Black People : The Ten% Jews

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    W.E.B. DuBois and the talented tenth

    Dubois, one of the founding members of the NAACP suggested that 90% black America be guided by 10% of the very best lawyers, Doctors, scientist, teachers, politicians etc out of barbarism and into a well cultivated, integrated western civilization. He couldn’t practice this himself because he was unapproachable and alienated from the rural and Ghetto blacks if they were too black skinned and couldn’t speak like himself.

    If a black killed a black the NAACP is silent until a white kills a black (a rare event). It has to be an integrated crime for them to move. They took integration too far to being silly and self-destructive.

    10% sounds too much like fractional reserve banking where 10% of money lives off an unseen, invisible 90%. The Black Elite (10%) have been used to use the plight of the black masses to advance themselves economically, politically and socially while the remaining 90% are left behind.

    I thought once you get up in the ladder you supposed to turn around and extend your hand and help another person get up. I don’t know where Dubois got his idea of the 10% means of raising human capital up. Maybe from the Jewish people who helped him start the NAACP? This 10% is nothing but works backwards in reverse, a usury of the people who hope but never get lifted up.

    Dubois past stand on capitalism:

    “Capitalism is like having three ears of corn. You eat one , you sell one, and you save one for seed for next year’s planting”.

    However, this is just on an individual level. What about blacks collectively taking this corn to pool it all together centrally in a Bank. No, no, no they wouldn’t go for that if it excluded whites because they take integration too far to the extreme. In 1972 when blacks met in Gary, Indiana to form a Black Political Convention the NAACP was opposed to it because it excluded whites. Now you now if they oppose Political unity among blacks they will opposed economic unity among blacks. We know politics and economics go hand and hand. One without the other is symbolism without substance.

    Th oth (also Thoth or Thout - where our word Thought comes from) is the Greek translation of Djehuty
    and sometimes alternatively rendered as Tehuty (of djhwty Djehuty) Tahuti, Tehuti, Zehuti, Techu, or Tetu, Jeu, Jew

    Thoth was a god of money in the ancient Egyptian system of weights and measures

    What is a Jew?

    The title Jew is really a misnomer. Judah is a corruption of a title of Tehuti.
    It is this corruption that was used to create the title Judah, Judeans (greek: Ioudians) from which "Jew" is derived.
    . Many of us know the letter ‘j’ entered the English alphabet in the 1600s. Judah is a corruption of a title of Tehuti (Djehuty/Thoth)

    Egypt had metric weights. The standard units of money were:

    Deben(gold rings of 91 grams

    Kite(one-tenth of the Deben)

    In our dictionary today kite is used for a greed person or worthless money used to raise money or credit (sort of but not exactly like fractional reserve banking that uses small amounts to earn money). Kite/Kike is a similar word Michael Jackson used in his hit song “They don’t care about us” from which he said:

    Beat me Hate me You can never Break me

    Will me Thrill me
    You can never Kill me Jew me Sue me

    Everybody Do me
    Kick me Kike me Don't you Black or white me

    Kike phonetically sounds like Kite also. By the way he also called them “leeches”. The conspiracy cranks now have the illuminati under mossad as killing/sacrifice Jackson as an ongoing undermine.

    In the UK 10% is a derogatory word used against Jews who skim off 10% of the skin off penis or wanting some type of discount off of goods.

    The Jews religiously/economically created tithes for their priesthood that extracted 10% tax of your gross to be deducted. And they have perfected fractional reserve banking as did the Goldsmiths and Knights Templar in ancients and medieval times.

    Its nation time for black folks in America. It’s time for us to starting saving our corn and nuts to save our butts in this dog eat dog world. If we don’t do it nobody will.