Black Spirituality Religion : The Ta-Merrian pantheon and human anatomy....

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    I read in an old thread (differences in kemetice theology) that the different entities (het-heru,etc) represent different body parts and other things as well...have any of you heard something similiar....
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    They are all ... "Concepts"


    When we learn from our "Elders" that the system of white superimacy only Plegerized, Copied and Fabricated from the Plunder by the europen white "Invaders" of Our Ancestorl Temples...We will also have to Research and study deeply and even better...find out how to get our selves "Initiated" into the Ancient so-called Mystery System, African Traditional Spirituality or MAAT. Then the High Priest who are there to Guide the student with "Right-Knowledge" so no one will make the "Error" of Guessing!
    The Medu Neteru is in tact! There are no guessing games that will only lead to Error...hence...Corruption.
    The High Priest who are Learned, Prepared, Groomed and Tested to do the work of those with Right-Mind to teach those who are in search of the Divine-Light that leads us to the "Lost" Spirituality that we Seek to "Know our Self".
    The Medu Neteru has always been protected by the "keeper-Elders" and in most places...put away as a Secret.
    All of the representations of individual Deities are only each a single Volume or better yet a..."Concept" or study into what is.
    There are different schools (Bush, houses or temples) of thought such as the Drummers, Black-Smiths, Weavers, Builders, Healers, Astronomers etc.,...that goes much deeper than the names can fact...MAAT is a "Life" long never stops. The worst thing a person can do is to think that Medu Neteru is something to play with like the Books of white Religions are toyed with for each preachers use to gain wealth or worse. Hence...All of the great powers or Big three Religions are at continues "War" with each other...fighting over Corrupted, Fabricated, False and Concocted Ideas that only can cause them to "Kill" each other in the name of their G-d's!?
    Know that what you have is nothing what ever in comparison to the Truth that is the Natural Order of Things Created by the Creator who Created a Code for Human Behaver that was given to our Black Ancestors at the beginning of Time to the Original Black People...the Black Ancestors now so-called by the Greek name... Afrikans...The 77 Commandments and the word of the G-d's is called Medu Neteru.


    Note: The Spirituality of the Black KMT Ancesters is not and was not used in the "Concept" of a "Religion" or Mind-Control. Spirituality is the same spirituality that "All" things seen and un-seen are a part of...The Creator is Spirituality and so are we. What Religion is your G-d? What Religion are you? Does this mean that the G-d you worship have a Religion!?? Wake up and Know your Self...Free your Mind...Mr and Mrs Black Man!
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    Peace. You want to consult the Recitations of Rh aka the "Litany of
    Ra" or "Litany of Re"
    for the relation of the various Stimuli/Forces/Powers (Ntr)
    to the anatomy of Man. Peace.

    Divine Ruler Equality Allah(Rh)
    The Nation of Gods and Earths