Black Authors : The Tale of King Suru

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    The Tale of King Suru
    by Igoniwari M. Halliday

    Igoni M.'s Blurbs
    About me:

    I was born in Africa in the mid 1960s, (do not guess my age, pls, thank you).

    I lost all my family; mother, father, grandma, granddad by 20-years old, beginning with my father who died when I was only eight months old. But this awful experience has given me some awesome strength to carry on with life regardless of the bitterness it offers. I am a happy mother of three wonderful, loving children. I also have great many children from around the world. I am a community activist, writer, playwright and poet with some titles to my name and prizes won. I am the author of “The Tale of King Suru”, a fantasy fiction targeted at young people. I have several titled manuscripts.

    My collection of poems: “LotusRose will be released in late winter 2007.

    A Brief about the Book: "The Tale of King Suru is a story suitable for all ages. But the book is particularly targeted at younger readers. The writer explored our everyday's life experiences and weaves them into a tale of the Gods and Goddesses fighting the battle against evil. A little boy, called, Ifeaya 'Universal Love' was used as an instrument to fight the Queen of evil.

    The book depicts that love conquers all. That if the whole of humanity could love one another, including their environment, Death can only come upon us at old age as decreed by the Supreme Will". The comments and reviews on the book have been very positive. You could read the reviews and post yours on or

    Many thanks for looking in at my profile.

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