Black People : The Tea party got Theirs/ When do We GET OURS?


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May 28, 2010
Zombie Land
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And then the worst ones is the ones who get married to these white women... Have kids... get looked at crazy in family reunions with the double arm distance treatment camouflaged under a Ralph Lauren smile until times get rough and the woman leaves for their better paid neighbor and takes the kids.. They get stuck like... D@mn? What did I do??


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Dec 6, 2005
It saddens me that My Generation ( 80's Babies ) on to Modern Day, has fallen into this type of identity crisis... It's like brothers be telling me im on some 1950's ish but then when the cops beat the breaks out of them for being black in public... Its only the Police... When they go to the Mall and get followed by security and instantly asked questions in Major Department Stores.. Its the Crime rate... When they go to school and find out that they don't know ish about anything after interacting with the "Private School Kids".. Its only the public school system... And then when they go to court and get a Million years.. but their white Co-Defendant gets probation.. Its finally Like oh... I get it....

I'm proud to be "Old School" as I'm called by kids in my neighborhood. I may have gotten lost myself along the way, but once I got back on track, I never looked back.


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Jan 31, 2009
then I guess you have not read any news sources whatsoever or heard the responses of senators republican and democrat,
and if you have not, this ish does not dignify a paste up since it has been in the news for the past 2 weeks around the debt bill

The Tea Party is largely made up of people everyday working class people who were duped into supporting a jingoist brand of ultra conservatism. They're not going to profit from the increasing defense spending and the republicans who lead the party aren't going to trickle that wealth down to them.They're not going to get anything.

The people who feign to represent their common man interests are going to make mint. That's why it's a pretty beautiful hustle to me. They've managed to convince a bunch of working class people that they don't deserve social programs.

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