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Feb 9, 2007

Black people have been skillfully misdirected and tricked, not to mention being lied to and deceived about God, Universe, and our Black Self, so it is no wonder the Black world is in the condition we are in today, one no proud Black Divine Being can and should be proud of.

Let me say that I do mean it when I say to you Black People that I mean no disrespect to you, when I share the Divine Truth with you, it is, that my allegiance and undoubtedly Submission, obedience, and Respect, is to our Ancient Cosmic First Way Ancestors, they that Reveal to me that which I share with you, again, meaning you no disrespect, because my Love for the Black World is required of me, if I am to continue to receive the Divine Revelations given to me by our First Way Divine Ancestors

When dealing with the Moses Character it is liken to be dealing with the Jesus Character, bot being just a Figment of the Human Being Mind, created to confuse and conquer the Mind of the Black World, a Mind that had, when the Human Beings approached our Fourth Level Ancestors, a very small remnant of the original Divine Mind passed on to us by our Ancient Divine Ancestors, a Mind ripe to be deceived by the Human Beings that sat at the feet of our Hyerophant and MASTER Teachers concerning the information that had not travel our way without experiencing change, so much so, to the extent it was not the same information as our First Way Ancestors had left to us, yet profound enough to perplex the Mind of the Human Being to the extent that he went through all of his tricks, lies and acts of deception, to get the remaining of the remnant of information that our Fourth Way Ancestors was able to remember and Understand.

More an more did Time involved its action with the Black World, to the extent we eventually grew not to know who we are, making us ripe to be deceived by the Human Being, and he set out to create what is referred to as religion, because it is a philosophy mixed with prose, metaphors and allegories, stories that was created to perplex the Mind of the once Black Divine Being and such a well thought out plan, by the Human Being, for purpose to conquer the Mind of the once Divine Black Mind, because the Human Being knew that never will we be completely disconnected from the Genetic Core of our Being, and that Core serve to be the Line of which our Divinity remain attached to us today.

So the Human Being knew that they had to create a religion that would fit juxtapose to the black World Divine Theology, and their religion was powerful enough to over power the Mind of our Fourth way Ancestors, they who did put up such a gallant fight to maintain our sanity, but as you are available to look at us now, it serve as the fact that they did fail.

Moses, liken more than John the fictious Baptist, to be the fore runner of the Jesus fiction, he being a fiction himself, carrying a name that represent status, Rank, in the so call Egyptian society, as the Human being set out to bring such Symbology to life in the name of a fictitious character by the name of moses, he who went upon the Mountain and converse with the Human Being Version of their created God, as God wrote our with his finger of fire the Ten Commandments for the World to obey, yet such fiction being the product of such a Mind that daily engaged in such a way of life of which the Ten commandments so spelled out, and was to become the foundation of Mose rendition of a Religion which was to span across the Black World, as the human Being religion added on and took away as the coming of the Time so required.

Moses as that lying book referred to as the bible, so indicated, he being the savior of the Hebrews ( Jews ) having the magical powers of a soon to come character by the name of Jesus each taking shape and given birth by the Human Being mind to the Black World and Thus unto the whole World, yet the primary target for mental conquest was none other than the Mind of the Black World, a people under the spell of the Human Being Religion and was not to remember who they are anymore, as we became intoxicated under the influence of the Human Being Religion, whose main primary character being the mystical Moses, he who went up into the Mountain and had a verbal exchange with God to the extent that God sent him down with the Tablet of the Ten Commandment written by God Himself, so say the Human Being Religion in the Time of what they coined to be the Mosaic Law of God, as this Moses parted the Red Sea with his magical stick.

Sin is no more than an act of disobedience to the Moses Law of God Ten Commandment, created by the Human Being and Morals are no more than an obedience to the Ten Commandment of God Moses Law, and immorality is no more than a disobedience to the Moses God Ten Commandments, and Righteousness is no more than a total submission to God Moses Ten Commandment Laws, each of which was the Creation of the Human Being, based on their way of living a Disobedient Life toward their Human Being Kind.

It is a shallow Mind that believe, that which the Human Being tell us about God, Universe, and our Black Self, they that know that it is never to the Human Being interest for the Black World to Rise, enclosed in our Divine Mind, a Mind that carry Divine Information about God, Universe, and the Black Self, that which stretch into Infinity, Eternally, and yet here we are, being guided by codes, Symbols, and Lies that we now know nothing about, we just have been given cause to believe everything the Human Being tell us about our Black self, a sure sign of our defeat as a Black Nation, Divine we once were.

The First, Second, and Third Way Ancestors, they Lived in a Time of Divine Revelation, each living within their Divine dispensation of Time upon this planet, a Time when God, Universe, and the Black Self was no mystery to them, a Time when they needed no commandments to govern their Life, they were the embodiment of Time, Commandments and so call Morality, the opposite to such a designed behavior, was not a part of the cycle of Divine Living and carry no roots in a Divine Environment.

So our Divine First way Ancestors need not to have Forty Two Confession assuring God of our Obedience, nor did they need to be chastised by God with Ten Commandments, all of which is no more that a compilation of confessions and Laws that flowed out from the Mind of Human Beings, including our descending Ancestors, such being a Time of verified Afrikan Black Transformation, to become under the spell of the Human Being.

To not Know, then you set yourself up to believe any and everything ever told to you, concerning God, Universe, and our Black self.

The Ten Commandments, The Command Of The Human Being, And Not God, such become believable when you do not Know what God Is and to believe that the Ten Commandments are the handiwork of God, make the Black World to have been made a fool of, as we wear proudly the Human Being Mind, turning our wrath toward they that share with the Black World Divine Information, that which we no longer Know, as we are now, to preoccupied with our Religious belief, a sure sign of a dying and dead Black World.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

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