Chief Elder Osiris : The Things We Do Not Know About Ourselves But Believe About Others Who Have Oppressed

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    The Things We Do Not Know About Ourselves But Believe About Others Who Have Oppressed us.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me beloved, what is it about Black so call Afrikan people who will not attempt to take a telling Divine Objective look to see ourselves?

    Why do we rather believe all that is told to us about ourselves, rather than work our Mind to get to know ourselves?

    Beloved, is it that we have been made to be such a believing people until we have been made to be an enemy to Knowing ourselves and we have no desire to learn again about ourselves, because we believe that all we should want in life is all that we believe about our lives?

    Such information that now come about us, come not from our Mind thoughts but from our believing faith, we have been made to have in those people who we have allowed to have great influence over our lives, to become our Lord and Master, a people with a record of abusing, Enslaving, Colonizing , and Enslaving us people, they who are responsible for destroying our Divine Method of Thinking, thus our Civilization, in the place now call Afrika, which has a telling effect upon us everywhere we are today, on Earth.

    Tell me beloved, what is it about the people referred to as Black people, why is it that the Mental fire has gone from our Mind that energize us to be in the Know of ourselves, because it is only the Knowledge of ourselves that will be able to release us from the prison of the things we have been conditioned to believe about ourselves, and to the so call Black Afrikan, belief is an enemy to Knowing and to know is to be dissatisfied with our present status in the World today, a World control by the Lords of Evil, they who represent the Luciferian doctrine of Belief, Faith, and Hope, principles of Lies and Deceit.

    Tell me beloved, why is it so difficult for Black so call Afrikans to accept ourselves to be entirely different from the way that we have been taught that we are to be?

    Why do Black so call Afrikans believe that there is not ever, anything of a Greater Divine Good to have ever been associated to our Black selves, and why is it that some Black people believe, that with the absence of Evil attached to our lives, then Life of ours would not be as invigorating as Evil has it to be, which is to imply that Evil is a necessary component to the Lives of Black so call Afrikans and without Evil abusing our lives, our lives would not be so exciting to us today.

    Tell me beloved, is such a belief about our lives, is what give us cause to defy the Divine Truth about our so call Black Afrikan Selves, is it because you believe by being Divine in your Spirituality, life of Black people would not be so exciting as it is under the Hardship of Evil, which our lives now experience today?

    Why do Black people find it necessary to give value to our oppression, to the Evil that keep us dumbfound about ourselves?

    Why beloved, we Black People are so afraid of learning the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence, about the Majesty of both Universe, one Infinite and one Finite?

    Tell me beloved, why is it that the so call Black Afrikan rather believe about ourselves relationship to those entities, rather than get to know of our Related connection to those entities?

    Tell me, is it that one profane frame of Mind require for you to only believe about those entities, including ourselves, and the other Divine frame of Mind require for us to Know with qualification about those entities, they being the Divine Essence (GOD), the Divine Infinite and Finite Universe, and about the Divinity Self of our Being?

    Why is it so difficult for us to Think Divinely about ourselves, and why is it that we have allowed the One action of our Body Life to become under the control of somebody else other than ourselves, that Divine Action being the Mind of our Lives.

    Yet the Mind of Black people, it has become the object of everybody else interest, with the exception of our own, and we now serve to be the evidence of what happen to life when it is not in control of that life Mind, a Mind that the Black so call Afrikan life has no interest in allowing to guide it by its own Energy of Thought, and not belief.

    Based upon the Mental condition and life status of the so call Black Afrikan People in this world today, we black people are not with a Mind that provoke us and drive us to get to know who we Divinely Truly are, and inform us from whence we came and what is it that happen to our Mind.

    Yes beloved, our Mind, because it is the Mind that Guide the Body Life, without control of it, then you are a slave to whomever do control it, because we are our Mind and our Mind is us, and who control your Mind, control you, Beloved.

    Beloved, the Black so call Afrikan can not begin, can not get to know about ourselves, not until we are in control of our Method of Reasoning, Rationalizing, and Logically reaching conclusions about all those things that connect and affect our lives, and in order for us to become effective in mastering our Mind activity, we have to abandon the Box way of believing and learn again the Cycle method of exploring our Mind thoughts, a practice that was once common to the Mind of the so call Black Afrikans, you who are descendants from an Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestor that was in the Know of What the Divine Essence Is, Knew the meaning and purpose of both Universe, and did know of the connection of our lives to Such Divine Action.

    So you can not See today, why it is that a call is now being made to you concerning your need for a Divine Spiritual Retreat, why, well it is because we black so call Afrikans are not any longer in control of our mind, which is what the Divine Spiritual Retreat will be designed to correct.

    Yet here you are, unable to See the need of your Black so call Afrikan Life, so we act a Fool when we ignore such a call that is designed to put us back in the Know of ourselves, a Divine Requirement, that is if Afrika is to be Afrika again and the so call Black Afrikan is to become a Divine Being back in control of our body Life mind.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, A Lost Mind will only snub off such shared Divine information about our so call Black Afrikan selves, here we are, all wrapped up in Lucifer Mind pattern of acquired belief, so what we do, well we allow our Vain Egomaniac Spirit and our Vain Envious Spirit, and our Vain selfishly Jealous spirit be the revealed expression displayed toward all of that which is Divinely being shared with you, such an expression by you Black so call Afrikans, claiming to be so intelligent, serving to be the evidence of the Black So Call Afrikan Lost Of Control Of Our Mind, A Mind That Is Capable Of Causing You To Become All That you Once Were on this Planet call Earth.

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    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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