never challenging anything the oppressors do to maintain their imitational superiority over the Black World,as we desire not to exercise the Sovereignty of our Black Life.

    It is as if Black People have resolved to believe what ever Life condition has been assigned to us, by those that now oppress us, believing we must live that condition, always thanking the oppressors for what ever gain they allow us to experience in our Black Human Being Life, all because a Once Divine Black Being is totally Lost of the Divine Knowledge that reveal the one True steps that lead to our Divinity, which is a State of Astral Intuitive Dimensional action that allow an interaction with the center of the Body Gravity, which is the Soul, the Atomic Nucleus of Life Reality. an action that is beyond the action of thought.

    Beloved, without such Profound Knowledge you are incapable of Profound Reasoning and such a level of Reasoning is required, that is if Afrika and The Black so call Afrikan World is to ever Rise Again.

    Without the ability to reason profoundly, there is no way the Black World will be able to See and Know the True Meaning and Purpose of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, never to be able to See and understand Garvey Dreams and Vision about and of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan People, without the True Divine First Way of our Ancient Cosmic Dark Ancestors Spirituality, Afrika remain to dissolve in the Hand of Evil and The Black World will remain ignorant of Whom those strange Night People are, the Self of You.

    Beloved Divine Garveyites, that is why we must be willing to accept the mantel handed to us by that Divine Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus Garvey and begin to advance the Universal Command as given to the Honorable Marcus Garvey in his Dream and Vision, verifying that all True Divine First Way Divine Black Beings, have an obligation to the Stars and Planets to Raise The Black Star that reside upon Queen Mother Planet Earth, using any and all means necessary to verify the Divinity of those strange Night appearing people.

    Evil has no power among the Fearless, its sting is useless where there is not the weak to feel it.

    So, Run, Run, Run Black Woman And Man, Divine You Once Were, Run Back Into The Bosom Of Afrika and Free your Mother and Unite Your Father With Your Mother, and such a Union will verify the Unity Of That Black Star With The Universe, verifying a Resurrected United Black So Cal Afrikan Nation.

    What is correctness other than that which is Divinely True And Real, an action that does not come out from Evil.

    Commemorate, Honor, Praise,The Honorable Marcus Garvey, The Man, A Prophet with a dream and vision of Afrika and Black Afrikan People becoming One United Black Nation again and in Control of The Afrika Continent, a Feat that can only be accomplished Absent of FEAR!!!

    All Praise, Honor, And Respect, To The Honorable Marcus Garvey
    My Spiritual Father and Leader.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism