Chief Elder Osiris : The Three Dimension Of President Obama

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    The Three Dimension Of President Obama

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When observing the Mind of President Obama, and if your intention is to be totally objective with a desire to know the Divine Truth concerning this president, then you must not be a victim of the social indoctrination that has been applied to the mind of Black People.

    Such have us to believe that it is natural, and it is civil to be supportive of Obama, without the use of critical Thinking, and to accept with blind proud any Black person who has been allowed to reach a position of desirability in America society by Black people, they who are in a society that has been very cruel in the handing out injustice to Black people by the force of power that determine which Black person is to rise in a society to a status of acceptable recognizable social, political, and economic accomplishment.

    In this case, those Black people who have been allowed to take on the appearance of civil success within a society, they having succeeded to the point of having Black people to believe that we are of equal potential with intellectual ability, when being compared with those ethnic groups with a history of mentally and physically abusing Black Afrikan People.

    Therefore, those Black people appearing to have succeeded in a prejudice Racist society, has the appearance of high intellectual ability, yet it is at the permission of those forces of power in charge of conditioning the Black World in the way that we behave in life today.

    Such is what give to you those Black people you identify with as having made it in such a society with an abusing reputation against Black people, which have Black people believing it is automatic that we show joy and happiness without the use of critical thinking and examination of those Black people we automatically honor without demand of accountability, and because of their covet position, we instinctively hold to high esteem..

    It is common practice of Black people to allow our irrational emotions to take precedent over our rational and logical Thinking, when we look at Black people having the symbol of success in their possession, it tend to give Black people a false sense of psychological belief that all Black people have the same opportunity to become what our dream have us to believe about wanting to be successful.

    Therefore, I present to you the three dimensions of president Obama, knowing full well that what I am about to share will be too Black and objective concerning that which I will share with you, concerning the President, and it will not be accepted because of the mental syndrome we have been conditioned and influenced to adopt, which is not to be critical of what appear to be Black successful accomplishment, and therein lies the most intimate verification of the mental defect Black people are infested with today.

    President Obama has been very explicit in letting Black people know that he is not sensitive nor Divine mindful to the cause that has Black people in our present condition today, and I am here to share with you the reason why, and you can either take it or reject it, but the Divine Truth regarding President Obama will remain, while he is revealing himself to be who he is, and not as you Black people want him to be.

    When you deal with want,you set yourself up to be disappointed when you do not get what you believe you want, so because Black people are operating with want when it come to president Obama, the end result is going to be disappointment from all of the Unchecked trust you have placed blindly in the present president of the United States of America.

    President Obama is operating within the biological and psychological sphere of three Dimensions:

    For instance, one dimension is the fact that Obama is a by product of an immediate admixture of Black and White genetic inheritance, meaning that from his white marking, even though they may be recessive, but along with the environment he has been reared in, it give to him a false sense of Black intellectual awareness, but a sure sense of Caucasian awareness that allow him to identify more sensitive with his mother genetic persuasion when being active in the world.

    Obama has allowed himself to not genetically identify with Race as a premise to ***** the trouble that exist between Black and White people, so what he does, he set out to remake the world in his own social perception, as he perceive with a flaw, the the world and its true condition, which is structural evil and he has allowed himself to become a part of that world sociological structure, which project a evil spirit toward Black People.

    Yet, Obama is not qualified to assess the cause and effect that has the Black World in its present living condition, because Obama look at the world through his mother genetic eyes and proceed to indoctrinate Black People to look upon themselves as being the problem today, that has the Black Afrikan world in the condition it is in today.

    Obama is incapable of identifying with the plight and pain of the Black Afrikan and that is why he is not able, when he was at cape cost in Ghana, to see and interact with the energy of our Enslaved Ancestors, that energy that still resonate in those dungeons at cape coast, I know because I have been there.

    The Genes of the oppressors are to freshly running in the cellular biology of the blood of Obama and he has been conditioned to reinforce that side of his genealogical composition, which in fact, along with environmental influence, has caused Obama to not feel a need to extend a special effort to correct the wrong done to Afrika and our Enslaved Ancestors, as a matter of fact, he says that such a happening must be forgotten by you Black Afrikans in America here by way of the middle passage and you Black Afrikans must stop blaming colonialism for Afrika problems.

    Such words coming from some one claiming to be the son of a Black Afrikan and is in a position to influence Justice to be served upon the Black Afrikans, victims of Chattel slavery and colonialism, and yet he choose to be the Afrikan bully, pointing a condemning finger at Black Afrikan people, as if we are the cause that is responsible for the effect you now see the Black Afrikan Nation is suffering today, as youu are looking at Afrika being in its partition divided land condition today.

    Obama suggesting to the Black Afrikans that we are the cause for Afrika being the way it is and the Black Afrikan being in such a mental state that we are in, so mich so, to the point that Obama can feel comfortable and appear to be full of confidence in teling Black people that we are the people that must forget about who is really the cause for Afrika and the Black Afrkans being in our present state of living condition today.

    Only someone claiming to have Black Afrikan blood running mixed with the oppressors blood and is without the spiritual connection with his father Ancestors, can say the things that point a condemning finger not toward the Real and True cause for the present condition of Afrika and the Black Afrikan, but rather neglect to do what is necessary to do to make an effort to change the course of the life of the Black Afrikan, victims of the evil been perpetrated against Black Afrikan people, by the country now claiming to have a Black Afrikan American President.

    The fact that there is a fresh dual system of genetic conflicting action and an environment experience that did not influence the presence of Obama early childhood up bringing, such a fact serve as evidence that Obama is without the Black psychological affliction suffered by the Black Afrikan of the Middle passage and those Black Afrikans who are victims of colonialism.

    Such allow Obama to speak with such an arrogance and ignorant intelligence to Black people, you who have been misled to believe that Obama serve as a divine Representative of Black Afrikans and will have Black people suffering and the cause for such at the top of his Mind.

    Not so beloved, Obama is not qualified and is not permitted to acknowledge the ills of Afrika and the living condition of Black people in the world truthfully, which is caused by a people without a condemning conscious, when the victims are Black Afrikan people, as he avoid dealing with a specific cause by people of the world, they who without shame, made claim to be superior over Black people and proceeded to act out such a belief.

    Thus you have the first dimension of President Obama.

    The Second dimension of President Obama is that of Obama not being able to have bonded with his Black Afrikan Father in the way a Black Father and son should, and even Obama Father was not exactly an ideal Black Afrikan model for his son, Obama.

    Therefore, what Obama know of the Black Afrikan life experience is what he has read, been told and looked at from afar, and not up close and personal, so do not expect Obama to be the black savior black People are craving for, and is with an expectation of such a person as Obama, who has been given to Black people by Black people oppressors, to serve as a sign of the oppressors change of Mind toward Black people.

    There can be no more of a great deception than what the oppressors have presented to Black people in the personage of President Obama, and Black people have the audacity to become angry at those black Afrikans who are wise and knowledgeable enough to see a lie when it is presented to them and do not subscribe to the old Human Being mind that say, Black people is to rejoice and revere those Black People who the oppressors allow to rise amongst us with the appearance of what we have been conditioned to accept and measure to be the life style of success.

    There is an expectation among some Black people, for us to mislead our children into believing that Obama represent the paragon of Black Success and we should lie to our children by teaching them that in America you can be all that you want (not need) to be, building up false hope into the mind of our children, as they listen to Obama misrepresent the cause for the fall of the Black nucleus Family, by pointing a condemning finger at the Black Fathers as if the Black Fathers are absent from the family by choice and not by Racist and Prejudice circumstance, as many Black Afrikan Females reinforce such a fallacy about the Black Afrikan Male, in America.

    Given now to know, that there are exception to such a rule concerning the Black Afrikan Male in America Black Family.

    It is for me to say that Black people must always strive to make our living condition to be the best wherever we are, in view of the obstacles we face in life that is caused not by us.

    We realize that a Race that is without Power and Authority to experience the sovereignty of Life and have the freedom of opportunity to make decisions for our life, become a Race that is without self respect.

    So while Black people remain in America and is here not by choice, we will always be a people told how we are to live our lives and what we must believe about our Black Afrikan selves, meaning as long as we live in such a way of not having control of our own psychology, we will remain a people without self respect.

    President Obama is not Spiritual qualified, not to mention him not being political qualified to identify with the Black Afrika Problem, having a desire to do what is necessary to put into motion those things that will begin to correct a problem that Black people suffer from, and is not of our doing in America and not in Afrika.

    Sure Afrika the Homeland is in need of purging and such a task, such an obligation that fall upon the Children of the middle Passage to put such a need into motion in Afrika and that is why Reparation is so important to our Enslaved Ancestors, because the Love of Afrika never left those who were forced out of their mother and father arm and taken into captivity in a foreign stolen land call the United States Of America, as well as the Diaspora Americas.

    The Third Dimension of President Obama:

    President Obama, a Man with conflicting Spirit, Mother being Caucasian freshly, Father being Black and Afrikan remotely and with an Arab Islamic exposure, so someone with such a three dimension psychic, laboring under such a Genetic conflict, has so far proven to be a Man without the temperament of a Black Afrikan, so you must not expect Obama to take up the fight for Black Afrikan Justice, when his religious underlining influence, happen to be Islam, a credit to the Asian religious sentiment and not the Black Afrikan Divine Spiritual sentiment.

    So the question become, why did the Forces Of Power in the world allow Obama to become America United States President, knowing all of the factors I have shared with you concerning the present President of America, wearing the identity of a Black American, one who has no Spiritual and personal connection to Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation.

    So here you have a president that is Caucasian environmentally, Black / Caucasian Genetically and Asian Religiously Spiritually, and you Black Folks wonder why Obama is conducting himself as he is toward Afrika and the Black Afrikans, conditioning us to lay not the blame for Afrika and the Black Afrikan problem at the feet of those responsible for the psychic Black people now allow to guide our lives today, telling us today that, "RACE DOES NOT MATTER", when it is the Black Race that is receiving injustice in the world today.

    The President Of The United States, Obama is not qualified nor is he desirous to discuss the Black Race problem in America, he is not qualified to intelligently discuss the issue of Reparation, yet he immediately render a decision about the payment of Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, which is in the negative.

    Yet you Black Afrikans hold to hope, as you struggle to touch the hem of Obama Coat tail, having no evidence of indication that by such a touch, a miracle will happen that will cause Black people to receive Justice in the world and it is Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors that represent such Divine Justice, Sovereignty, and Freedom for Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Can You Understand That Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]