Black People : The Symbology Of God

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Symbology Of God Is For Mankind Adulation, Not God!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

It takes a strong reasonable rational logical mind to appreciate and relate to the Divine Truth about the Infinite Universal Greater Good-God Presence and to innerstand how the physical living Beings are to acknowledge that infinite dark energy intelligence which because of its presence all things in physical presence and appears not to be but is, can relate to the presence of the Greater Good-God if choose too because all other things are, so are you, it is that Greater Good-God that need no other thing to be to verify its Greater Good-Godly presence.

So, any reference to the Greater Good-God is no requirement coming from the Divine Essence Greater Good-God, its power acknowledge not but because of its Divine presence, there is your physical presence for being, which have you with the right of need by choice to acknowledge the Greater Good-God and in all things the Greater Good-God is present without an agenda nor a plan that includes you, because, its Godly presence need make no plan, all such requirement is for the physical benefit of your conscious state of being in the physical not the Greater Good=God.

So, to symbolize God is your physical conscious doing without a directive coming from the Divine Essence the Greater Good-God of all things, only you are here in physical living mental-spiritual performance being with the grace of life-motion allowing you to perform in the physical as you choose to do what you do without the interference by the Greater Good-God, the Divine Essence Of All living things.

I am just giving to you just a peek at what I remind those who would attend a Divine Spiritual Retreat, information that will Divinely Enlighten your Mind again turning it to become Divine again which require no innovated action by you because the Greater Good-God is not in need of Changes, refining or being recreated by you who have lost all knowledge concerning the Greater Good-God the spiritual presence of Divine Intelligence.

Allow me to share this with you, To Symbolize the Greater Good-God is to verify that you know not what constitute the Greater Good -God presence, you in your mental archaic way attempt to religiously serve God by making changes in the way you present God to be and in your symbolizing God you do nothing but transform the want you will have God to be, so you pick and choose Spatial objects and symbolize them to be the God you serve and to serve God is a religious act which make you no more aware of What the Greater Good-God is than the Luciferian Human Being identifying their God to be, which is Humankind with a want to be elevated and served to be worship as being the supreme Being in the Universe, the Mental affliction of the Religious Mind performing to convince the world to serve a God that possess the characteristics and spirit of that Luciferian Human Being, therefore you fail beloved, by not knowing what the Greater Good-God Is!!!

Which is why Black Afrikan people are a lowly religious believing people and Afrika has been abandoned by the Black Afrikan people just as we have lost all knowledge of what the Greater Good-God is to Divine Existence, so Black Afrikans, to try and hide our Religious acquired root, we preface the God of Lucifer religion as being symbols of the spatial bodies hiding our religious ignorance by presenting objects as Gods when you end up doing the same thing in the presence of those spatial symbols presenting them to be a God you end up religiously worshiping.

All Religious Acts Are Of Lucifer The Human Being, beloved!!!

Black Woman and Man, the Greater Good-God is not in need of being worship, it seeks not you approval to substantiate its presence, it need not be praise by you nor does it Command you to do anything you choose not to do, it is not a Divine Intelligence that orders you to do anything nor does it compete for your worship, all such behavior is what Lucifer God commands and to symbolize God is to verify that you have no clue what the Greater Good-God is and such ignorance with lack of Divine Knowledge prevents you from Divinely acknowledging the presence of the Divine Essence, the Greater Good-God that never change nor can be changed and there is no cause for It to change, for it is the Greater Good-God and there is nothing else that is qualified to change its presence which is Infinite Everlasting eternal Greater Good-God in beyond living existence.

To Know what constitute the Greater Good-God is to know that Everlasting existence need no one to worship it, all things living in the physical and appears not to be physical is not qualified to worship a Greater Good-God that is beyond the need to be worship, which mean your wants do not measure Divinely to the Greater Good-God presence so you with your own choosing and with the Knowledge of what the Greater Good-God Is, will choose to acknowledge the Presence of the Greater Good-God but worship is not required of you with such Divine knowledge of what the Greater Good - God verify to be to you.

With such Divine Knowledge in your possession, you will without hesitation be in pursuit of a Freedom that has been taken away from you and Freedom is the primary Natural attribute of the Greater Good-God, with it a once lost Black Afrikan Nation will rise again and Afrika will become for the Black Afrikans and there will be a United State Of Afrika Government Governing the Black Afrikans moving freely in Afrika, beloved.

The Divine Essence is no symbol, it is the Greater Good-God beyond that you can imagine, you have to know what the Greater Good-God is to be able to appreciate the power of Divine Intelligence, Black Woman and Man!!!

You do not spite me by ignoring what you need to know concerning the Greater Good-God of us all, by not acknowledging that your Black behind is long overdue for attending a Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat and when you do, you will be able to see the need of getting up off of your do noting for self behind and confront Lucifer about the Reparation/Repatriation America and her surrogates owe to our Enslaved Ancestors which disqualify America from withholding what belong to our Enslaved Ancestors, our Freedom, for it is the Reparation/Repatriation that is owed to our Enslaved Ancestors and we the children of those enslaved Ancestors have the right to do whatever is necessary to collect Black Afrikans and Afrika Freedom, Reparation/Repatriation, beloved.

The Divine Truth, Hell, Black Afrikan People Despise The Divine Truth And Suffer For Our Lack Of Knowledge Of What The Greater Good-God Is!!!

Divine Respect

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