Black Poetry : The Tears Of Wisdom And Knowledge

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    The Tears Of Wisdom And Knowledge
    Jacqueline Amos

    The tears of Wisdom an Knowledge,
    measureless concepts of mans inheritance,
    Chariots prophesies of non belief.
    Sacred seas of disbeliefs.
    Sacred treasures of our God.
    The hummingbirds that sings,
    the wisdom of Gods love.

    The tears wisdom an knowledge,
    ordain by the rivers of the Niles.
    The laws were written in the books of life,
    Spineless people who refuse to read.

    A man without a history,
    repeats the same mistakes.
    Chanting the words of knowledge,
    Seek an thy shall find,
    Love an thy shall prosper,
    The Golden book of Wisdom,
    the prophets of the angels,
    sings the psalms proverbs of Gods love.

    Prophesying the words of thy God,
    By those
    Who have no respect,
    for his own inheritance,
    from God. Bleeding hearts,
    Death to the sanctuary of love,
    Powerless among darkness,
    Revenge in the name of love.

    Neglecting the laws of Nature.
    Optimistic expressions,
    ego logical power of aggression,
    all in the white cloak,
    who has the sacred message?

    The sinful nation of people, jealousy an hate.
    Took the chains of the risk,
    took the chains of the legs,
    never took the chains of there minds.
    One God, One Love, One Peace,
    Ignorance intimidated by knowledge,

    Tears of Wisdom cries out for peace,
    Knowledge nail to the cross.
    Dictating the words of thy God,
    Living like satin dressed up in holy cloth.
    Deny self of a mind,
    Deny self of love,
    Deny self of foundations.
    A slave is better off dead,
    A man without a mind to lead self.

    Leaders who needed to be taught to lead,
    the souls of the walking dead,
    No conscious that they show,
    Rationality ;

    Red Light, Red Light, Red light.
    A man without conscious is a man without soul.
    Wisdom cries don’t run scream.

    Souls hide behind darkness,
    Intimidated by truth,
    A coward dies a thousand times,
    But a brave man dies once.
    Knowledge cries the house, the house, the house
    Is on fire, the tears that I shed,
    Shall relinquish tomorrow.

    Death be not proud, Thou art be defeat.
    Sleep sister to death, lye thy boundaries,
    Of ignorance upon the spoken words ,
    of wisdom and knowledge.
    Let thy art stand before the cross of sanctuaries,
    Accessible by all that gain, beyond man,
    Made structures of wisdom.
    Manifestations of soul, light transformation
    Of understanding, dark the endless,
    Treason cries Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding.

    Copy write 2002
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    well posed and written
    lovin da style