Black People Politics : The term useful idiot has never been more fitting

Discussion in 'Black People Politics' started by Isfasha, Jun 27, 2012.

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    When it comes to political issues many of US as a people fall into that same situation as the people in the clip. When I heard the first person my heart dropped. I asked myself "Why are we ready to give anyone with a camera and a microphone ammunition to make us look like fools?" Most of us know that we do not study subjects like religion, history, politics, current events and most other subjects with a keen eye and ear to make comparisons with the varying concepts and views revolving around each of them. If you noticed some of the people spoke in chopped up radio type news or talkshow snippets and headline type speech. They had not the ability to give a complete intelligent coherant paragraph on who,what,when,and why they were protesting Carl Rove. By the way, Roves' real German family name is 'Rover' and his grandfather or father was an associate and high official in Adolf Hitlers' Nazi Movement. I have had people chide me because at an early age I observed how other races Talked Down To, or Talked At black people because we could not answer simple questions in an intelligent or direct manner. I made a vow to myself that I would learn, study, reaearch any subject that I was going to comment on or give insight to. Then many of my people who would not study and enlighten themselves would call me a " Smart As$ because I refused to relish being ingorant and made to look like a fool. Watching this clip put a lump in my throat because nothing really has changed in the way that we think in over 50 years since I made this observation. Let's try harder my people, let's try harder. Peace