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    The Temple Of Babylon Has Been Built Beware Of The Voices In Your Head

    The Second Temple Of Babylon Is Being Built
    Beware Of The Voices In Your Head

    Don’t listen to the voices in your head.
    Life dose not wait for you, evaluate your thoughts.
    The devils as he creeps within the bionic disk.
    Each thought might be the end.
    Confining the temple to clean thoughts
    It explodes when the tip has no response.
    Don’t listen to the voices inside your head.
    Schizophrenic delusions, hating all
    Including self, self destruction as
    The voices take you to hell.
    Defying dignity at any course.

    Under hypnosis, experience changes in perception,
    Thinking, memory, and behavior in response to suggestions
    Of the oppressor reverting into the
    oppressors state of mind.
    The false consensus effects,
    to belong adopting colors or
    Role modeling destruction, f
    ollowers without leaders.

    “Beware of the voices in your head”

    The passive, never initiating activity without
    instructions from the hypnotist.
    Gang banging, manipulation, self-hate,
    self-perception theories of defeat,
    Self-destruction a black state of mind.
    Which has conform to the conformity of darkness,
    Acting inconsistently with one’s destructions of beliefs.

    Nevertheless, the oppressor of self has induced it.
    Taking on characteristics of destruction,
    Only believing in the oppressors dream.
    Life, which comes, inhibited the tunnel
    vise mind that can only live
    Within the power of an illusion, greater than self.
    Attitudes acquired by the social needs of ghetto mentality,
    Death to freedom is any hopes to
    empowerment of self-wealth.
    Associate liberal attitudes in fringing of self.
    The robotic slave never died, cloak
    to a new world order.
    Transformed through the click of a switch.
    The control of a mind that refuses to conform.

    Under the hypnotic state of a evolution,
    Which continues to conform to the same mistakes.
    The hypnotic state of mind, that visions, self through
    The hypnotic transformation of the bionic man,
    Death chambers built, cages that gravitate to the
    Acceptance of self. Social influences which
    Takes all out at once.
    The state of mind that continues to repeat the same
    Mistakes. The enforcements of memory that has
    Explored each time the light retrieves a thought.
    The mind goes into delete the thought of unity.
    Sets of an explosion I am greater than thee.
    Within the illuminations of bonding as one.

    Without memory of the past to present, one will not
    Be able to relate new experiences to ours executing
    Stores of knowledge, there would be no sense of identity,
    No history, no civilization of who we are.
    The hypnotic transformation of the bionic slave.
    The three stages of conformity to self.
    To understand memory we must also come to
    Terms with forgetting, why some of
    the information that we once knew
    Is no longer available to us. Many of
    the answers to questions about
    Remembering and forgetting who we are.
    Un relying memory of our
    Control through the psychotic Fraud state of mind.
    Hypnosis and pain control inflicted within the circle
    Of a culture what we learn, what we think, what we think
    The future will bring, under a hypnotic state of mind.

    “Beware of the voices in your head”

    In the event of my demise when I close my eyes
    when my heart slowly sleeps
    I have given love and my mission upon
    this earth will not be in vain, I shall pass
    the torch that my rewards

    Will be carved in stone.
    I have lived in the accordance of my ancestors,
    to bring forth unity, without selfish pride,
    in my demise the light shall shine, I have
    live by the codes of my ancestors and
    the mission of God a belief I was the light,
    that my brothers and sisters have made it to the other side.

    If I will die before my time
    I feel the shadow's Depth and the wing,
    that awaits the other, that I might fly
    so many things I wanted too accomplish
    before I reached my Death;
    I have come to reality the missions
    with the possibility and cry my last tear from my eyes
    To die to live, to sacrifice to give, to cry to laugh;
    To bring the passage to my king,
    as he take my hands as we meet
    the soldiers on the other side. I have loved
    and can no longer give anymore.

    I have mastered the concept of humility,
    I have conquer the quest of humbleness,
    I have mastered the weapons of satan revenge,
    I have beaten him at his own game,
    I rehearse the script of Gods given words,
    in unisons I live the source of
    divinity back to back. I have live the source
    of humanities, I have gain the strength
    of the prophet that lives within, I have
    walked on the other side of the mountain,
    I have conquered fear, when darkness
    appeared, my mission upon this earth says
    fear well, my father awaits at the tunnel of light.

    In my demise I pass the torch to my heritage,
    that they will continue to burn the light.
    In my demise I have reached the other
    side, the dead is not dead, the passing
    souls begin to live, I shall return in the
    spirit, until my nation upon nation gets it right;
    the formation of another life.

    Within these walls Man speak not.
    Man dose not listen.
    The darkness of man has slept.
    Temptation is no excuse God is love.
    Nevertheless man hides behind the cross.
    Temptation is the works of the devil.
    Listen as the circle turns,
    See the devils as they begin to fall,
    What goes around is coming.
    Penalty is not after you die,
    It is right now, close me out.
    But the truth shall not be silence.

    The Ultimate source of wisdom,
    great intentions,
    understanding the open tomorrows,
    that our future shall continue
    to subside within the laws,
    conformity has lived, so it shall die.
    Understanding the laws of the Universe,
    has no back door.

    Books of darkness, shall appear
    in the light of conscious,
    Implementing sources of humanity,
    through human kindness,
    delete the whose and what,
    in mans darkness without couscous.
    Illusions of powers for man sakes.
    The spirit shall live for those ,
    who shall follow in the blood,
    of the prophesies of justice for all.
    Let not the words be sensuous slavery ,
    give the voice that man shall stand ,
    for the imbibing of Gods words.
    Shrines, temples, churches,
    Bestrode upon fruitful knowledge,
    Which man has defamed Gods house.
    With tarnish and no conscious of what he represent..
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    once again u flowin tyte scribes to my mental
    thanks for all ya wisdom

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    My King Thank You