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    Is the theology of Jesus sound?

    I mean we set here dispersed, scattered and in the land of the people that conquered us and we serve them. Every one of us will not hesitate to say we are the descendants of the original people of the Old Testament. But in looking at us we agree that our Kingdom as was in the Old Testament is gone, wiped off the earth, destroyed. And we ourselves are living witnesses in our own existence and right that a Saviour to Israel and Judah has not come but yet we deny our own state of existence to be in agreement with white people that our Saviour has come.

    Am I the only one that sees the oxymoron in this?

    How can we agree that our Saviour came and died for our sins when Israel and Judah, our ancestors; got their a---s kicked and we are the derivative and condition of that a-s kicking?

    Throughout the entire Old Testament a Messiah is defined as someone that delivers Israel and Judah from false religions and in doing so he gave Israel and Judah the Power to rise up against any conquers, tyrants or oppressors. Jesus did not deliver nobody from an oppressor nor did he teach against heathen religions. As a matter of fact Jesus taught us ideality with the Crucifix and after his death we continued to become subject to a hard bondage from the Gentiles.

    So what’s up with this?

    Is the theology of Jesus sound and how?
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    Hmm, what? Everything in the Holy Doctrine is sound. All which the Holy Son has taught us is sound. He told us things would become worse, and the Father prophesied this to us through His prophets long ago.

    That our ancestors have experienced such hard bondage is not surprising, and that we must live in an oppressive nation isn't either, if one believes the truth.

    It's not about agreeing with anyone, but believing what the Son has done for us so that we'd not be bound to this world, but have connection with the next. He's sacrificed His own body for our sins, so that we all could stand before the Father as ones righteous and Holy in His salvation, and He was Resurrected the 3rd day now sitting at the Father's right Hand, promising us the same eternal life He has. All we need is faith for such His love and sacrifice, and we'll be redeemed to our KING.