Chief Elder Osiris : The Things We Do In Order To Ignore The Things We Need To Do

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    The Things We Do In Order To Ignore The Things We Need To Do

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, there is something that I do agree with brother Kofi about and that is, Black people are the most disorganized people on this planet and you know what is so sad and pitiful about us Black Folks?

    Well we do not give a **** about how disorganized we are, and we Black folks do not show any evidence that such a self disrespecting spirit we reveal about ourselves really effect us.

    We have become evident as to why we serve to this day, to be a slave to people with a history of abusing our body and Mind, as we allow ourselves to be treated in the way that it reveal that Black folks put no value in our Mind activity, which cause us to be believers instead of Thinkers.

    A Thinking Race is a organized Race, whether it be for the Divine Greater good or for the Profane Lowly of Evil, the point is made that the Mind is being used to carry out a plan that the one doing the Thinking is implementing, and in our case, the Mind of Lucifer is being used in a Evil Thinking Mode to persuade and influence Black so call Afrikan People to be Believers in the plan of Lucifer, a plan to control and rule unjustly.

    Well, it is such a plan that cause Black people to be disorganized and to be willing to remain a slave to the Human Beings in and of this Evil World, a World been made to be Evil by the strategy and plans Lucifer is continuously having implemented that will have an effect upon the very people who suffer from the believing consequence that come from our believing minds.

    There is no Intelligent so call Black Afrikan who have Divine Love for the Race of Black People, who can say with a Divine Mind that Black people are organized people for the Greater good of the Body Life Living of Black so call Afrikan people.

    Because you must come to be able to see, there are people who have been organized to carry out action that serve to the detriment of the lives of other people, but in the case of Black so call afrikan people, we have been organized by the Human Being for the purpose to act to the detriment of our Black Lives and we have been made to not give a **** about such a low caliber of mind that now guide us to the extent that we in the Human Being Mind, value Belief over Thinking, and Black people been prevented from Thinking because we now operate under the guidance of the Human Being mind and not our Ancient Cosmic Divine first Way Ancestors mind.

    The Mind of the Human Being in the interest toward black Afrikan people, is a Mind of Evil, and an evil mind is a very vain selfish, egoistic, envious, jealous, lying, and deceiving Mind, and all of those principles of Evil is used as weapons to keep the Black Race in a disorganized state, and in a Spirit of a wayward child, we being continuously depended upon our oppressors to console us and for our approval in that which we do in Life, because all that Black People do in life today, is to benefit the Lives of the Human Being Lucifer Oppressors of Black so call Afrikan people today.

    The Things We Do In Order To Ignore The Things We Need To Do, they are many, both ways, but only one way is the Black Afrikans are involved in doing, and that is to do all that we been trained to do to keep ourselves to be disorganized, and the way the Human Being oppressors are so successful in keeping Black so call Afrikan People doing all that serve to keep us disorganized, is to make **** sure that the Black so call Afrikan Mind remain to be the most disorganized Mind on this planet today, because you can not see, it is the Mind that guide the body life of the Being.

    Black so call Afrikans body life is being guided by a believing Human Being Lucifer mind, so in no way can Black so call Afrikans see the error of our ways and in no way can the Black so call Modified Afrikan, see any Greater good that could have ever come from such a present day Black so call Afrikan people, a people who just can not see ourselves once being organized Divine Black Beings upon this planet, and the reason why it is, is because the Mind we Black folks now wear prevent us from being Thinking Divine Beings, a Body of Divine Mind we must come back into control of if we Black people are to ever come once again to Know who we are as Black so call Afrikan people on this planet Earth.

    So the only way for us to begin to reclaim our Divine mind is to organize ourselves into congregating at a Divine Spiritual Retreat, a gathering where we begin to learn about the Mind again and how to control it under our authority, anything before such a act by Black People claiming to be desirous of our Body life Liberation, is a lie, and is an act of the Human Being mind.

    A Divine spiritual Retreat Is not a Religious Retreat, beloved.

    Tell me, what is it that so vividly highlight our disorganized selves, we it is who show the way we have been conditioned to react to our oppressive body life living, all we do now under the guidance of our oppressors Mind, is point out all of the ways we have been made to be a disorganized fool for our oppressors.

    We seem to get so energized and become so dramatic when pointing out all of the life threatening things of a plan that Lucifer is making that will not set to well with our Black Lives, and we have the audacity to act surprise about the information that come out indicating that Lucifer is of a mind to annihilate our black disorganized Behind, as we wait so patiently upon Jesus to come and save our disorganized Behind.

    Beloved, the spirit of a mental handicap child is what we convey to the world today and such a disorganized Mind spirit, cover all Black so call Afrikans, irregardless of how your Bank account may appear to be or what social status you vainly express happiness about based upon the level of your given professional status in such a lying and deceiving social structure that Lucifer has constructed for purpose of deceiving the world, and the Black World in particular.

    Tell me, does it ever enter your Mind to make plans for your Liberation? No, why? because with such a Mind that now guide the Black Life, prevent Black People from Thinking organization of oneness, and Freedom from America, and from seeing freedom in Afrika, a Living condition that will only come from the use of our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors mind.

    So yes, Black people are the most disorganized people in the world and we are made to be, because of the fact that our Mind we now use, is not the Mind of our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, a people you descended from from that you have been made to know nothing about today.

    So, we have been made to be Fools who laugh at the information that is now Divinely coming to us, we not having the quality of mind to recognize what is common to us any more, and that is, Divine Thinking, which is what caused us at one Time to be the most Organized People doing the Divine Things that give cause to the world to marvel about, all because they can not see how such magnificent things could have been known and done by you, that have all Evidential fact that prove such Divine things were done by a people who now wear the crown of being the most ignorant of self, people, and the most disorganized people in this Evil world today.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved?

    Such Divine Truth is why I will continue to encourage you to Read My book, Divine spirituality, a book that is Revealing Divine Truth about Lucifer World, that will have you to get to know the Real You.

    So, Please Go To The Link Below

    Divine Thoughts About you, Beloved

    Be Kind to Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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