Black Poetry : The thought out, you this you that, bore me to dealth

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    The reason our name and sitiation
    Creates flames.png
    Cause we gon get all the fame
    For entertainment purposes

    Forcing someone to look at the sudden palpetations.
    Cause when given a way nothing will never stay the same.
    It's like all the sudden rockets headed right for the ear to tame.
    Whatever the new saying today proposes

    About of sitiation at hand
    The Name
    The Maker
    The Shaker
    The spy knowm as faker

    When its time for a new way of thought
    The birth has already given us the borer.
    We go from the after birth sorer
    To traditions never shared before

    Knowing that salt is needed kinda sought
    Not able to understand how to keep the sorer consistant
    War against our minds seems a borer
    But believe me before that's how we ended up sleeping on our
    purpose for this shore.