Chief Elder Osiris : The Theology Of The Afrikan Woman

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    Hoteph My Dear beloved sisters and brothers:
    Well now, I see there is conversation going on about Black Afrikan
    women, a subject that is so profound until only the wise and profound
    can adequately discuss this wonderful and amazing Being without

    First of all, never will I suggest that the most powerful and complex
    Being we call the Afrikan woman, has or could have been Suckers to
    worldly or other wise and to suggest or propose a question of that
    sort is
    to reveal how unaware and uninformed we are about the Black Afrikan

    So I might ask, could it be that the Afrikan Woman might have been
    suckered into a situation call religion, after she lost her mental
    virginity, all in anticipation that such religion will assist in
    bringing Balance and Harmony back to the Afrikan nation and the
    Afrikan man in particular?

    What Afrikan Man worth his salt would even suggest that the Queen
    goddess of the Afrikan Nation, is one that willingly go along with
    things that serve to a detriment to the Afrikan National Family?

    May I say that the behavior and attitude of the Afrikan Woman today is
    of that which serve as evidence that the Afrikan Man is no longer
    carrying his weight in protecting the Afrikan Nation and now is
    attempting to hide his weakness by projecting what he consider to be a
    flaw in the Being that possess Heaven, The Afrikan woman.

    The only Suckers in the Afrikan Nation is the Black Afrikan male, one
    who now have no self respect, therefore how can we have respect for
    the Afrikan Woman.

    Do I hear the Afrikan Male denouncing the false religion of the
    western and Asian oppressors, Religions that do not reflect the true
    origin and concept of the Black Afrikan Nation Proper?

    Look at Afrika and tell me who is the real Suckers in Afrika, ok, now
    that you see him, tell me what do we Afrikans propose to do about
    these Suckers, who think that the Sun rise and set in favor of the
    Western and asian world and the Black Afrikan World be damned, as the
    true suckers among us believe.

    Let us take a real and true look at this Jewel of an Afrikan Woman,
    the Being that taught us the secrets of the order of the Universe and
    the Spiritual Meaning of the principals of Universal opposites.

    The Afrikan Womb-Gender knew the order in which the Black Afrikan
    Nation ( Womb-Gender-"Female" and "Male" )were to behave and Act, one
    to the other and in such Harmony and Balance, elevated the People now
    call Black and Afrikan to the status of goddess and gods, simply
    implying that they knew and lived a life of complete harmony with the
    Infinite God Energy, Its Creation the Universe, consisting of all
    Animate and Inanimate Beings and Things, which we now refer to as
    elements of Nature.

    For instance, do we not know that it is a universal Rule Of Law in how
    we should develop a Family and that Rule Of Law has to do with the
    Theology of Opposites?
    In a Family, regardless of the number of Children or their gender, the
    principal remain the same in practice.

    If there is a Female and Male Child, when come Time of instructing
    and/or discipline, the principal of opposite should apply in order to
    maintain balance in the Family and in doing so Harmony will prevail.

    It is the Father that should chastise and instruct the Male child and
    the Mother become the consoler whenever the Time of need arises and
    vice versus, the Mother with the Female and the Father become the
    consoler to the Daughter, there my beloved is the act of maintaining
    Balance and Harmony in the Family and it is our Ancient Afrikan
    Ancestors that taught such principals in Child rearing, Yet we today
    have gotten away from our Ancient teaching and now depend on the
    Anti-Nature of the oppressor Being to instruct us in what he know
    nothing about, when it come to the temperament of the Black Afrikan
    Family Nation.

    It was the Afrikan Womb-Gender that did set the Rule of
    Anthropomorphous Law in governing the Earthly World, the one who
    possess Heaven on Earth, that very same Being that gave Life to this
    Earthly Black Afrikan World, and now we refer to her as having been a
    Sucker in her act to find comfort in that which has been exposed to
    her as being Godly True while the Afrikan man begin to act out a
    behavior that defies the identity and behavior of a Afrikan Man

    Beloved, if there is a Sucker in the Afrikan family, it is the Afrikan
    man because he has failed to maintain the security of the Black
    Afrikan Family Nation, as we now run around claiming to be everything
    other than a One Unified Black Afrikan Family Nation, paying honor and
    tribute to every thing but our Black Selves, in the name of the
    oppressors God.

    The Afrikan woman is no sucker, yet she has been Suckered into
    believing, instead of Knowing, yet she has the potential to still Save
    the Black Afrikan Nation, as a matter of fact, she must, if Afrika and
    the Afrikan Nation is to ever rise into her glory again.

    The Afrikan Woman must use her power to bring the Afrikan Man back
    into order once again and such a Woman with such power in her
    possession, certainly is no Sucker.

    It is Time to condemn The Lie and Elevate the truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika, At home Or
    Abroad (OSIRIS)!!!


    Chief Elder
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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    Too True.


    I am in almost total agreement with most of the assertions in your post; in that collectively we African men have failed consistently to fulfil our role as guardian and defenders of our families, communities and countries; which is why the more easily factually, spiritually and intellectually challenged of our Women do not respect us.

    African American women are at the forefront of the struggle to orchestrate and instigate our collective rebirth as superbly illustrated by Dr Frances Cress-Welsing's book The Isis papers, consistent focus on our rational evaluation of the socio-economic hazards we face, and ways to counter them.

    This inspired leadership is taken even further by Marimba Ani's Yurugu [An African Centred Critique of European Cultural thought and Behaviour]; which is so meticulously accurate that I have not been surprised by the White Supremacist Racist Parasites confronting us in more than ten years.

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    feeling every lick of this and to a stand point see truth unfolding here
    thankz for teaching & sharing this info so needed...