Black Short Stories : The Threshing

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    As I sat in the airport terminal I could feel the anxiety rise up through my feet and into my hands. My right leg shook quickly with nervousness, while I bit my nails down so far that my fingertips began to get sore. I just wanted to get up and walk out, but it was if my body would not let me. I noticed the lady sitting across from me peering over her glasses at my leg shaking and then quickly looked down back at her magazine as she caught me noticing her stare. My leg stopped shaking and I took deep sigh and sat back.
    How long had it been since I got here. Looking down at my cellphone's time, it had only been 5 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. I got up and walked over to the Arrival and Departure display board to see when Flight 204 would be arriving. 2:05 pm, that would be in 10 more minutes. I still had enough time to leave I thought.
    I started quickly towards the exit until someone passing by had bumped into me by accident. I stopped and turned to apologize, but I was met by a familiar smiling face.
    "June?"the person asked. He was a tall dark chocolate man, balded-head, perfectly straight teeth, suited-up and absolutely handsome. "June Washington? Is that you."
    "Hi," I responded nervously. "Fredrick, right?"
    "You got it," He said still smiling and cool as ever. I, however, looked a hot mess. I hadn't slept in days and the last time I checked my eyes were almost blood-shot with seemingly dark bags, a jogging-suit, which most days I wouldn't be caught dead wearing outside the house, and my hair crudely tied up in a bun.
    "Are you just getting off the plane?" He asked.
    "Oh, no," I replied, almost forgetting that was even at the airport or even why I was there. I was doing too much. "I'm actually supposed to be meeting someone here."
    "Really? So why are you walking out of the airport then?" He looked at me puzzling.
    "I just need to get some fresh air." I lied. I was high-tailing it outta here, I thought to myself.
    "June!" A man's voice yelled in the distance from within the terminal. I turned to look and saw a man pulling luggage behind him trying to quickly maneuver through the crowd.
    I took another deep sigh.
    "Something wrong?" questioned Fredrick.
    "No," I responded, hardly sounding believable even to me.
    The other man finally approached Fredrick and I. With a surprise the man through his arms around me and hugged me. I was so caught off guard by the advancement that I didn't even hug him back.
    "God, I'm so glad to be back on the ground," He said handing me his brief-case. Finally realizing we were not along and that Fredrick was also there, the man gave a surprised look and then looked at me for an answer to who Fredrick was.
    "Uh, sorry, um Fredrick this is my..."I stopped and didn't want it to come out my mouth, "my husband," ugh, there. I said it. "Quincy."
    "Nice to meet you," Fredrick said extending out his hand.
    "Yeah," Quincy looked down at his hand but didn't even bother lifting a finger to shake his hand. "Nice to meet you do."
    "Right," Fredrick then turned back to me, "It was good seeing you June, but I gotta catch this flight. See you later, hopefully."
    I smiled and watched him walk off into the terminal. I wanted to run after him.
    I turned and saw Quincy frowning at me.
    This was going to be a long ride home

    To be continued.....
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    there's a lots left to the imagination here. given that she doesn't want to pick her husband up, we have to assume that things aren't what they should be in the relationship. because of her anxieties, we could assume that he's the bad guy. on the other hand, his surprise at some other man up in his wife's face could indicate that he's in the dark about what's going on with them...especially when she thinks it's going to be a long ride home...which could indicate that either he's overly jealous, or that they've been there before. either way, she's not happy with her situation.

    waiting for more.
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    Aaarrrrgghhhh!! I want more, i want more....It was getting good.