Black Poetry : The Symphonist

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    With the thunder gods
    If God willed himself into the world as sound
    Then his echoes will eternally resound
    In my chest he has placed a drum
    Constantly beating we are one
    Pulsating to his eternal beat
    Great is the joy it moves me to speak
    Ancestors played to give praise to him
    In their hearts he always remained as rhythm
    Music touches all in the depths of the pits
    Its as if music came from God’s very own lips
    And he kissed our ears
    For that we cry tears
    His joyful noise is as the oceans
    Forever like waves and its motions
    At times we are awakened to the flow
    Things are perfect we know which way to go
    Things happen at just the right time
    Our rhythm is one with his mind
    My soul is but a key in God’s grand piano
    It vibrates at rates and states well beyond soprano
    Though the keys may change
    The note will remain
    We must be struck to make a sound
    Like to walk feet must hit the ground
    His hands will never tire
    Lord thank you take me higher